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Monday, February 04 2013


It is the first Monday of the month and we are hopping with the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop. It is all about Valentine's, love is in the air! To catch all the love just hop along with the button in the sidebar!

This Valentine cutie I designed for Rit Dye , featured on their blog and is in the current issue of Crafts 'n Things.  Wool felt dyes beautifully, I demonstrated the techniques for an upcoming segment of PBS Quilting Arts with host Pokey Bolton.

This owl is made from a piece of ombre dyed felt with each segment of the felt strip held in the dye bath for a shorter period of time. I cut the pattern pieces for the owl so the heart wing halves were from the lighter end of the felt strip for contrast.

Enjoy the Valentine hop and make something special for the sweeties in your life!


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Tuesday, January 29 2013

I had a great time demoing for ACTIVA at the CHA (Craft and Hobby) tradeshow in Anaheim. Their Hearty Clay is an air dry clay with a solft silky texture. Once dried it is very lightweight and durable.

The talented designer and host of Hands on Kids Candie Cooper features the owls on her blog today. Full downloadable instructions can be found on Candie's blog!

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Thursday, February 23 2012

At CHA twelve talented designers took part in Westcott Brand's Tshirt Remix challenge. Video is posted on my Home page. I created a dress from my Tshirt, we had twenty minutes! How did I do it with fingers mentally crossed and Westcott Brand's Extreme Edge Scissors! Add a fun lining or wear it as a beach coverup.

Here is the scoop and the Tut!

You will need:
1 XL Tshirt
Extreme Edge Westcott Brand® Titanium Steel Scissors
Fabri-Tac Glue by Beacon

  1. Fold Tshirt in half lining up seams with sleeves flat. Fold in half three more times smoothing as you go.

  1. Begin below sleeve. Cut from one folded edge through to ½" from opposite folded edge. 


  2. Turn Tshirt and cut from opposite fold. Repeat. Cut evenly spaced slits. The narrower the slits the longer the dress will be. I suggest about 2" width. (This has to be cut carefully so as to not cut completely through either side. The Extreme Edge scissors will cut through several layers easily.)


  1. Continue to the bottom of Tshirt. I left about a 3" wide border on the bottom. Carefully open up the Tshirt  and put it on. Gently stretch it out with your legs, the border at the bottom will create a wavy effect. (An added and unexpected surprise!)


  1. For the dress top I cut off one sleeve, glued it to bottom of opposite sleeve. Fan folded sleeve and cut small slits through one side only. The neckline was cut off by 2" and scrap piece used to tie opposite shoulder tight. Embellish as desired. Enjoy!
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Monday, February 20 2012

The CHA (Craft & Hobby) show in Anaheim is filled with events from morning till night. Being an exhibitor in the License and Design section of the show meant I wasn't as free to walk the floor. I still took part in several events one being the very fun Westcott Brand Tshirt Remix Contest where twelve talented industry designers competed using the Westcott Brand Extreme Edge scissors, a Tshirt and twenty minutes to mix it up. What fun, from purses to a squid the scissors cut through layers of Tshirt to create twelve unique amazing pieces.

My idea was an evening gown, being a dress girl and with a lot of folding of layers which the Extreme Edge scissors cut through easily I ended up with a full length dress! The video is now released :) and you can see it all! Posted on my front page! What a fun challenge! Follow the JOY!

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Wednesday, February 08 2012

Early this morning I am off to tape segments of Creative Living with Sheryl Borden in Portales, New Mexico. This has been a whirlwind trip from CHA in Anaheim to flying to Albuquerque to prepare for show. Stepouts and instructions are ready. Outfit planned, no black and white so I chose a colorful dress to wear!

I am a little nervous and very excited to be showing techniques and designs featuring my sponsors, Westcott Brand, Makeitfun Crafts and National Nonwovens. I appreciate their support very much to be able to offer crafty and sewing inspiration!  Projects and instructions coming soon!

Meanwhile here is a sneak peak behind my scenes, my exploding suitcase and my entourage and assistant Fox the cat, I couldn't have prepared without his invaluable assistance!

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Monday, February 06 2012

It is year since the Designer Crafts Blog Connection began. What a year! Each month a fresh challenge, great give aways and generous manufacturers who have supplied us with product to use and review. A sincere thank you to our sponsoring companies and to our creative leader Julie McGuffee! Julie has posted many pictures from the show which was wonderful as I was exhibiting in the L+D section of the show and didn't get many photos.

