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Monday, March 04 2013

It is the first Monday of the month and time for the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop! AND to celebrate (inter)National Craft Month we have a super giveaway, a collection of products from FabScraps, Julie McGuffee shared these products as a Trade Show find on TV,

To enter to win, check out our DCC blogs in the hop, (button is in sidebar) then comment on the blog that features your favorite crafting technique and then tell what it was on Julie McGuffee's blog, Life in the Craft Lane.
This month's challenge was to post about our favorite crafting technique. Well it isn't difficult to guess what mine is and technically it isn't crafting but sewing. it IS sewing! I love to sew, machine sewing and hand embroidery both. I love to create pretty, whimsical things.
I remember at 5 years old spending time in the summer on the front porch sewing next to my Mom with my tiny sewing machine. Since her birthday is in a couple days and she has been gone four years now it is lovely to remember those summer afternoons!
So here is a little roundup of all things sewn! Designs I have created and love!

Pin Cushions with my favorite hand stitch, the blanket stitch.
With cuddly characters I get to both machine and hand sew!


oh and I sew love to make aprons! Have a few pretty ones I am creating to wear at Quartermain House B&B.

.....and wait there is even more, beginning March 7th, we are also hopping in Buttons Galore DCC Blog Hop! Love their buttons!

....and the Smoothform Design Team was just announced. I am pleased to be part of their team along with several very talented professional designer friends! We have a super creative blog with a new project for every day of the month!

So here is to National Craft Month, to crafting, sewing, painting, embossing, doodling, to creativity! Have fun!

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Tuesday, August 28 2012


This week is full of creativity! Can't spill it all yet but lots happening! I can share about this Friday I am the featured guest blogger with the talented Lisa Rojas." Give The Queen A Call!"
Designer, Artist, Teacher. Blog- CHA Designer Council Member and CHA Designer Discussion List Moderator.

Lisa is one of the sweetest people and amazing designer. Her designs are delightful and she turns manufacturer's products into unique projects.

I am very honored to be one of her guest bloggers! Thanks Lisa!

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Friday, June 15 2012



I have a love of the Victorian era and long ago most of my crafting was in that style. The steam punk trend which melds the style of the era both in the sentimental and mechanical is fascinating. This needle book I have designed is based on the popular vintage of a small book used to hold needles.

In the beginning needles were very scarce, in fact even well off households had only one which was cared for, kept sharp and rust free using a pin cushion filled with emery dust. Poorer households often shared a needle between several families.

Using Sizzix dies, wool felt from National Nonwovens which is ideal for holding needles and keeping them sharp plus the inspiration of a pin fabric I had in my stash my little book now graces my antique sewing basket.

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Tuesday, June 12 2012


Create today as it is meant to be, hold a hand, hold a heart. Know from where you have been is where you shall start. Walk with love, stop and create a bouquet along the way!

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Wednesday, March 14 2012

Today I am making a presentation to the textile students at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in Fredericton, NB. I am both excited and slightly nervous as they are a young innovative talented group and I am hoping I can make an interesting presentation.

In putting my presentation together meant a trip down memory lane and to all the experiences I have had along the way in this creative journey. Many happy accidents and mistakes I have hopefully learned from. I did not have a plan but fell into a path and followed it, I have learned now to realize preparation is a huge part of it but also serendipity plays a part too. However that means putting yourself in a place, being visible to make that happen. To be open, to be yourself and to believe you have a gift to share.

To today and the bunny that began it all! Follow the JOY!

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Thursday, December 29 2011

One of my favorite designs I created for Styrocrafts was Santa the day after his big night. (full instructions available on site along with many more great projects) Sleepy in his robe and reindeer slippers, I often wondered if he was making any New Year Resolutions or just simply enjoying the last few days of the year reflecting, remembering and enjoying!

Resolutions, intentions, reflection on the year past. All I know is living with love and integrity, celebrating and sharing joy is the path I travel. Our hearts are bumped and bruised along the way but oh so much more fills them with deep love and strength. My darling daughters hold my heart, my love's reflection, a special one has danced into my heart and life is good! 2012 holds much creative adventure ahead!

To all of you who take the time to visit, to read and comment, a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart. May 2012 be filled with what brings you joy always!

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Monday, November 21 2011

I am off for the day decorating for a client, it is a snowflake themed baby shower. I have been creating snowmen, booties, mittens, wreaths and glittery white accents. I am now in the time of year where there is always glitter on my face and everywhere I look the sun catches sparkles on the floor, the carpet and counters!

I taught a sock creature workshop yesterday and the kids were so cute and creative! We made lions, they are big Lion King fans accompanied by them singing many of the songs from the soundtrack! Was a very fun afternoon! Pictures later!

One of my designer friends Elaine Schmidt who attended International Quilt Market designed a ribbon embriodered bag with her QR code as the woven design! Attendees at the show were coming up to her and scanning her purse taking them directly to her website on their phones! As she remarked how cool is that!

Full week ahead with open house at studio on Sunday at Three Elements, Christmas in the Village in Gagetown and the December DCC hop next week! We are all about monkeys, sock monkeys that is and with Rit Dye involved the results will be colorfuiiy creative! Here is to stitching up a creative week!


