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Sunday, October 27 2013

It is almost BOO Day! This month as the featured designer for KUNIN Felt I had great fun designing with their Halloween Seasonal Felt, vibrant purple and orange with embossed spiders and pumpkins. KUNIN felt is made with ecofil which is the process of turning plastic water bottles into their fun felt! As part of the Smoothfoam Design Team I combined a Smoothfoam egg and KUNIN seasonal felt to create this wee witch! Full instructions found on the Smoothfoam blog. I love to sew but sometimes it is also fun to make a project look like it is sewn and this little witch is a so easy no sew design. Just glue!

This little witch has a very tiny hat. I also made a very large hat sporting two not so scary spiders for KUNIN. It is hard for a spider to look scary when it has eyelashes and wears a bow! I just could never get into the scary side of Halloween. Scary movies still give me nightmares so I spend much of this time of year trying to avoid TV. A few years ago I went to the movies to see "Interview with a Vampire", somehow I was talked into it, all I can say is I had my eyes shut most of the time and screamed out loud still at least twice! Never again, just give me "Ghostbusters".

Halloween trick or treaters, parties, decorations, it is a very colorful and creative time of year! Little ones and not so little ones are transformed into all kinds of creatures. My daughter just went to a Halloween party dressed as a makeup table, a box top over her head covered by a tablecloth and glued on makeup. Having her birthday close to Halloween the parties were always filled with costumed kids and activities like pin the broom on the witch and pumpkin or mask decorating. I must admit to also enjoying dressing up for the night too while handing out the treats! Last year I sported a purple feather trimmed witch hat. What are you thinking about dressing up as? Happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 15 2013

This month the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop features designs with Sticky Sticks! Sticky Sticks are a craft stick with an instant and strong adhesive strip at one end which adheres to a multitude of surfaces. I was inspired by the fields of brilliant sunflowers and created a large flower to hang on my kitchen's brick wall.

You will need: 1 pkg of Sticky Sticks; Lemon Yellow, Tangerine Rit Dye; Gold, Yellow Kunin Felt; Black buttons by Button Galore; 3" Smooth foam ball; Westcott Brand scissors and Fabri-tac glue by Beacon.

Step 1: Dye the sticks to the adhesive line. Brush or dip sticks in Lemon Yellow dye and brush on Tangerine along edges, reverse colors, mix colors, have fun! Set aside to dry.

Step 2: Cut Yellow felt piece in half lengthwise. Fold each piece in half lengthwise and cut slits from center fold to 1/4" from edges.

Step 3: Cut a 6" circle from Gold felt. Cut a 3" circle for back. Cut Smooth foam ball in half. Center ball round side down on felt circle. Smooth and glue felt edges to bottom of foam ball.

Step 4: Glue black buttons to cover gold foam ball. Begin at edge and glue folded yellow strips around foam ball half. Glue second strip overlapping first piece.

Step 5: Turn ball over and glue a 3" circle of Gold felt to flat side. Fasten adhesive ends of sticks around the circle. Add ribbon or cord loop and hang! Enjoy many more crafty ideas with Sticky Sticks, just click on the DCC button in the sidebar! Enjoy!


















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Thursday, October 10 2013

October, fall, Canadian Thanksgiving and time for Halloween decor! This month on the Smoothfoam blog
I made a not so scary spider! Fast and easy, full directions here!

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