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Monday, March 18 2013

Celebrating National Craft month continues, as part of the Smoothfoam Design Team, we have a crafty new project for every day this month on the Smoothfoam blog!

Several months ago I moved into a beautiful heritage home along the river in picturesque Fredericton, NB. After months of renovation we are now open as Quartermain House B&B! In the spacious attic I was able to add another bedroom for visiting family and a fun studio. The view of the river from both rooms is beautiful!

While taping Quilting Arts this summer, I mentioned about my new place and Pokey Bolton the sweet host of the show passed it on to the sister publication Studios.

The current issue is on the newstand now and here is my studio! Being a Scorpio, our color is violet and I am really embracing it these days! A paintable wallpaper hides all of the wall imperfections, my darling fiancee applied it all and built a storage work counter along one entire side. I love the peacefulness of it, my sewing machine table and work counter look out over the river. A comfy leather chair to relax in and a supply of my favorite movies by the fireplace, it makes for a cozy inspiring space! The chandelier, the mirror my two favorite pieces. The chair covers were dyed with Rit Dye, love how they came out!

The space is divided into zones, with a comfy chair and books, a large table to spread out projects on, a sewing and ironing area along with a higher work counter to finish small projects on. Trims, fabric and buttons are in one area of the storage counter by the sewing area and paper related items together at the lower end.

Having a place to create in, to be surrounded by color, bins of trims and fabrics is wonderful. Being creative needs space, solitude where ideas and imagination can flow. I feel very grateful to have such a beautiful studio to do that in. Where do you create?



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Monday, February 18 2013
I find my self technically challenged often these days, I also find it exciting! I love my new iPad but am still figuring out how to do things. I always thought I would be a PC gal but I love my iPad. Slips in my purse perfectly too! 
My blog I have been neglecting, having trouble posting from my iPad so have to work that out especially with March being National Craft Month! Lots of creativity happening, I am part of a new design team, more about that to come! More crafty challenges too!
my new place has been taking a lot of my time. Final inspection tomorrow and few other details to put in place and my new venture Quartermain House is ready to open! A cozy B&B with three beautiful guest rooms on the river in a heritage home! I love decorating and entertaining, I love my creative  work and it all comes together nicely in this new venture.
I wanted To travel a little less and do more at home so it is happening, a couple trips a year will be perfect and now I am teaching and exhibiting here more plus the home of my dreams literally. The other wonderful news is I am now engaged to the most darling man who has been a huge help around here. Life is good, very good indeed!
Here is to a wonderful year ahead!
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Wednesday, January 02 2013
Happy New Year Everyone! May 2013 be a year filled with joy, meaning, gratitude & dreams come true!
The holidays were wonderful here at Quartermain House, I saw Christmas through the eyes of two exchange students who had their first Canadian Christmas, for one his first Christmas ever, what a treat! Family and friends gathered, six little ones built gingerbread houses. The house was filled with wonder, laughter and love! A snow covered story book setting.
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Tuesday, November 27 2012

The past few weeks have been filled with renovations as I embark on a new venture. I love my design work but also love to decorate interiors and entertain, to provide an experience, to make my guests feel welcomed and special. My design skills enable me to create original design elements for my interiors.

After I return from the CHA winter show in Anaheim in January I will be opening a bed and breakfast here in picturesque Frederciton, NB, Canada. We will have three guest rooms at Quartermain House.

Sunday evening Quartermain House was on the annual IODE Evergreen Tour where four homes are decorated for the holidays and 300 tickets are sold for guests to tour the home.

The renovations experienced some delay so were not finished before tour, the great crew working here finished up on Wednesday at 5pm. This is how the place looked then.

I had four days to decorate the house from top to bottom. Several friends who came by did not think I could do it. I had doubts myself for a brief time but being a creative eternal optimist :) I had to make it happen! Mostly working around the clock by noon on the 25th the foyer now looks like this!


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Monday, October 15 2012



I love hydrangea, they have such dainty blooms and last throughout the season with their hues subtly changing. Come fall they dry beautifully to be enjoyed inside. Now living in a older home with six mantles to decorate I wanted to do something different for each one and also something quick and easy.

For the formal parlor hydrangea and dried roses were ideal. I placed three teacups filled with water and fresh hydrangea filled in with dried blooms and silk leaves. It turned out very pretty and suits the parlor, delicate and feminine.



Using items you have on hand like the tea cups and combining natural elements from the garden makes a display or arrangement both easy and meaningful. Being surrounded by beauty feeds the soul and our homes should be a space we love to be in. Love where you live!

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Thursday, August 23 2012

I love dresses, anyone who knows me usually sees me in a dress. The little black dress was an inspiration for my room. Red is the color so roses are sprinkled across the bed. The dress form wears one of my favorite dresses. The dress form was a special surprise Christmas gift from my youngest daughter Kate, I love it and it is perfect in the bow window!


I did not paint the gorgeous dresser but I did redo the lamp and make the wall hanging above the bed. The other three bedrooms are more Victorian in keeping with the 1840's home but I went slightly more modern and decidedly feminine!

Once the new ensuite is finished it will be a very romantic retreat! We should love our spaces, our homes to be a reflection of who we are. Everytime I walk into my room it makes me smile!

Have a delightful creative day!

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Monday, August 06 2012

Today is the first Monday of the month which means the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop! Today this talented designer group is featuring crafty designs made with school supplies. I always look forward to participating but having recently moved I am still unpacking my craft supplies and getting organized. I am out of the loop for this round but hop over to Julie McGuffee's blog to get hopping! We always have a great give away too!

Speaking of school :) as I smoothly segue here! I just moved into the most beautiful house, a heritage landmark overlooking the river in downtown Fredericton. It is a classic Gothic Revival Style built around 1840 and was purchased in 1870 by the first province born University of New Brunswick president Thomas Harrison. Later Premier McNair who held four terms and was appointed Lt. Govenor lived in the home for forty years. Premier McNair held three degrees from UNB. The home has a rich heritage and is beautiful. I feel like I have lived here forever! I love the Victorian era so I now have an excuse to dress in period outfits! :) More exciting plans are in the works for the place!

(photo courtesy of Bill Jarvis)


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