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Monday, October 01 2012


Create your own Prim Pumpkin Patch, easy peasy fall decor
using Rit Dyes and STYROFOAM Brand foam balls.
Using two colors of Rit Dye, Tangerine and Dark Brown
I dyed sections of unbleached cotton,
Blumenthal Lansing nylon buttons and twine.

Follow the stove top dye technique 
and dye a 12" x 36" strip of unbleached cotton
with 1 cup Tangerine, 8 cups of hot water. Remove strip from dye,
add 2 T of Dark Brown to pot with Tangerine, stir well.
Dye two more strips of unbleached cotton along with buttons and twine. 
Remove one strip along with twine and buttons.
Add anotherTbs of Dark Brown and stir with third strip in dye.
A mottled effect and darker shade will result. Wash and dry fabrics.

Use any size ball you wish to, I used several sizes from 3" to 5".
With a stick carve out a small middle hole for stem.
Glue stem in  place. Rip fabric strips into 2" widths.
Begin gluing end of strip by hole. Wrap NSEW going around stick.
Trim off excess and contiinue with next piece.

Add third color of strip filling in all gaps.

Embellish with bows and buttons.

Sew crow and don't turn right side out. Stuff and sew or glue opening

Paint crow with black craft paint. Let dry. Insert and glue into Pumpkin.

Glue some felt leaves in among burlap bow. 
Glue and insert bird! To follow along on the hop 
just click on the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop Button!

12 of our DCC designers will be taking part in another blog hop
 beginning Saturday October 13th featuring Makin's Clay. 

They will be giving out for the blog hop....
a prize package worth just over $100 retail cost.
In order to enter go to the Makin's Clay Blog
and leave a comment. Here is the link!
Get inspired with some great clay ideas and enter for the pirze!
Happy creating!

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Monday, June 25 2012


Needle felting with Wool Wisps from National Nonwovens and Styrofoam Brand foam is one of my very favorite techniques. The above design I created for the 4th of July can also be adapted very easily for the Canadian July 1st celebrations. Photo courtesy of and complete instructions are available at

Crafty happenings, the talented and divine Ms. Margot Potter is on the new TLC Craft Wars show hosted by Tori Spelling. Can't wait to see her! Trailer promo

Have a creative week! Follow the Joy!

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Friday, April 06 2012

Easter is a favorite holiday of mine, the pretty cotton candy colors, cute bunnies and chicks oh and of course the chocolate! Even though my girls are grown up we still have an Easter egg hunt although this year I was thinking of hiding Keurig cups as they both enjoy their coffees!

Over the years I have designed many bunnes which have been published in a variety of magazines. So in honor of the holiday, here is a roundup of some of my favorites. To go along with the bunnies, Crafts 'n Coffee  is having a week of Eggstravaganza projects! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, April 04 2012

Sometimes things just keep popping up in our lives, when I wrote my second book Easy-to-Sew Playful Toys one of my favorite toys I designed was a monkey.

Appearance #2, the Sock Monkey is a classic toy which has been around for many years. It has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the last few years. The Fox River Mills Company  manufacturers the Fox River Red Heel Socks. Each pair includes the pattern and cutting diagram for making a Sock Monkey. A couple years ago I was asked to design a Sock Monkey using STYROFOAM TM Brand Foam. He appeared in Crafts n' Things magazine.  

Appearance #3, a few months ago the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop featured When Creativity Knocks Sock Monkey DVD. We were asked to create a Sock Monkey or some creative version. I opted for the classic even though I made him inside out! I took him off to have an adventure with some wood toys. The next thing I know I am discussing providing samples for the Toronto Gift Show, happening the same time as I was away for the CHA show in Anaheim! I had to redraw my own pattern from the Fox River Mills instructions, add string jointed arms using upholstery thread and embroidered eyes, facial features for safety, register my filling content. Monkey McSockers was now ready to venture across the country!

