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Tuesday, August 31 2010

Deadlines! Much of my work is defined by deadlines, which is a great motivator. They help define and determine my weekly schedule. Giving myself deadlines does not always work as well but with September and many new things on the horizon I have been busily working away on updating and revising my website. Today will be another full day working away behind the virtual scenes. So short & sweet until tomorrow!

Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO! 

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Friday, August 27 2010

       Fran  & Freda hereit's Fowl Friday!

Apparently we have been kept in the dark regarding many things lately. It is not a good feeling at all! My intuition has been saying over and over something is not right, something smells foul, pardon the pun! Well with a little late night snooping some things have been revealed that Debra was keeping from us. Her reasons we can only surmise, we try to give her the benefit of the doubt. (At least Freda does, she is much more trusting than I am but then again look what happened to her and that rooster from Cape Breton incident.)

What we (I) have uncovered!
1. Debra has said no chocolate allowed. Yet late at night the aroma of brownies is in the air. Apparently someone is allowed to have them!

2. Absolutely no alcohol (apparently the result of Freda's slight indiscretion involving dancing, an empty wine bottle, a certain rooster who still remains nameless & Freda's getting knocked up to put it bluntly) yet often there are two empty wine glasses visible in the morning.

3. WE are not allowed to walk on the counters, the tables, the mantel or any of the furniture yet there is a whole flock of new birds who can apparently perch anywhere the choose. The pink ones sit everywhere, they do not even speak to us, their so perfect beaks are always up in the air as they twitter away or preen constantly.

We could go on forever about the injustice of it all! Yet we will rise above the indignities, pull up our big gal panties and get on with it! Happy Fowl Friday Peeps!

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Monday, August 23 2010

Fran & Freda were correct in their Fowl Friday post, I do love birds and bird cages. Birds have been and still are a popular icon trend in everything from wall coverings to dishes. I have created many birds of all kinds from the saucy Fran & Freda to elegant wedding doves. My latest birds are for a project reveal next month. A sneak peek....

This litte one is needle felted with wool over a foam ball. Painted quilt pins inserted make great eyes. Eye placement is very important, spacing them wide gives that endearing look along with chalk blushed cheeks.

In my apartment I have added paper birds I cut out to my sunroom over a mirror. There are several large windows and a high ceiing so a flock of flying birds seem called for!

On one of the neat angle walls I added some adhesive birds and branches above my storage shelves.

My youngest daughter is here for her first visit and so we are off for a couple days to have fun. Enjoy your day! Debra, CEO!

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Friday, August 20 2010

Fran here for Fowl Friday! Freda & I thought living here in this loft feline free would be so relaxing but no not at all! Debra loves to decorate, has a thing about birds apparently and is sticking them everywhere. It looks very painful as she applies it with sticky paper and then rubs over it very hard with this little flat thing.

On the way by with the ladder she stopped and looked at us with that "hey I just got a great idea look". That was a very scary moment as she looked closely at our feet. I know she was thinking we would be perfect hanging from the sloped ceiling over the stairway. How we would be stuck there I cannot even imagine.

Also it is not well known but Freda is afraid of heights. Being a bird it is something that has haunted her since she was a chick and she was thrown off the feeder into the dirt. So hanging above a two storey stairwell could send her into a lifetime of therapy.

Luckily Debra's attention was diverted and she went off to hang more birds above the storage unit. We are hoping she is finished "feathering her nest". Seems to enjoy it way tooo much! Anyway we were lucky this time! She is just way too happy these days and full of ideas.

Till next time, Follow the Fowl, Fran & Freda and we intend to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground!

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Wednesday, August 18 2010

One of the most delightful and talented people I am so fortunate to have as a friend is the marvellous Margot Potter. She has a new book out which is getting rave reviews Bead Chic and she has stunning excerpts from the book on her popular blog. I love the "Chaos in Pearls" Necklace. Margot has written several books and whenever I meet up with her at a tradeshow she is always wearing one of her fabulous creations. She inspires me in many ways and one of these days I am going to seriously try some beading. For now I admire at the artistry and beauty of her pieces!

Today another very talented friend Kathy Peterson of Crafting for Health sent me a link posted to my Facebook page. They have posted today my piece I wrote about the Kids Craft Club I organized in my daughter's school. Such fun, this picture says it all!

 Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Monday, August 16 2010

Time passes so quickly! Who doesn't admit to saying at some point where did the summer go with August now half over. I look back over the last year and marvel the same thing, where did the last year go and how my life has changed. A year ago in August was the Memorial service for my parents, my Mom finally with my Dad after thirty years. A chapter closed and right around the corner in September another one opened. My year has been filled with good byes and hellos, tears and laughter, and so much love I cannot even express. So I look to the fall with anticipation, what will this year bring and how will I make a difference in my place in this world.

It has been a year since I launched my new site and blog. I am grateful each day for those who visit, thank you! Time now for a slight "redecorating" of my site so over the next couple weeks I will be editing and adding. My new physical home is settled so time for the virtual one to have some sprucing up!

Have a great week everyone! Embrace creativity! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Friday, August 13 2010

Fran here for Fowl Friday! Not meaning to complain (although Debra says we do often and loudly!) but life in the new city is not so good for us. Sure the loft with the big windows has a great view. We have met some friendly crows and the odd seagull, (I mean really odd, Freda is not the best judge of character but when this gull flew by backwards showing her well too much, we decided not to say "hi" to that neighbor!)

Other than that though Debra is either happily working away, entertaining or out leaving us alone way too much! We are even starting to miss those felines that used to live here. At least they paid attention to us although the missing feathers sometimes was a bit annoying! Anyway I guess we will just have to get a life as they say! Freda wants to get back on but considering the trouble she got into with the rooster from Cape Breton (she falls hard for an accent) that is not an option in this place! So for now we would appreciate any help with suggestions as to what we can do with our little feathery lives! Follow the Fowl! Fran & Freda


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Thursday, August 12 2010

Not trying to rush the season but I want to share some Holiday fun projects!

The fall issue of Crafts 'n Things is out! My wee button snowman made the cover in his own special wee way above the S for Snowman. He is needle felted over STYROFOAM brand foam, one of my favorite techniques. Also in the same issue is my version of the popular sock monkey using foam shapes as well. It is fun to work in reverse with the foam, I start with the shape and build around it instead of with sewing, sew the shape and then fill it.

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Monday, August 09 2010

One of my favorite materials to work with these days is bamboo. I just finished a project using Natur-fil quilt batt by Fairfield. It is very soft and very strong. I use it both for in quilted projects and on its own as it is lovely soft creamy shade. Xotic felt which is a bamboo/rayon blend from National Nonwovens. Again so soft and available in vibrant colors which can punch up a room when used in home decor. I created a table runner, large flower centerpiece and matching pillow for Homearts. You can find the table set with full instructions under Projects.  (photo courtesy of Homearts)

This week I am working on several projects spanning all the seasons. Sometimes I get so immersed that I look out the window expecting to see leaves or snow falling! Keep creating! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Friday, August 06 2010

We made it!! We are fabulous fall fowl for Creative Homearts! Just go to projects and there we are looking mighty fine if I do say so myself! You too can now have your very own Fran & Freda! (Debra says we should come with a warning label and instruction book but what does she know!) Just keep the champagne flowing along with breakfast in bed and we are easy! (especially Freda, we all know about that rooster from Cape Breton incident) Anyway we are soooo excited, wish I was a rooster, would be crowing from the rooftops!

We are spending the day at home answering congratulory emails and ready to sign autographs for the multitude of fans who will stop by. (Debra says not to expect too much and she is supposed to be the optimist!) We don't care, we are ready with pens in hand um wing and in Freda's case foot. (Her fine motor skills are confined to her feet only!) So we are off to celebrate!!! Follow the Fowl! Fran & Freda!


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Wednesday, August 04 2010

This past Canadian holiday weekend was spent in old Quebec, the beautiful and historic walled section of Quebec City with cobblestone streets, horse and carriage, outdoor cafes to linger at. We stayed at the Frontenac overlooking the water like a magical castle in the sky.

The weather was perfect. The family wedding took place in a gorgeous church, the oldest Anglican church in Canada. We stayed on an extra couple days exploring and enjoying the place. The buildings are beautiful dating back to the 1700's and earlier. The shops are inspiring featuring many talented artisans. This wood shop had the most delightful store front with colorful carved flowers in the the flower boxes.

The stone buildings are contrasted by doors and windows painted in rich vibrant shades and everywhere there are open windows with people enjoying good food or a drink. It was a wonderful romantic weekend and I look forward to returning to that magical place where time stands still. always Follow the JOY! Debra

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