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Saturday, March 09 2013


The Designer Craft Connection Challenge is on with the cutest buttons from Buttons Galore and More. I got to work with the Spring Fling Collection designed by the talented Vicki Schreiner. I had some of her fabrics and Bazooples buttons so I added those to this little cottage scene. An easy peasy no sew project!

1 dozen assorted Spring Fling & Bazooples Buttons from Buttons Galore
6" hoop
7" x 14" piece of cotton fabric
Fabric, lace, trim scraps
6" square fusible web
½ yard each of two ribbons
Fabri-Tac by Beacon
5", 8" Westcott Brand® Titanium Steel Scissors
pins, measuring tape, pencil, invisible marker, iron, ironing board, pliers)

1.     Fold fabric rectangle in half. Open up hoop and place fabric between hoop pieces. Tighten.

2.     Draw pattern pieces on fusible web. Main House 3" by 3 ½". Roof Triangle 3" by 4". Window 1 ¼" square. Door 1 ¼" by 2" rectangle, round top of door.

3.     Fuse pieces to hoop fabric with hoop screw off centered. Begin with main house, add roof, door and window. Tighten hoop again if needed. Trim excess fabric from hoop.

4.     Embellish cottage. Tie ribbons through hoop screw. Snap off button backs to lay flat and glue to hoop.

This is such a fun project, one of those cute fabric ideas that does not require any sewing. Some stitches could be added for embellishment. Enjoy, create a whole neighborhood.

For this Designer Challenge Buttons Galore is offering a great giveaway collection of buttons and ribbon in a stylish container from Viewtainer! To win one of the Viewtainers filled with ribbons and buttons - Leave a comment on the Buttons Galore Blog Post. The comment should contain your favorite project from the hop, and the container you would like to win. Comments need to be made by March 17th, 2013 at 11:59 eastern standard time. Hop to all the great designer button projects with the DC Button in the right Sidebar! Happy Hopping and Crafting!

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Monday, March 26 2012

Easter is only a couple weeks away and even though my girls are grown now, we still have our traditional easter egg hunt. I enjoy always each year too finding a stray egg that was missed. One year as I hid the eggs our little dog followed behind me eating several candy eggs before I caught her! OOps I meant when the Easter Bunny was hiding the eggs!

This year I am counting the days till Easter weekend, I haven't seen my youngest since Christmas so can hardly wait until she is home and the three of us are together. My daughters are such a joy! My oldest daughter has just bought her first home, so exciting and she is moving in June.

This year if you are looking for inspiration to craft some eggs to fill a basket or two Crafts 'n Coffee is having an Eggstravaganza and giveaway so hop on over! I have experience with hopping seems my bunny designs have multiplied over the years! I will be sharing some of my favorites. Full instructions for the Jester Bunny at

Designer friend Eileen Hull who designs dies for Sizzix is hosting a linky Spring Party and giveaway. Eileen's dies are wonderfully versatile allowing you to create layered textured accents and elements from a variety of materials. Check out the inspired creativity!

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Wednesday, February 15 2012

I filmed a segment with Sheryl Borden of Creative Living recently making fun Fringed Flowers ideal for a burst of colourful spring home accent.
The flowers are easy to make and a great way to use up fabric and felt scraps.

You will need:
9" x 12" pieces of  Fuchsia, Caribbean Surf ( teal), Grass Skirt (green) Xotic Felt by National Nonwovens
1/6 yard each of blue, pink gingham check fabric
6" x 24" fabric pieces
Fabric scraps
Aleene's Fabric Fusion

Garden wire green coated
Assorted buttons (2 per flower)
5", 8", Extreme Edge Westcott Brand® Titanium Steel Scissors
(Invisible marker, sewing machine, black thread, ruler, cutting mat, measuring tape, pencil, circle templates 1", 2", 3", 4" 5", wire cutters )

Gerbera Daisy:
For each flower cut a felt center 3" by 9". Cut two gingham fabric strips, one 2" by 44" and one 3" by 44". Cut a 12" piece of wire.

Fold the center felt strip in half lengthwise and then in half again the width wise. With 5" scissors cut carefully from fold through to ¼" from edge. (This has to be cut carefully so as to not cut completely through either side.)

The outside of the flower is created by fringing the flat strips of the two fabrics. Fold each fabric in half four times width wise. The Extreme Edge scissors will cut through several layers easily. Cut through strips leaving ½" uncut. Repeat entire length of strips. (The closer together the cuts the finer the fringe.)

Putting the flower together, the center is wrapped carefully gluing the roll at end around wire. The outside two fringed fabrics are rolled together around the outside of the center gluing as it is wrapped.

Making a Mum: The mum is the reverse of the Gerbera Daisy. Cut a felt strip 1-1/2" by 12". Cut a fabric strip 4" by 44".  Cut a 12" piece of wire.

Fold the center felt strip in half width wise and then in half again width wise. With 5" scissors cut carefully through to ¼" from edge. Repeat entire length of strip. (The closer together the cuts the finer the fringe.)