Here is part of the gang getting ready to leave the nest and venture off to stores across Canada!

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Monday, April 02 2012

It is the first Monday of the month and the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop is on! With Easter just a week away I wanted to design something to add to my Easter decor. I was also teaching a kid's needle felting workshop and they wanted to make a character inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

I decided on creating the White Rabbit with a dash of steam punk, (a departure from my usual cute bunnies !) The White Rabbit is a mixed media project incorporating needle felting, wool, foam, papers and embellishments.

You will need:
2 eggs, 1-7/8" x 2-1/2", 2 cones, 4", 12" sheet of STYROFOAM TM Brand Foam
.2 oz. Natural, Brown scrap of Wool Wisps by National Nonwovens
9" x 12" pieces of black and white felt by National Nonwovens
Playtimes Past Paper Collection by Graphic45
Flower, 3-D wrapped die by Eileen Hull for Sizzix, Big Shot by Sizzix
Antique Bronze Decorative Wall Hardware by Canvas Corp
Flip-Pal TM Mobile Scanner
Westcott Brand Titanium Scissors, Paper Cutter
Needle Pen Tool by Clover
Paper Adhesive, Mono Aqua, Glue Stick by Tombow
Fabric Fusion by Aleene TM, Ilovetocreate
Hot glue and gun
5" print Ribbon
6" Wire
2 black head Quilt Pins
1 white Chenille Stem
2 Wood Skewers, 3 Toothpicks
Wire Cutters, Ruler, Pencil, Chalk, Foam base for needle felting.

1. Cut one foam egg in half for feet, cut two pieces 9" by 6" from sheet, stack and glue together for base.
2. Insert toothpick, glue two cones together for body. Cover lower cone with natural wool and begin needle felting.

3. Cover egg for head with natural, needle felt. On foam base needle felt natural into two ovals 5" by 1 1/2" for ears, trim to desired shape. Needle felt to head. Insert pin eyes. Needle felt small nose as shown with brown scrap of wool.
4. Cover half egg for feet with natural wool, needle felt.
5. Pull two thin strands of wool for hands. Cut chenille stem in half. Begin wrapping wool at center of stem and wrap to end. Bend end of stem and continue wrapping back up stem. Glue ends in place.

6. Insert a toothpick into head, glue to body (bare cone is top of body) pressing pieces firmly together.
7. Cut a piece of white felt 6" by 5". Fold in center and cut notch along top edge. Fold over for collar. Wrap and glue around top of cone.
8. Cut two sleeves from black felt 2 1/2" by 3". Cut a jacket 7" square. Fold the square in half. Measure 1 1/2" on open ends, cut in on diagonal 1" to make collar. Cut from this point on diagonal 3" back to edge. Cut back in on diagonal from this point to end. Fold collar, wrap jacket for fit around rabbit body. Decide on tails of jacket from back. Remove jacket and cut tails on diagonal.
9. Wrap jacket around rabbit. Glue in place. Fold sleeves in half, glue edges. Insert chenille stems with paws extended. Glue to back of jacket. Bend.
10. Knot ribbon piece in half. Trim ends to desired shape. Glue to front of rabbit.
11. Insert skewer through feet and body leaving 3" extending.
12. Cover base with papers, insert rabbit.
13. Embellish as desired!
14. Pocket watch was scanned with Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner and printed out onto cardstock. Glued to another layer, cut out and glazed.
15. Top hat was made from a 3" felt circle for base, a 2" by 3" strip overlapped and glued. Piece of black glued to top of cylinder and then trimmed around top edge. 
16. Flowers were die cut and assembled inserting nail through centers. Insert nail ends into foam base.

Follow the DCC hop to see wonderful spring inspired designs and great giveaways! Happy Hopping!

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Monday, March 26 2012

Easter is only a couple weeks away and even though my girls are grown now, we still have our traditional easter egg hunt. I enjoy always each year too finding a stray egg that was missed. One year as I hid the eggs our little dog followed behind me eating several candy eggs before I caught her! OOps I meant when the Easter Bunny was hiding the eggs!

