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Thursday, July 29 2010

A nice surprise this morning from the sweet editor of Crafts 'n Things Abby Foster, she posted a picture of the cover of the latest issue. There is a quirky and cute fall owl and above him my cute button snowman on the "S" for Snowman. He was such fun to make with button feet and sled. I love buttons and there are so many sizes, shapes and colors to play with!

Fall is around the corner and I am busy on deadlines for winter sparkly creations! My favorite designs to do. I am missing being at CHA (Craft & Hobby) show in Chicago but between extra work and family events home is where I am meant to be!

Loving the move to Saint John, my place is wonderful and being close to my guy is the best! My girls are doing so well on their own following their dreams! Life is good, I feel very blessed! Plus these long curls I have now hold up quite well after a day driving around with the top down yesterday! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Tuesday, July 27 2010

Wow! I just received the latest copy of Creative Homearts magazine. The winners of the  (photo courtesy of Creative Homearts)

 "Make it Green" contest are shown. You can see the amazing creations on the website. The winner is Justyne Obeldobel of Colliers, West Virginia with her gorgeous "pop can prom dress" she made during her senior year of high school. The outfit took her four months to complete! Amazing work! The other entries are all so creative, such talent and imagination!

In this issue of Homearts I feature Canvas Corp in my column. The company has eco friendly products to assist you in designing and building a home, a room or any design project. Founders Randy and Christine Meier began their company when buiding their own home and they couldn't find products to assist them. When I moved this past month I used one of their kits to lay out my apartment and arrange the furniture pieces even adding the plants! I loved playing with the kit and it helped with the movers. I made them a copy, big grins I got! Did I say I am an organized person but then a week later I move up to the loft above, kind of threw my lovely plan out the window! Still it was fun to try out the kit!

For my column I created a message center using their chunky canvas along with their very cool accessories, pencil sharpener, clothespins. I carry a Canvas Corp measuring tape in my bag wherever I go. Thanks Canvas Corp! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Friday, July 23 2010

Well Fowl Friday is here once again, sigh as if Debra really cares. No CHA (Craft & Hobby) show for us next week, no fluffy bed in a hotel, no pool side or the hope of room service. She is off on a fun family event and we are stuck at home! We also hear rumors of more trips which do not include us at all! She is loving her new life here, us not so much! So for all you fowl fans a trip down memory lane when life was really good for us!  Follow the Fowl! Fran & Freda!

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Thursday, July 22 2010

Next week is the summer CHA (Craft & Hobby) show back in Chicago. Usually I would be busy getting ready for the show but I am missing it this year. I am still preparing work that will be at the show but sorry not to be there in person. There is an energy, a creative excitement of connecting with the industry, the people and the products that returns you to your studio with renewed energy!

The big news in my creative world is the Homearts Live event coming up in September and October. It will be three weekends in a row of crafting extravaganzas. The Homearts columnists join club director Julie Stephani and celebrity guest speakers, Crafty Chica and Drew, the Crochet Dude along with exciting sponsors for 30 hours of creative fun! First weekend is in Minneapolis, September 24&25, from there to Philadelphia, October 1&2 and finally Phoenix, October 8&9. Classes in every kind of craft, great gifts and goodies, crafting room open all night for "the hard core crafters" my daughter's definition! Will be such fun! Come join us! Debra, CEO!


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Friday, July 16 2010

There is saying that "there can be too much of a good thing." Apparently Debra has never heard that. When she is on a roll, look out! At present she is working on several projects for publications. One involves a new very cute organic fabric line from Birch, along with it a bamboo batt from Fairfield. Then it spilled over into a couple more projects and now she is using Xotic bamboo felt from National Nonwoven. 

Where will it end? Never apparently around here. Debra takes being green seriously and is enjoying having a little compost bucket of her own. So much for us getting much in the way of scraps and I don't mean the pieces that fall from her cutting table. Ah well at least the green view is interesting and if we can just entice that crow closer on the roof...that bread scrap he has looks tasty! Follow the Fowl! Fran & Freda


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Monday, July 12 2010

I am finally back to work in a regular fashion after all the moving. With the moving I was often writing email on top of a box or looking for scissors in a variety of locations. After losing the phone the other day and finally resorting to pressing the locator button I am wishing everything had a locator button. I am a fairly well organized person but my memory is not as it once was so starting work in a new place...well all I can say is labels are a good thing! Living on my own I realized I didn't need a separate studio space I can work wherever I want. I need a guestroom more so the wide hall with closet is perfect for a studio space. There is a corner for my new sewing table I can wheel in front of window when working and the dormer with closet is perfect for my office. The kitchen island is a great cutting surface. Projects in progress have a place in the guestroom closet.

Exciting things are in the works! Full details coming up this week! Keep creating! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Friday, July 09 2010

WELL finally Fowl Friday! The moving has finally stopped, when Debra does anything it is never halfway! Not content with moving both her daughters and herself once in three weeks, she decides to move twice in a week! We do approve, that being Freda and myself Fran of the new space! The loft is perfect for us of the bird persuasion and we have our own room! Debra calls it the guest room but hey we are perennial guests. Love the new towels, great for nesting.

The big windows have a great view of the water and sunsets, "romantic" some around here say as that certain someone goes floating by in a pink dress and dreamy smile. Anyway enough said. Freda's photoshop skills are nil but she wanted a picture in the big windows so here she is pretending to be an eagle, I am thinking seagull more realistic! Follow the Fowl! Fran & Freda!


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Monday, July 05 2010

I am back on the island visiting my daughter, returning home today. Was a month since I had seen her so it was wonderful to be here. Has gone by too fast but I have to get back to finish my last unpacking and back to work seriously this week.

All three of us are now living in new places, making and finding home. The spaces are new, for my youngest and myself new cities. It is an adventure and one that makes you realize home is not really a place. It is a feeling inside that is present when you are with those you love dearly. My heart finds home in several places at present, it is different and yet also a blessing for life is all about love, living deeply and meaningfully.

So I journey home leaving love here and returning to love at the end of my travel. Follow the JOY always! Debra, CEO!

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