This month we have returned from CHA, the Craft & Hobby Association's Trade show. Each year attendees from all the world, editors, publishers, manufacturers, celebrities and retailers come together to present and shop the best and newest creative products and techniques.

The Innovation Showcase and Awards highlights the newest products in the industry. The winner was Shoe Attitude, tattoos for shoes. Runners up were Cool2Cast and the Knook the knitting needle crochet hook from Leisure Arts. I thought the kids LED light, sticker kits by Dazzu were very cool and Baby Boutique, diaper covers and accessories for the eco-conscious mom were cute and so smart!

photos courtesy of Julie McGuffee

The fashion finds at the show were very creative especially the Ilovetocreate booth where EcoHeidi took broken cups and saucers and fashioned a brilliant colorful skirt.

Because of my areas of interest especially in felt and needle felting I was so pleased to see several felt companies at the show. EKSuccess who now has the Dimensions Brand introduced a series of adorable animal kits which include a silicone mold in the larger kits.

photo courtesy of EKSuccess

A new Canadian company Pollika had a collection of 100 percent wools, rovings and Wope, a wool rope with the added strength of jute included. Kunin's ecofelt showed bright patterns and tapestry inspired designs, felt has come a long way! The New Image Group had a beautiful felt purse line with a collection of embellishments to personalize your bag your way.

Texture and iconic elements were very evident at the show, birds, wings, dress forms, travel, body, shoe, clothing tattoo art. Fabric and felt elements were found incorporated into paper, mixed media designs.

Please hop around to discover more about the show, every designer brings a fresh and unique perspective. Happy hopping! Debra

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Friday, February 03 2012

Finally it is Fowl Friday with Fran & Freda! We are now in NM, thank goodness! These past few days while Debra has been at the CHA, Craft and Hobby Show we suffered serious indignity! Her booth display was diner themed.

While she was decked out in pinky ruffly apron fashion we were stuck in a takeout box labelled chicken wings! At least we talked her out of tacking on bandaids across our wings!


Freda will never be the same, she now is sleeping with her wings wrapped under her feet, not easy to do and her blanket over her head! When Debra said we were going on this road trip we were excited, so far not so much! No room service or perks as of yet! Sigh. Follow the Fowl Fran & Freda!

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Tuesday, January 31 2012

The CHA, Craft and Hobby Association show is a creative buzz, color, texture, personalities, everywhere attendees are seeing the newest releases of products and techniques. I am exhibiting in a location which is one of the main aisles so the traffic is steady and I am meeting many interesting people from all over the world, Greece, Brazil, Japan and right next door, Quebec and other Canadians.

Yesterday I saw a striking woman coming towards my booth, she stoppec and said how adorable everything was, wanted to take some pictures and we had a lovely chat. I recognized her right away, Deborah Norville. She is an avid knitter and has a beautiful new yarn line.

The days are full with creative events and activity, today is the T-shirt Remix Challenge with Westcott so my scissors are ready to cut up and create something hopefully amazing or at the very least does not end up in a pile of scraps! Have a wonderful creative day!!!

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Sunday, January 29 2012

The first day of the show was amazing. We began with a Flash Mob dance, video to come, a hundred pink aproned gals dancing to "She's Crafty" in the lobby.

I had a wonderful day with many interesting connections and connecting with dear creative friends. Lisa Fulmer mrketing with C&T publishing took a photo of me at my Table Top booth in the L+D section. Did a couple video segments and had a lovely chat with Debbie Norville, what a sweet lady with a great new yarn line!

Another full day tomorrow!


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Sunday, January 29 2012

I am at the CHA show, this was education day and show set up before the grand opening tomorrow! The excitement builds, setting up my booth went well in between catching up with old friends and meeting many new interesting connections.

With the opening of the show tomorrow we are surprising attendees with a fun Flash Mob sponsored by Charity Wings.

The Power of Community is the theme of the show and the center of the show is set up like a real park with two large "Giving Trees" and several worhtwhile charities in booths that look like a boardwalk all around the park. The hand crafted designer ornaments on the trees will be given to the charities to use in their fund raising efforts.

The energy of the show, exciting, I missed last year so being back in the warm sunshine connecting with the many creative, talented friends I have and ready for new opportunities, it is good to be back! This is a wonderful industry with a spirit of generosity, to the Power of Community!