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Monday, October 24 2011
It was a whirlwind weekend filled with creativity. Creativity is defined as
the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination: (
 From the Roller Derby Fashion Parade at my daughter's game, my other daughter's delightful and delicious cupcakes and the kids crafty camp afternoon creativity was overflowing. Fishnets to tutus and every combination of animal print possible the Roller Derby gals and many fans were rocking some wild style! I "tricked out" a Capitol City Roller's T with glitter, gems and a new off the shoulder neckline and a "Derby Mom" logo on the back.
My kitchen hosted a full day of yummy and fragrant aromas as "The Enchanted Cupcake by Kate" baked up delicious speciality cupcakes, Chocolate Bliss, Vanilla Dream and Lemon Locks. The delicate frosting looked like roses as Kate piped a mix of two colors together.
Sunday afternoon was more t shirt and costume fun with my kid's crafty camp. They are delightful and there was paint and glitter everywhere. I showed them how to stamp, stencil and screen print with fabric paints. The screen printing was their favorite. Using a piece of sheer curtain fabric under plastic or adhesive stencils securely taped down worked really well. A line of paint was added across top of stencil and pulled across stencil with a credit card. This was their favorite technique. Their enthusiasm and confidence in their design approach is wonderful. I am always re-inspired after a day with the kids.
Now a new week begins and more crafty goodness is coming up. Fresh Vintage Blog Hop with more new dies by Eileen Hull for Sizzix on Tuesday and Thursday. Thursday I have another creative class, sewing up some whimsical holiday ornaments. I have the best students, class is always fun and full of wonderful designs. The more my students create the more ideas flow for something else. Last week they created some pretty holiday cards, the tree themed ones very festive with a whimsical touch!
 What I have learned is creativity is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes. Slumps, blocks happen but just diving in with something simple like a few markers and a journal, just playing for awhile will be very beneficial to mind, body and spirit. How do you handle a creative slump, just leave a comment with some of your ideas for kick starting creativity. Debra, Inspiring the JOY of Creativity!
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Tuesday, October 18 2011

Today and Thursday and for the following couple weeks until November 3rd, the Fresh Vintage Blog Hop continues with a new die line by Eileen Hull for Sizzix. One of my favorite dies from the collection is the dimensional bird. Sharon Currier of Crafts n Coffee designed the cutest wedding cake with the birds as a bride and groom topper. Want some inspiration, check out the creations by the industry's top designers! Follow the JOY of Creativity always! Debra

(photo courtesy of Crafts n Coffee)

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Saturday, October 15 2011

I spend time on the weekends wandering around my town Fredericton, NB, I love the historic homes, tree lined streets and there is always something happening in this creative hub. I had to redefine my mode of travel as my daughters have threatened me about using the word walk all the time so I now will "wander" on the weekends!

This weekend was the Elm City Quilt Guild's Annual Show at the historic St. Paul's Church with its high ceilings and balcony provided the perfect backdrop for the stunning display of quilts, wall hangings, wearables and bags.

On my way to the church there is an elegant array of ghosts, bats and tombstones in keeping with the stately home they occupy.

The quilts were arranged in themed areas and tastefully accessorized which added to the overall warm, tasteful ambience. The tea room was decorated with a clothesline filled with bright cheery pieced, patterned placemats.

Upstairs were some quilt supply vendors. I was so pleased to a see a friend Gerri Richards of Cool Craft Creations up from Saint John. Her lovely line of bag and purse patterns are bold, bright and make a dramatic fashoin statement. Congratualtions to the Em City Quilt Guild for an inspiring,

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Wednesday, January 19 2011

It snowed again last night and is truly a winter wonderland! I walk everyday so hats, gloves and scarves are required wardrobe pieces. When looking through some old family photos I found one of my grandmother as a young woman taken in the winter season.

Inspiration comes from many sources and most often unexpectedly. I looked at the photo of my grandmother so many years ago, a glimpse into her daily life and also to the fashion of the day. Her matching scarf and muff are wonderful. I remember having a muff as a child and loving it. This photo has inspired me to create one. I will peruse my cozy fabrics, perhaps needle felting added details. Off to sketch a design! (well after I check off some of my list for today) Thanks Gram! Have a wonderful creative day! Debra, CEO!

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Monday, January 17 2011

Creativity is a reflection of what comes from inside. Whatever we choose to express in any way sends the world a message of the kind of person we are. These days with self expression being everywhere in the virtual social world and at the touch of a finger you can express yourself.

The instant connection, the sharing and feedback, support received are all good things. Many of us work alone so it allows for a connection, to know more about colleagues we may only see a couple times a year.

What happens also is over time personalities are established through what is expressed both in words and shared visually through photos, links, etc. As we share we are also offering up an energy, our energy into the world. Perhaps a good question to think about is how do we want the world on any level to see us and what do we want to offer of value?

This is a question that I have thought about alot and have realized I wish to inspire creativity in others but also to inspire the spirit. Each of us is a great gift in this life and we are here to share our gifts with the world, to lead a life that is meaningful and rewarding. May this day and everyday be full, rich and inspired! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Monday, January 10 2011

Mondays always feel fresh, a new week of opportunities begins. The to-do list is ready to be tackled and accomplished. Not everything gets checked off but what does is impressive. We should always acknowledge our accomplishments.

Are you creating the life you desire? Often it happens gradually, life slides into patterns or behaviour which do not feel authentic. Don't wait around for the day when you say okay this is it I want to live differently. Everyday is an opportunity. We are creative beings who are blessed with intelligence and will to do whatever we want. We have people who love and support us, who see our best selves even when we don't.

In this new year with all of its new lists, intentions and resolutions choose to find the you in the midst of it all. Choose what truly resonates with you. Begin with one wish and explore how to make it part of your life. Make time, fifteen minutes a day will make a difference.

We are sensual beings, our surroundings affect us often more than we realize. When choosing a new calendar for this year I looked at many. The Zen calendar with beautiful photography and an inspirational word for each month was the one. Each time I see January, a bowl of blossoms in pinks and teal with Serene written across the page I feel calm, touched by the beauty and the message.

Choose moments, breathe and reflect, choose what truly matters to you and live your Joy!

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