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Tuesday, September 15 2009

I belong to several discussion groups, one of them being The Art of Licensing which provides a wealth of generous information from its members regarding all aspects of licensing. Tomorrow Tara Reed has a free tele-seminar call coming up for licensing and character licensing with Jill Seale, the creator of the "Nunn for the Road" characters. Fran & Freda are dancing with joy, they  want to be in on the call and have already posted their questions! They want to listen in as well but I am still not sure where there ears are!

The moderator of the list Franchelle Contreras has a new fabric line which will be available at Quilt Market next month. Colors are gorgeous especially the colorway with purple and lime green is my favorite. The Art of Possibility Studios  is having a party in their booth introducing their new fabric. There is something special about fabric, textiles wrap and clothe us, furnish our homes, our intimate places, bedrooms, bathrooms with comfort and beauty. To see your designs in fabric is a thrill and then to see it translated into garments and home decor even more exciting. At present we are working on a new fabric line, it takes about a year to see it through to completion so not ready yet but I will be at Quilt Market celebrating everyone elses lovely lines and promoting my new book Sweatshirt Remix. I also get to hang out in the Creative Homearts Booth and demo some designs I have done for the upcoming Holiday issue.

Today is International Lymphoma Awareness Day and a dear friend Sue Warden lost her only child Nicholas to Lymphoma in January. Sue with a spirit that just lights up a room is now working tirelessly for the cause, promoting awareness with her usual determination and style! We had the opportunity to spend time together at summer CHA and was deeply moved by her resilient spirit, she carries on her son's request to live life and make a difference! She is!

Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Tuesday, September 08 2009

Fran & Freda are back! Fowl Friday found them being the biggest fans! My good friend and licensing partner Deborah Peyton finally agreed to create "portraits" of the fowl pair! Deborah has illustrated the last three of my books and created all of the illustrations on my website. She is a very talented cartoonist and illustrator. Her "Day by Day" cartoon strip ran for seven years and had a huge fan base especially her cat character who got his own fan mail. Her animals have lots of character and she has a special affinity for chickens having had a hobby farm where our conversations were occasionally cut short by her running after a renegade chicken. The fresh eggs were another welcome perk, I was hoping she would encourage Fran and Freda in the egg laying department but no such luck! However they can hardly contain themselves to present their "portraits" and tell all!

Fran here! What a day we had Friday! We got to pose for one of favorite people, cartoonist and illustrator Deborah Peyton! It was so exciting, we got to sit on her special drawing table. Of course feet were extra clean, no bits of sawdust at all between the toes. She suggested some poses and helped us to bend just the right way showing off our best features. Freda did inquire about Photoshop as she thought she looked a little chunky. Deborah was so kind she just erased the extra bits for Freda and got her to stretch tall to give a more elongated look. Freda was preening big time after that!

After our sitting with Deborah she took us out for ice cream and let us sit in the front seat beside her with the window wide open. Just threee gals having a good time! It was a great day and Deborah is a nice as she is talented and sure knows how to make a fowl look fabulous! Later Fran & Freda! 

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Tuesday, September 01 2009

One of the most wonderful perks of the Web is all of the amazing talented and talented people you can meet and connect with. The information and knowledge shared is invaluable and my hope always is to be able to repay some of that sharing whenever I can.

Today I am excited to be interviewing Rebekah Meier! Rebekah Meier's new book Fabric Art Collage is filled with 40 + Mixed Media Techniques. Rebekah is a sweetheart and so talented! (Photo Courtesy of Rebekah Meier) She will be offering classes featuring techniques from the book at


1. How early in your life were you a crafty type?

Early, while still in grade school.  I remember my grandma teaching me how to crochet, making granny square afghans.  I also did a lot of macrame, hooked rugs, and embroidery while in school.  In high school I took all of the home ec classes available.  Cake decorating, sewing etc.

2. Your new book show-case many techniques, where does your interest and inspiration come from?
I have a passion for collage.  My book combines that love, with my background of crafts, and love of textiles.  My inspiration comes mostly from color and the desire to combine different textures and mediums together creating visual interest. 
3. Favorite pastime, food, color and movie.
I  always have work on my mind, but my favorite pastime is TV.  I must confess I am a reality TV junkie.   I can't really think of a favorite food, but I MUST have my coffee every day!  My favorite color is green.  I love romantic movies, especially ones filmed in Chicago.
4. Where will you be next? (Quilt Market?)
Yes, I am going to Quilt Market in Houston the beginning of October.  Looking forward to going there!
5. Your thoughts on Creativity.
I have a innate need to create things.  I also think that everyone has creativity within them.  It is just finding the right medium and way to express it.  I feel very blessed to be doing something I love and getting paid to do it!
Thank you Rebekah for sharing!
For anyone interested in licensing or what is involved Joan Beiriger's  Blog on Art Licensing is a must read. Today's post is about creating a brand. These days many artists and designers are looking at licensing as a important and necessary component of their career.