This year I am counting the days till Easter weekend, I haven't seen my youngest since Christmas so can hardly wait until she is home and the three of us are together. My daughters are such a joy! My oldest daughter has just bought her first home, so exciting and she is moving in June.

This year if you are looking for inspiration to craft some eggs to fill a basket or two Crafts 'n Coffee is having an Eggstravaganza and giveaway so hop on over! I have experience with hopping seems my bunny designs have multiplied over the years! I will be sharing some of my favorites. Full instructions for the Jester Bunny at

Designer friend Eileen Hull who designs dies for Sizzix is hosting a linky Spring Party and giveaway. Eileen's dies are wonderfully versatile allowing you to create layered textured accents and elements from a variety of materials. Check out the inspired creativity!

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Friday, March 09 2012

Finally we get to see a friendly face around here! Debra has been making mostly feliines lately and we were getting concerned. Freda has been watching her tail feathers so much she has a stiff neck and can only walk sideways!

This new friend began as a 12" sheet of Makeit:Fun STYROFOAM Brand foam and the Spring Blossoms Wool Wisps Collection by National Nonwovens. Debra began by drawing a design lighty on the sheet. With her Clover pen needle tool she just needle felted away creating our very cheery spring friend! Adding some stitches, buttons and trims and in a very short time he was singing spring!

 Obviously he hasn't looked out the window at the four foot high snowbanks yet! He still thinks he is in New Mexico, has a bit of an attitude as he was on the PBS show Creative Living with Sheryl Borden. Another Prima Donna, he and Freda will have to sort that out, ah should be a fun weekend! Follow the Fowl!

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Monday, March 05 2012

It is the first Monday of the month, time for the Designer Blog Hop Crafts Connection!  Forty talented designers strut their stuff and offer some surprises as you hop along! We are celebrating interNational Craft Month! With Easter just a few weeks away I am featuring the tutorial for the cute chick/duck I demoed for a segment of Creative Living with Sheryl Borden.

Sheryl is holding the baby duck in the photo that I demoed on the show. In yellow it becomes a cute chick!

3", 6" balls, 4" cube of MakeitFun STYROFOAM
Brand Foam
1/6 yard yellow fleece
1/3 yard orange fleece
9" x 12" pieces of  Canary (yellow), Papaya (orange) scraps of Fuchsia, Seashell Pink, Caribbean Surf ( teal) Xotic Felt by National Nonwovens
6" fabric scrap
1 chenille stem
1 skein black, pink embroidery floss
6 black, 12
colored head quilt pins
Aleene's Fabric Fusion

Upholstery thread
Embroidery Needle
5", 8" Westcott Brand® Titanium Steel Scissors
(Ruler, measuring tape, pencil, circle templates for large duck 12", small 8")

  1. Making the Ducks: For both the 3" and 6" ducks construction is exactly the same. The pattern pieces included are for both sizes. Any variations will be indicated in instructions. For the 3" duck cut a 3" and 8" fleece circle. For the 6" duck cut two 3" and one 12" circles. Cut two of each cheeks, beaks and four of each foot from felt. Cut ½" by 9" strip of felt for bows.

  2. With upholstery thread anchor thread at edge of the large circle. Sew a small basting stitch around the complete circle.
  3. Pull stitches slightly. Place circle over ball pulling stitches tightly. Circle should stretch to close. (On larger duck if this does not happen, a small circle can be glued on bottom to finish the body.) Secure thread and cut.