Fold fabric in half lengthwise and in half four times width wise. Cut from folded edge through to ½" from raw edge. Cut evenly spaced slits. (This has to be cut carefully so as to not cut completely through either side.) The Extreme Edge scissors will cut through several layers easily.

Putting the flower together, the center is wrapped carefully gluing the roll at end around wire. The outside folded fabric is rolled around the outside of the center gluing as it is wrapped.

 Making the Circle Flower: Fold four layers of 6" by 24" fabric piece and cut four 5" circles. Cut a felt 1" and 4" circle. Cut from fabric scraps a 2" and 3" circle. Cut a 12" piece of wire.  

Stack the flower layers together beginning with the largest circles. Pin the circles together in the center layers. Fringe just into the felt 4" circle layer all the way around the circle.

Using the black thread on machine topstitch in a circular motion through all layers of the flower spiralling smaller into the center of the flower. This will make the flower curve naturally.

Glue wire to back of flower covering with 1" felt circle. Embellish center of flower with two stacked buttons. 

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Monday, April 19 2010

Working from home has many benefits. Office attire can be very very casual, pj's are often the choice of many creative people. Hours flexible, short commute time, a walk across the hall most often. Breaks are often to throw in laundry or make a meal or referee kids or pets. Pets are always welcome at the office or studio. My daughter has three cats Milla, Bella and Merlin and when I am in my studio they like to join me. The sunny couch is their spot. I am thinkking I need to hang out a Do Not Disturb sign not for me while working but for the cats naptime. Apparently I am not very exciting company!

This week I am finishing a column for Homearts, writing more instructions for some other projects and getting details together for a big event, more later on that!

My daughter and I are also having a big yard sale this weekend. She will be leaving the nest soon and can use some extra funds. I am looking at downsizing so it is time for things to have a new home. I am being ruthless or trying to be, it is easy letting go of things you don't care for but when you still like something even if it is not useful anymore that is harder to decide. I found setting limits is working, for example only one container for fleece means what doesn't fit in the container has to be sold or donated. My daughter has been selling some larger items on Kijiji which is like Craigs List and as each item leaves I feel lighter. It is time to have less, to be free from stuff making more time for experiences and simplicity.  So it is onward with the purge, not holding my breath for any help from our feline family!  Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Monday, April 05 2010

Celebrating Easter Monday with a Chick Parade! Bring on the Chicks and their Peeps! Enjoy! Debra

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Monday, March 29 2010

Crafty Spring roundup for this week! One of my very favorite crafting techniques is needle felting. In this week's Creative Buzz is a cute little chick in gardening gloves. The chick is half a STYROFOAM TM egg shape and needle felted with yellow Wool Wisps from National Nonwovens. Super easy and quick! A cute Easter gift.

(photo courtesy of Creative Homearts)

This week a new episode from WCK, When Creativity Knocks, a chat with crafting icon Carol Duvall. I saw Carol at the winter CHA show, she is still going strong!

Have a great week! Follow the JOY! Debra


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Thursday, February 25 2010

March is just around the corner and now for some spring time fun! The March April issue of Creative Homearts magazine is now out with some great spring projects on their website as well including full patterns and instructions. I love creating bunnies and needle felting so this whimsical Jester Bunny (listed under web extras) is easy to create with STYROFOAM* brand foam from Dow and wool wisps from National Nonwovens.

                             (photo courtesy of Creative Homearts)

I have hung out my egg wreath, pastel birds and pillows adorn the bench and tables. I feel spring in the air, the earth beneath the snow is uncovered in patches which grow larger everyday. Soon the hardy crocus will emerge along the house often with snowy crystal sparkle outlining the flowers. Spring comes and our thoughts turn outwards to the innocence, the lively fragility of new growth, nature's bounty bursts forth and blooms! May we all bloom this spring! Always Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Tuesday, February 16 2010

Halfway through February and still in a wintery wonderland here for a couple more months...yet spring is in the air. Holiday reds carry right through Valentine's and now are packed away, a few cheeky snowman remain here and there but I found myself this morning thinking of pussy willow wreaths, cuddly bunnies and feathery chicks awaiting. Each season brings its own special flavor and a freshness to delight all the senses. Spring is the freshest season of all, it follows the weary winter and heralds in a whole new cycle of life. Tender and young life begins tentatively then bursts into a adolescent rainbow riot of sound, smell and sight. Bursting, blooming, twittering, chattering, sundappled rays dancing in saucy breezes, glorious spring, nature's love affair with life!

It is a season where cuddly creatures and sherbet inspired color collide in an array of whimsy and wonder! Tiny scraps of felt embroidered and wool needle felted make up this cute little bunny magnet.


and if there are bunnies there is always an egg hunt not too far off! It is a little early for an egg hunt but not too early for a very special hunt with great prizes for crafty individuals! When Creativity Knocks is hosting their second annual Tool Hunt! Register and vote for your favorite tool, you could win a fab tool package!

Always Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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