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Monday, January 23 2012

Somethings never change and preparing for a trade show is always a flurry of details and thinking always it will never all get accomplished. We put high expectations on ourselves but what seems also to happen with an imminent deadline more creative ideas also come. Designer friends from their posts on Facebook and Twitter are in the same boat wondering if they will get everything accomplished. Somehow it always does, what is finished is just right.

The CHA Craft and Hobby tradeshow packs in a whirlwind few days of activity. There are events, classes, the huge tradeshow floor from morning till evening every day. Education and classes begin a day before the show along with show setup which actually begins a couple days before the show.

I am exhibiting in the L+D License and Design section of the show. Art Directors and Manufacturers visit the area looking for new art work and design for products. I am busy putting together my display and marketing materials hoping it will all fit in my two suitcases!

This week, Wednesday 25th I also am appearing as guest blogger on Brenda Pinnick's Color Cafe!

Back to clearing space to create more designs, one more day then packing begins! Have a creative week everyone!



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Thursday, January 19 2012

Thank you to everyone who entered the CharityWings Live from CHA giveaway. Moira has won the Golden Ticket and prizes! Please email me with your contact info,

Preparations are busily underway for an awesome show. I am sewing, felting and preparing my displays. Going directly on after show to tape the PBS show Creative Living in New Mexico so there is lots to do! Happy Creating!

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Monday, January 16 2012

Thank you for stopping by! Today I have a special surprise for a lucky reader! The CHA, Craft & Hobby Association has a winter show coming up the end of this month From Jan 29th to Feb 2nd. All the major companies, crafty celebrities, editors, publishers, designers and retailers from all over the world come together!

                     I have ONE ticket to this event that I am giving away!

Get your own front row interactive seat to the show! Charity Wings will be running a LIVE from CHA event hosted by Charity Wing's own Elena Etcheverry along with some talented CHA Designers! Register for the event HERE.  Along with the ticket the prize includes a gift bag full of crafty goodies worth over $50.00 plus a chance to win one of some wonderful raffle prizes! 

From now until Thursday January 19th at 9pm Eastern you can enter simply by:

Leave a comment on my Facebook Fan Page then comment here on my blog letting me know you have done so!

I will announce the winner of the ticket on my blog post Friday morning at 9am EST, 10am Atlantic. Good luck everyone! 

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Monday, January 02 2012

Happy New Year! 2012 has arrived! There is a creative optimism, a freshness to a new year, new calendars, new pages to turn, resolutions and intentions are made.

The international CHA Craft and Hobby Trade Show is only four weeks away! I have posted my calendar on the Home page, is a busy show week with exhibiting and other events!

January also sees the launch of licensed artist Brenda Pinnick's new blog devoted to color, Color Cafe features a talented designer/artist each day serving up color inspired projects and design. Look for me on January 25th!

My virtual home is also getting a fresh new look and every page is being updated and prettied up! Here is to an exciting year full of creative adventure and profound joy for everyone!!!

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Monday, August 08 2011

Try #2 today, sometimes a post is just about finished then poof! it disappears. That is what happened today. My memory is not as good as it used to be so the post is slightly modified from the original! At CHA (Craft & Hobby Trade Show) there was inspiration everywhere with very creative booth displays and products. One of my favorite booths was Graphic 45. Their giant clock could be seen everywhere on the show floor.

The booth was based on a Wizard of Oz theme and in a glass case were the beautiful glittery ruby red slippers. The paper art projects everywhere were just gorgeous from miniature houses to home decor lamps, frames, boxes. Just amazing! Follow the Joy of Creativity always! Debra

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Wednesday, August 03 2011

While at summer CHA (Craft & Hobby Conference & Tradeshow) I met the an amazing textile artist Lynne Bruning, she calls herself a "textile enchantress" and indeed she is! The garments she creates are pure magic and fantasy, a mix of intricate patterns, rich materials and glorious vibrant colors!

Lynne is passionate about creativity, art and education, exploring the fusion of art mediums and technology. She travels educating and can be found at the Maker Faire. I feel extremely grateful to have been invited to sit down at a table by a young woman wearing very cool cowboy boots. The conversation was interesting and inspiring.