  4. For small duck cut 3" circle in half. Fold in half again wrong sides together and glue. For large duck fold each 3" circle in half wrong sides together and glue. Glue wings to sides of body as shown in photo.
  5. Glue beak pieces together angling top one slightly higher than lower beak. Make two small stitches at top of beak. (These stitching details are optional; they can also be recreated with a fabric marker.) Glue beaks to center of face slightly above wing line.
  6. Insert two black head pins as eyes. Adjust until you are pleased with location. Remove and dip in glue, reinsert pushing in to indent in face slightly.
  7. Sew around cheek circles with pink floss if desired or use fabric marker or add just as is. Glue to face of duck under eyes. Refer to photo for placement.
  8. Place feet together in pairs, reverse one pair. Glue together. Outline in black floss with a small stitch as an option. Glue feet to bottom of bird. Tie bow from felt strip, pin or glue to head.
  9. Making the Chicken: Use the ruler to cut a 4" by 16" strip of fleece. Cut two 4" squares of fleece and one 3" circle. Cut one 1 ½" by 3" topknot piece, two beaks, two 3" by 3" strips and four feet from orange felt. Cut one 3" circle from fabric scrap. Cut one heart from teal.
  10. Begin at one edge of cube and glue long fleece strip. Wrap fleece piece around cube bringing it back to the edge to meet. Glue in place. Glue each 4" square on the opposite two remaining sides along edges. Press fleece seams together, add more glue if needed.
  11. Cut 3" fleece and fabric circles in half for wings. Glue or sew with black around edges. Pin or glue in place on either side of chicken. (Approximately at 3" mark.)
  12. Cut chenille stem in two 3" pieces. Roll an orange strip around each leg and glue. Place feet in pairs reversing one set. Glue or topstitch in black around edges. Glue to end of each leg. Glue to edge of body.
  13. Glue beak pieces together with top one slightly above lower beak. Glue to face. Insert two black head pin eyes. Add glue to ends and reinsert indenting slightly.
  14. Fold topknot in half, cut through from fold to 1/4 " from ends. Glue to top of head. Stitch through heart with black floss. (Optional or use fabric marker.) Glue heart to body.

    Have fun hopping! Leave a comment here to enter your name for a fabulous pair of Westcott Brand® Extreme EdgeTitanium Steel Scissors!   
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Sunday, February 12 2012

Taping segments of Creative Living with Sheryl Borden in New Mexico was a great experience! I travelled to Portales NM with a good friend. She got to watch behind the scenes and from the control room. Everyone connected with the show was warm and welcoming. Sheryl is delightful to work with and made me feel at ease.

Besides the usual concerns, hair wouldn't co-operate in the morning, last minute change in wardrobe which was a good thing as wearing a blouse and skirt made it much easier to place my mike and attach box to back of my waistband!

I had prepared stepouts for each of my four segments. As we finished one segment all the pieces were whisked away and the next set arranged on the table. Count down would go to three and then Sheryl would be cued by signal to begin. That moment I would take a deep breath ready to start. My intent was to make the demo of the project as clear as possible.

I was fortunate to demo projects for three sponsoring companies whose products I work with constantly, Westcott Brand Titanium steel scissors, Make it: Fun Styrofoam Brand Foam and National Nonwovens wool felt and Wool Wisps.

The segments will air next fall on 118 PBS stations in four countries. I will have the segments on You-Tube in a couple weeks along with the instructions for the projects. Below are some photos that were taken before each segment began while we were setting up. I am very grateful for the experience, to Sheryl and the KEN-W crew for making it as easy and enjoyable as possible!

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Wednesday, February 08 2012

Early this morning I am off to tape segments of Creative Living with Sheryl Borden in Portales, New Mexico. This has been a whirlwind trip from CHA in Anaheim to flying to Albuquerque to prepare for show. Stepouts and instructions are ready. Outfit planned, no black and white so I chose a colorful dress to wear!

I am a little nervous and very excited to be showing techniques and designs featuring my sponsors, Westcott Brand, Makeitfun Crafts and National Nonwovens. I appreciate their support very much to be able to offer crafty and sewing inspiration!  Projects and instructions coming soon!

Meanwhile here is a sneak peak behind my scenes, my exploding suitcase and my entourage and assistant Fox the cat, I couldn't have prepared without his invaluable assistance!