My latest book out last month Sweatshirt Remix is one for those who like to alter clothing. I have techniques to make a sweatshirt a more flattering fit and create some fun fashions! Next month I am off to Quilt Market to do presentations and book demos. Rebekah will be there as well, always great to catch up!

Tonight I am taking a friend to FLASH, Fashioning Love Acceptance and Hope, a local celebrity fashion show featuring SPCA dogs up for adoption and some pets as well. All proceeds benefit the SPCA and the two local homeless shelters. I have been without a dog for two years now, who knows what tomorrow will bring home! :) Not sure my daughters four cats would be impressed! Follow the JOY! Keep creating! Debra, CEO!

"Today travel with lightness, a feathery touch to dance across the day, elicit smiles and hugs leaving JOY behind to stay!"  Expressions of JOY! Debra

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Tuesday, August 11 2009

Welcome to Terrific Tuesday! It has been a rich full family weekend, reunion, Memorial and yesterday my brother Bob spoke at an event announcing a gift to the University of New Brunswick, UNB. The Quartermain Sports Medicine Center will be part of a marvellous new health and wellness complex, the Currie center at the University. My brother attended UNB getting his first degree here, the solid basis for his career in geology. His heart remains close to home as he travels the world and to see his first professor now in his nineties sitting in the large crowd that attended yesterday was very special. Bob spoke of our Dad and an injury he received in school which remained with him all his life. This new facility will enable anyone to receive the most up to date diagnostic and treatment available today. Fitness is imperative to life quality and injuries happen in everyday lives so this facility is part of a huge initiative in improving the health and fitness of the students, faculty and residents of our city. Both my daughters are attending UNB and are inspired and motivated by their uncle to make a difference in this world as they go forward in their lives. I am continually inspired by my brother and feel very grateful to call him also my best friend. I know both Mom and Dad are looking down so proud of this fine man they raised who never forgets where he came from, who he is and with a vision to make where he is going better for everyone he touches. He speaks genuinely from the heart and is the finest man I know, my brother Bob, Robert Quartermain.

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Tuesday, August 04 2009

One of the highlights of the summer CHA show was catching up with some of my most favorite people. I got a chance to spend an evening with the very talented Margot Potter. She is both witty and wise, a creative dynamo with an energy that lights up the room. Fran & Freda were starstruck upon meeting her and when they heard she was a fowl lover they were over the moon or coop so to speak! She very graciously granted them an interview. She even posed for pics, thank goodness their feet were clean! (considering they insisted on being carried everywhere their feet should have sparkled!) They also tried to talk Margot into making tiny tiaras for them, so embarrassing.

Margot, what has being creative meant in your life?

Being creative is my life.  I have been creating it since I can remember!  I believe we are all of us crafting our own realities, successes, joys and also our challenges.  Having a tangible way to express the creative impulse is such a powerful thing for anyone, and I???m so glad I get to do that every day in my studio.  I like to think of myself as a LifeCrafter?.  I???m inventing every aspect of my reality and it???s a total blast.

What is your favorite crafting pursuit?

I am a restless creative type, so I love many crafting pursuits.  In fact, I can???t seem to stop expanding my repertoire, even though my studio has run out of room to store the supplies!  I was so happy when I first heard the term Mixed Media because it fit my creativity perfectly.  I love to add a dash of this and a smidgeon of that and see what might happen.


What inspires you?

Absolutely everything inspires me.  I find the world around me endlessly fascinating and infinitely interesting. 


What is your favorite food, book, craft tool, store?

My favorite food is cheese.  I also love filet mignon, crème brulee, dark chocolate with almonds, butter, cream and a variety of other terribly fattening and wonderfully delicious things. 

I love so many books; it???s really hard to pick a favorite. 

My brain is my favorite craft tool.  After that...I???m going to have to say my Flexible Shaft Drill.

I???m a thrift store/flea market kinda gal


Freda is dying to know, does a tiara make you more divine?

A tiara reminds me that I am is everyone.  I???m a big believer in tiaras...and in self confidence.  We can???t expect others to hand us our joy or our success, we have to make it happen.  So to me, a tiara is a symbol of our divinity and our fabulosity!


You always look stunning at the shows, how do you decide on the do and frocks before the show?

My hairdresser and I work out the do and the outfits I shop for a few weeks ahead.  Then I make jewelry and accessories to match.  I think it???s important for a designer who specializes in jewelry to be fashionable.  I think it???d be hard to instill confidence in people to hire me as a designer if I didn't???t look like I could even design my own outfit!


THANK YOU Margot! for taking the time to chat with Fran & Freda. Visit Margot, where this best selling author & celebrity designer inspires creativity with a mix of wit, wisdom & talent! Her blog The Impatient Crafter TM a must read and Fran & Freda are beside themselves with excitement you can purchase Margot's magnificent jewels in her own Etsy Shoppe!


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