Her entry in the Crafty Couture Designer Challenge was one of six chosen to be featured in the winter issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. "Spellbound" was a striking gown lit with LED's through conductive thread sewn into the sumptuous midnight blue gown. Here is just a peak at the gown. Thank you Lynne for sharing your amazing creative vision! Follow the JOY of Creativity always! Debra

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Monday, July 25 2011

Back from the CHA Conference & Trade Show! It was busy, full of creativity and connecting with amazing wonderful friends!

I arrived before good friend and talented designer Marie Browning who was bringing the flowers for our Crafty Couture dress. Good friend Michelle Zimmerman sent the clay leaves and swirls in from California so we spent Sunday evening adding leaves and flowers to the gown. Monday the dresses were all put on display for the show opening Tuesday! Eighteen spectacular entries which I will feature in upcoming posts. Six will be in the January issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

First up our dramatic Zen Tango Twirl entry and me!

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Friday, July 15 2011

Sunday I leave for the CHA Craft and Hobby Conference and Trade Show in Chicago. As always there are many last minute preparations. I had to miss the last show so I am very excited to be going to the summer show. I have had the flu and no voice for a week but am hoping to be able to talk by Monday! I am trusting that it will be okay whatever happens.

Show Schedule, What I am up to at the show which is a little slower paced than winter show! Monday is Education Day and a very full day! Hope to be posting from the show and tweeting! Inspiring the Joy of Creativity always! Debra

1.     Monday 18 8-7pm, Crafty Couture Dress to be delivered to show floor and set up.
-9-11 am Designer Roundtable, 10 am Moderating Tradeshow Essentials
-noon-1pm Wow Factor Online Classes
-Deliver Westcott Charity Wings Project
-2pm-arrive to demo at 3-5pm Canadian Be Inspired Event
-Taste of Rosemount 4:30-6pm Conference Lobby
-6pm Designer Crafts Connection  Meeting
-6:30-8pm Designer Section Meeting


2.     Tuesday 19 Trade Show opens
11am-12 noon Designer Showcase setup
3-4 Volunteer at Designer Showcase
5-7 pm Meet and Greet with EPM's Editors, Publishers, Manufacturers at Showcase
7pm-8pm Teardown of Showcase


3.     Wednesday 20 9-10 am Canadian Section Meeting Rm 50-51
12-2pm Gypsy Journal Rm 13

       Walk Show Floor, visit sponsor companies, appointments
Divas-A Tribute to Women in Pop 6:30-10:30 Ballroom


4.     Thursday 21 appointments
Tear down Crafty Couture Display at end of Show

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Sunday, July 03 2011

It is a busy time these days preparing for the upcoming, less than two weeks away! CHA (Craft and Hobby) trade show in Chicago.I am participating in several events one of them being the Westcott Brand Designer Charity Challenge.

Westcott Brand has generously sponsored CHA Designers in an exciting and fun opportunity to showcase their designs in the Westcott booth at the upcoming summer 2011 CHA Show in Rosemont, July 18-21st.

Keeping with Westcott Brand's charitable theme, this opportunity is also a fundraiser whereby the featured projects will be auctioned in an effort to raise contributions for a non-profit foundation and "place for creative minds who want to give TM."

Along with Westcott, the Duck Tape Brand and Velcro Brand are also sponsors. The challenge is to use these products along with at least three more when creating a home decor or fashion item n larger than 12" square.

So Wednesday the big reveal of my design! Here are the supplies sent. Debra!

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Friday, June 10 2011

It is Fowl Friday with Fran & Freda! Well Debra is literally running around like a chicken with her head um okay that image gives Freda nightmares! Anyway she is busy getting ready for the CHA, Craft and Hobby tradeshow in Chicago, organizing classes for the fall, participating in an artist's studio and helping her daughter move!

Now we are two very understanding chicks but she keeps bringing more birds in, woefully neglecting us and not only that WE are not going to CHA the new bird is! Remember these days! Sigh, with the marvellous Ms. Potter!

Instead we will be at home like the plants being watered and fed. Debra's new peep is part of some big presentation "Be Inspired" at the show. So we will just have to grin and bear it, hoping she will change her mind and take us in her suitcase or...we may have a plan involving some sneaking but hey all's fair when room service is involved! Follow the Fowl, Fran & Freda!