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Thursday, December 29 2011

One of my favorite designs I created for Styrocrafts was Santa the day after his big night. (full instructions available on site along with many more great projects) Sleepy in his robe and reindeer slippers, I often wondered if he was making any New Year Resolutions or just simply enjoying the last few days of the year reflecting, remembering and enjoying!

Resolutions, intentions, reflection on the year past. All I know is living with love and integrity, celebrating and sharing joy is the path I travel. Our hearts are bumped and bruised along the way but oh so much more fills them with deep love and strength. My darling daughters hold my heart, my love's reflection, a special one has danced into my heart and life is good! 2012 holds much creative adventure ahead!

To all of you who take the time to visit, to read and comment, a sincere thank you from the bottom of my heart. May 2012 be filled with what brings you joy always!

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Thursday, November 10 2011

In the latest issue of Crafts 'n Things I designed a cute Santa for Dow using my favorite technique of needle felting wool to STYROFOAM Brand Foam. He is coming up from the chimney made of Make it Fun TM Project Bricks. They are really fun to work with to make realistic walls. The small rectangular bricks cut easily and can be painted.

(photo courtesy of Crafts n' Things)

The bricks are stacked alternating the joints just as in a real wall although these 'bricks' are much easier to cut! Full instructions to mkae this cute Santa are in the issue. Happy creating!

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Monday, October 31 2011

Happy Boo Day! To decorated spaces and haunted places, to dressing up and make believe, cute wee witches and little ghosts may you have a fun fillled delicious  treat of a day! Debra

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Wednesday, October 26 2011

It is the season for spooktacular creations! STYROFOAM brand foam lends itself to all kinds of delightfully scary projects, quick and easy to make. This group of whimsical characters by Plaid Crafts are ideal for decking the ghoulish halls! A ball and a cone shape, so many combinations!

(photo courtesy of Plaid Crafts)

A new magazine has just been released. I haven't seen it yet but the snippets I have seen are gorgeous projects combining sewing and crafting, two of my top favorites! Look for inspiration in Stitch Craft Create. The creative life is an inspired one! Be inspired today and follow the JOY of Creativity! Debra

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Friday, October 21 2011

It is about time for Fowl Friday! Debra has ignored us lately. We have kept busy though, Freda and myself have been decking out our nest for the big night, Halloween! Debra has her ideas of how we should display for Halloween see immediately below. How booooring!

We meanwhile tagged along to the local dollar store up the street and with our meager allowance we were able to score big time! See below below, now that screams Halloween, don't you think? Voting is welcome, especially Fran & Freda fans, these chicken lips are smiling peeps! Follow the Fowl! Fran & Freda!

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Thursday, October 20 2011

The time before Halloween is passing quickly. I am teaching a fun kid's workshop this Sunday where we will be making costumes, fabric painting and glittering of course!

There are so many cute, scary fabulous decorations easily concocted with STYROFOAM Brand Foam.  I decided to make a few pumpkins. I had picked up some soft pumpkin shaded corduroy and brown polka dot. I took a 6" foam ball cut off a thin slice from both the top and bottom. The corduroy is wrapped around ball leaving a 1" overlap and enough on either end to meet in center. Trim off excess. Glue the overlap first and then fold fabric over both ends gluing.

Make hole in center top of pumpkin. Roll a 4" by 10" strip of brown polka dot around a 5" piece of narrow dowel. Glue dowel 1" bare end into top of pumpkin. Cut a leaf shape out of green felt to glue to top. Tie on some raffia or yarn. Add a rusty leaf and you have a pumpkin! So quick and easy you can make a whole pumpkin patch! (I orginally added to the bottom a flat piece of fabric covered cardboard but it isn't needed unless you cut your fabric too short!)

I added silk leaves and made a few pumpkins to use as a centerpiece for our Canadian Thanksgiving. Smaller ones would make a take home favor after being used as a place setting marker. Just add a name tag to the stem. Always follow the JOY of Creativity! Debra

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Wednesday, October 12 2011
We hop with the Sizzix Fresh Vintage Die Blog Hop featuring Dies designed by Eilleen Hull. Today's hop, the Wrapped Flower Die Visit the Oh My Crafts Blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a die. Visit today only (10/13/11) and receive 25% off all Eileen Hull dies. Promo Code: SZEH25. (This offer excludes Outlet items and can't be combined with any other discounts.) Follow the Fresh Vintage Blutton in the right side bar to view all of the wonderful projects created by talented designers.

Vintage Slipper with Wee Mousekin
Along with the Wrapped Flower Die Eileen sent me some doughnut Katiedid components  by the very talented Katie Hacker to use in my design. I wanted to incorporate also one of my very favorite techniques in the design as well, needle felting wee creatures.

I was inspired by some lace I found in my stash and a bag of broken pearl necklaces I picked up at the flea market this past weekend. The pearls are a range of gorgeous vintage hues. Not being a jewelry designer Katiedid components were great as I could glue broken pieces of pearl necklace into the doughnut components. The slipper is a version of the fun shoe I made at a Make and Take at Summer CHA at the Tombow booth with designer friend Marie Browning.

Eileen asked us to think outside the box with using the die in other ways, to show how versatile the die is. I used it to create a flower, layers of paper, lace and felt. I also used the pieces to make the double layer hat, collar and dress for my wee Mousekin. The scalloped pieces were perfect for the outfit.

The Tools                                           The Materials
Wrapped Flower Die                        Ivory Lace, Pearls, Ribbon, Buttons
Sizzix Big Shot                        National NonWovens Ivory Felt, Nat Wool
Katiedid Doughnut Components         STYROFOAM TM Egg                    
Westcott Brand Non Stick Scissors     Ivory, Tan Cardstock & Paper
Clover Pen Needle Tool                    Adhesive

Making the slipper, tan cardstock covered with lace.
Create the flower as shown in die instructions. Add pearl filled Katiedid doughnut to center of flower. Flower is glued to show front.
Finish decorating slipper with ribbons, buttons, pearls and second component. Add a rolled note as second option to give as a gift. Create mouse by following Needle Felting techniques here. Layer flower lace and felt flower pieces to make hat and dress. Add pearls and ribbon.
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Wednesday, September 07 2011

Fall is in air and crafting takes on the colors, the inspiration of the season, warm rich, vibrant. New on the Crafts 'n Coffee blog three beautiful fall wreaths.

My approach always seems to with a touch of whimsy. A Hobo Owl I designed is an online bonus project with the latest issue of Create & Decorate. The baby ghost was published last year in Creative Homearts. However you craft for fall let the crisp air and changing leaves inspire you!

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Tuesday, April 19 2011

I have had the pleasure of working with STYROFOAM brand foam products for over ten years now and even more delightful pleasure of working with Sharon Currier during these years. Her new blog Crafts 'n Coffee features all kind of great projects you can create easily with foam.

This week there is a give away, cute chicks which will make a whimsical spring centerpiece. This design was featured in Crafts 'n Things magazine, I really enjoy designing birds, chicks, bunnies, any kind of fuzzy creature really! So grab your coffee and enjoy Crafts 'n Coffee! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Tuesday, April 05 2011

Spring is whispering, I am really coming, I promise especially after the wild snowstorm on Friday! The snow is almost gone again and a small drift remains on my deck slowly melting each day.

I have been creating a design each week for STYROcrafts Facebook page. This week I am also finishing up my Muse Facilitator Course with the magical Janet Whitehead and head muse herself Jill Badonsky! (Jill Badonsky's Nine Modern Day Muses.) This being the last week we are to create our own Muse, I decided to create her as well as describe her in words.