Monday July 18, 2011
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Special Events

E506 - A Canadian Designer Look & Learn Special for Retailers

Who Should Attend: Retailers only
Featured Canadian Designers 
Sharon Reinhart, Wendy Russell, Michael Sellick, Lorine Mason, Tracy Moreau, Marie Browning, Debra Quatermain, Carmi Cimicata
Sponsors include: Canvas Corp, Loisirs Harmonie, Tsukeniko, DecoArt
Join a select group of Canadian designers and craft manufacturers in an afternoon of mixed media project inspiration.  You'll be inspired by new uses for your paper products combined with other mediums to create trendy new and exciting mixed media projects at your store. 
Take away an inspiration kit, with products valued at over $150, to recreate some of the projects in your store and a CD of all the designers' mixed media project instructions, to use when you teach the classes with your customers.

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Wednesday, June 01 2011

CHA, the Craft & Hobby Trade Show takes place mid July. A lot of preparation takes place long before the show. This week one project I am working on is a mixed media project for a special event "Be Inspired" at the show involving Canadian Designers. The show's theme is Craft Fusion and there are several special events around the mixed media theme.

I am having fun playing with a lot of great products I have never used before. Along with the Canadian event I am working with a couple talented designer friends on the Crafty Couture Challenge. I love dresses and we are creating a very special mixed media runway dress. Thankfully it will be displayed and not worn as there will be some last minute gluing at the show to affix everything!

There is an excitement before the show and craziness as it gets closer. No matter how many resolutions there are to get everything done early it never happens. Some of the best creative ideas come at the last minute! I am determined to be even better organized this time as I am moderating a round table discussion on being prepared for the show!

Monday is the monthly Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop, there is a giveaway and the theme is patriotic. So lots of craftiness happening! Follow the Joy! Debra, CEO!

Monday July 18, 2011
E506 - A Canadian Designer Look & Learn Special for Retailers
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Special Events
Who Should Attend: Retailers only
Featured Canadian Designers 
Sharon Reinhart, Wendy Russell, Michael Sellick, Lorine Mason, Tracy Moreau, Marie Browning,
Debra Quartermain, Carmi Cimicata
Sponsors include: Canvas Corp, Loisirs Harmonie, Tsukeniko, DecoArt    


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Monday, May 09 2011

Putting plans together for the Summer CHA Conference and Tradeshow. CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) This past year the Canadian Craft and Hobby Association has now joined CHA. At the summer show several talented Canadian designers will be participating in a Summer Look and Learn Event. 

We will create a design with products donated by four companies. This project with instructions will be available to retailers to use in their stores. They will get to preview the project at the "Be Inspired" event and take home a kit to recreate the project to teach and promote at their store.

The participating companies are DecoArts, Tsukineko, Canvas Corp and Harmonie. Product is arriving and now the tough decision as to what to combine in the project. It will be fun "playing " with everything as I decide! Debra, CEO!

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Saturday, February 05 2011

More great photos from winter CHA show posted on Julie McGuffee's blog. Thanks so much for sharing Julie! Looking at all the photos I am struck by how pretty everything is, beautiful flowers and embellishments. 

Suede from Project Runway with his collection of elaborately textured and layered dresses. Stunning! Dresses and dress forms, cooking and baking elements, products packaged in containers looking like perfume or nail polish. It is certainly evident from this show it is indeed a woman's industry!

Beyond that is the celebration of the everyday arts and that creativity is inherent in our lives. The show is inspiring, the dress becomes a work of art. The gorgeous gowns shown may not be for everyday wear but products used to create them can be incorporated into an everyday dress. The dress then becomes unique and reflects the wearer's signature style.

Creativity is one of life's greatest gifts and industry shows like CHA encapsulate how amazing it is all in a few days. Have a creative weekend! Debra, CEO!

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Wednesday, February 02 2011

The winter CHA tradeshow in LA (Craft & Hobby Association) ended today. Suze Weinberg of Ranger has posted some great pics from the show. The brass jewelry designs created using the Sizzix diecut machine are just beautiful!

C&T Publishing won the Innovative New Product Award with their TAP Transfer Artist Paper. The talented Rebekah Meiers demoed some beautiful collage pieces using TAP during the show.

I missed being at the show and connecting with everyone but considering the weather getting there and home would have meant delays. I had some of my work at the show and hope my characters behaved themselves!  I am busy with some other commitments at present. However with everyone posting from their phones and sending messages from the show it was easy to follow what was happening.