So using my favorite products, STYROFOAM brand foam, Wool Wisps from National Nonwovens, Pen tool from Clover and technique, needle felting on foam I created Serenity Spring, a needle felted fairy muse.

The Materials:


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Sunday, January 30 2011

Coming up in the months ahead I am going to be part of a monthly blog hop with a group of talented designers, the Designer Crafts Connection. We had such a great time participating in the Sizzix Triple Play BlogHop that forty four of us have wanted to continue. Organized by Julie McGuffee and Niki Meiners with Jen Goode creating logo and our technical set up we are almost ready to launch.

Our first challenge was to create a design for the charity auction at the CHA show in Los Angeles. I used some of my favorite products, STYROFOAM TM products and National Nonwovens wool to create a winter angel. Inspired by the winter and my two darling daughters who have left the nest my winter angel was lovingly created.

I have always loved tams since I was a little girl and this winter I have been wearing a soft creamy one so of course my angel needed one too!

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Monday, November 01 2010

'Tis the day after Halloween, was a very fun weekend spent in a home decorated in grand Halloweeny style! Visual and sound effects had hundreds of kids delighted all week!

and NOW it is on with the November! and the hard core holiday crafting begins! This week also begins the Sizzix Triple Play Blog Hop, cute button on right will magically change this week as 60 designers use new Sizzix dies to create in their own unique style!

FaveCrafts newsletter today features all kinds of great Holiday Santas and Snowmen to make. Several of them I designed for STYROFOAM TM, in the past ten years I have brought quite a few cheeky cheery holiday guys to life! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Wednesday, October 27 2010

Even though Halloween is right around the corner I am surrounded by piles of sparkly holiday fabrics and snowy characters! I am taking time out to paint cheetah spots on some fleece for a costume but mainly I am working on new design ideas and preparing for two upcoming shows. One of my favourite snowman projects was designed for Homearts, a needle felted snowman with reindeer and trees using the easy technique with STYROFOAM TM brand foam as the base. Other foam products do not work as well as they crumble and the wool will not adhere.

I like to decorate more seasonally that way I can keep decor changes in harmony with the natural world outside and enjoy them longer. My snow characters and winter greenery hung with snowflakes remain in place until the end of February. It is also a great time saver and spring cleaning coincides with removing all the winter garb! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!


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Tuesday, October 12 2010

Creating snowy characters is one of my favorite things to do! The latest issue of Creative Homearts magazine features my Jack in the Box Baby Snowman on the cover. I designed the project using STYROFOAM brand foam. Using fleece and felt it is a quick and fun project. I enjoy seasonal decorating especially since the winter season is a long one. Snowmen in cozy outfits and snowflakes hung in evergreen garlands with twinkle lights brighten any frosty winter day. Another one of my snowmen is in the Holiday issue of Crafts 'n Things on the newstands this weekend.

I recently received the latest issue of Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts issue, there are some cute and clever snowmen. The snowmen made from stacking balls of twine and adding features just so fun!

Creativity is like the snowflake, each creation unique in its originality and beauty all coming together in an exuberant blizzard of craftiness! That is an apt description of many studios when hard core crafting is taking place! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

"Winter Wishes

  Fill my Heart

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The Magical Part"


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Wednesday, September 29 2010

I have a confession which if you read Fowl Friday posts with Fran & Freda is no surprise! I do love Fall and decorate for our Canadian Thanksgiving in early October but Halloween is not my favourite Holiday to decorate for. I usually go for pretty and elegant, so other holidays are much higher on my list. I always decorated and dressed up for my girls and now I have a special person in my life who loves Halloween so that is very fun. Costumes are in the planning stages already!

I was asked to create a Halloween design for Creative Homearts using STYROFOAM brand foam. I decided every ghost has to start somewhere and that would be as a baby! I am big on the cuteness factor and what is cuter than a baby with a blankie. I used Fairfield's bamboo batt over the foam egg to create this Baby Boo! Full instructions on the Creative Homearts website. (photo courtesy of Homearts)

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