Show pictures were full of happy faces busy sharing and creating, many designer friends had new products being released and were busy making new contacts for business ahead. I am very grateful for such dear friends who messaged me with contacts to follow up with even though I wasn't at the show.

So to creativity and inspiration, an integral part of the human spirit! Debra, CEO!

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Thursday, February 04 2010

One of the fun things at the CHA show was Kathy, the Crafty Chica's cutout. We all took turns having our picture taken and it was a hit throughout both the supershow and tradeshow. Kathy was autographing her books, so exciting for her with the release of her new novel Waking Up in the Land of Glitter. Anything is possible and she makes it happen! The photo op gave me a chance to sport a tattoo, the only one I will ever have!

The Make &Takes were lined up and dear friend Candie Cooper was sporting an awesome Tee and demoing Plaid's Simply Screen stencils and paint. The line there was constant and long!

Trying out new products is always fun as well as being fundamental to my career as a designer. Keeping up with what is new and incorporating it into my work in my style makes for some very interesting results! We played with Cloud Clay from Amaco, a very strong, pliable air dry clay. Marie Browning and I made Zebra Unicorns instructed by the very talented clay artist Michelle Zimmerman.

Yesterday I tweeted about decluttering which resonated with several people. This time of year in mid winter lends itself to the task of clearing away unneeded or unused items. It can seem a daunting task yet like everything when feeling overwhelmed break it into manageable steps. It does really work, a drawer or shelf, a box at a time means an entire room done before you know it. Life is busy, stuff happens and stuff collects, it is a fact for all of us. Attach no emotion to it other than the sense of accomplishment and enjoyment when each step is done. Clearing space allows for a new opportunity to come into your life.
Always follow the JOY! Debra. CEO!

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Tuesday, February 02 2010

Back from the CHA show (Craft & Hobby Association) in Anaheim! It was a busy week beginning with the two day consumer Craft Supershow. The highlight of the consumer show was the Inspired at Home PJ party Friday evening. I felt like Vanna White as I got to carry Tiffany Windsor's laptop around while she and Maria Nerius broadcast to the Facebook fans. The 100 participants in the PJ party had so much fun crafting and winning all kinds of door prizes. Each table got to try a different craft from sponsors such as Walnut Hollow, Beacon and Plaid. Aleene was there as well with her daughters Tiffany and Heidi, it was a great evening and Tiffany made all of the volunteers a beautiful momento necklace. She is such a lovely person and I thoroughly enjoyed the event and the creative energy was sparked with fluffy robes and a variety of bunny, turtle and monster slippers!

The tradeshow opened on Sunday with the bagpipers which always begins the show with an exciting energy.

Carla Schauer and I exhibited in the L&D (License and Design) section of the tradeshow. Her Dad built amazing folding shelves which were perfect for the booth and I added the fabric accents. The majority of the exhibitors in this section have flat art but there were several designers exhibiting as well. It is an opportunity to meet with Art Directors flown in from the gift and home decor industries and manufacturers at the show usually visit this section on the last day of the show.

The L&D section grew this year but the show itself was smaller due to the effects of the economy. The Craft Supershow before the tradeshow with the thousands of consumers who did attend showed though the enthusiasm that people have for crafting. Creativity is now well established as being instrumental for our health and well being. Celebrate Creativity! More from the show this week!

Always Follow the JOY! Debra Quartermain, CEO!  

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Wednesday, January 20 2010

CHA Tradeshow!
License & Design #

I am off to the show! Never feeling prepared and there is always so much undone plus last minute emergencies but it happens to us all. Looking at what is done though, feels good! Excitement is starting to build, flight leaves in four hours so this Cinderella better finish packing and get ready! The Eternal Optimist is ready and thanks to my daughter's very talented photographer boyfriend Dylan Buell I have some brand new photos, about time! Been five years since an update so wish me luck on that star up there or cross a finger or two! Always Follow the JOY! Debra CEO!

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Friday, January 15 2010

The CHA Craft Supershow is only a week away! It is going to be a two day consumer show followed by the CHA, Craft & Hobby Tradeshow. Fran  Freda are busy packing, thought I noticed a couple of boas and bikinis! Working chick attire apparently!

At the show!

Jan 22 Inspired at Home Craft PJ Party  7-9pm

Jan 24-27 Exhibiting L&D, License & Design Section Booth #2639 with the talented Carla Schauer.

24-27 CHA Designer Global Gallery Display 30 Designers create designs inspired by 30 CHA member countries!
24-27 Demos at Homearts Booth

24 Sunday Designer Showcase 12-5pm, Room 303 open to Editors, Publishers and Manufacturers, Meet & Greet 5-7pm

25-26 Monday, Tuesday  F+W booth #4228, 11:30-12:30, Sweatshirt Remix book demo

I am busily preparing new designs, display pieces for the show. Getting excited to go and reconnect with everyone, to be part of the creative excitement and energy!

Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Tuesday, January 05 2010

The New Year has arrived! In two weeks it is off to CHA, the Craft and Hobby Association tradeshow in Anaheim! This is the big international show of the year with a two day consumer Craft Supershow first followed by a four day tradeshow. Like so many of my designer and industry friends the show is a marathon schedule for us all! It is wonderful and exciting to reconnect with everyone and to see all the new product and tools! I am also brilliantly trying to mask sheer panic at this point while finishing deadlines before the show. This would also explain why I am writing my blog at 2am.

At the show!
Jan 24-27 Exhibiting L&D, License & Design Section Booth #2639 with the talented Carla Schauer.
24-27 CHA Designer Global Gallery Display
24-27 Demos at Homearts Booth

24 Sunday Designer Showcase 12-5, Room 303 open to Editors, Publishers and Manufacturers
25-26 Monday, Tuesday  F+W booth #4228, 11:30-12:30, Sweatshirt Remix book demo.

In the February issue of Crafts 'n Things magazine a black and white tunic is featured from my book Sweatshirt Remix along with a couple cute bird designs I did. Here I am at fall Quilt Market wearing the tunic shown in the current magazine issue.

So will I finish everything on my lists, no because life has a way of reminding us always that it does not stop for big events like CHA. There are still kids to be fed and hugged, the dust can build, the laundry too (a mountain of laundry literally!) but the important moments, the people we love are there to remind us always what truly matters in life! Follow the JOY always! Debra, CEO!

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Wednesday, November 04 2009

The CHA (Craft & Hobby Association) tradeshow is held in Anaheim the end of January. It is where the crafting world truly comes together. There are members from more than thirty countries. I belong to the Designer section of the membership and yesterday was announced the new Designer Display for the show. Along with the show's marketing staff, another fellow designer Candice Windham we are organizing the display. The show's theme is International and the response to the CHA Designer Global Display has been overwhelming. Thirty designers will create a design based on thirty countries, all who are members of CHA. Each designer will take their inspiration from the crafts of their individually chosen country. These will be showcased in a glass case on the show floor.

Last year the same format with an Eco Friendly theme resulted in designers acquiring, magazine articles, book deals and other opportunities from their one design in the Gallery. Quality prevails always, one great design says it all!

Quality in all things especially life, take a breath and reflect on the day ahead. Is there quality in it or has quantity, too much to do overshadowed the quality of your work, your time, your well being. Value yourself today, take time to relax and return to work rejuvenated. You are so worth it! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Monday, August 03 2009

Back from the CHA show! Well I ran into technical glitches and so could not post from show. Fran & Freda were not impressed, impatient and impervious those two are but the fowl duo had a blast at the show. We had three plane delays on the way down due to weather, they complained the whole time and of course were annoyed with what the Orlando humidity did to their feathery dos! Next time they get their own room, they both snore, hog the mirror and eat toothpaste. I was lucky to be sharing a room with the ever so sweet and patient Vicki Schreiner, HER Bazooples gang are well mannered and quiet. Gertrude giraffe even sat on Vicki's shoulder for a picture in the Expo booth. Check out my CHA coverage . Fran & Freda got to hang out one night with the famous ducks at the Peabody Hotel next door and the divine Ms. Margot Potter sat down with them for an interview up later this week.

Thank you to everyone associated with the CHA show, the Board, the staff, it was well run and although small in size was full of energy, activity and inspiration. Our Designer Section is the most active member section and it is due to the involvement of our members. I shared a room with Vicki Schreiner, the current Chair and she was gone early and late every day to meetings. So thank you to Vicki and everyone involved!

The nicest people are a part of the industry and I got to meet even more this trip. Mark Montano came by the booth, stopped to chat with Margot and me and posed for a pic! I had lots of fun manning the Homearts booth!

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