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Tuesday, February 22 2011

I am an eternal optimist! I realize that not when things are going well but when they are not and I still believe everything is for a reason, that there is always a light ahead. So I feel slightly guilty at this time thinking will winter, ice and snow ever end.

However it may be snowy and blowy outside but in my studio I can make it any season I want so I have declared it is spring! I have submerged myself in bright colors and flowers, believing in the power of positive thinking I am creating fabric flower gardens and twittering birds. I am also loving playing with fabric transfer sheets and Zentangle!

We may not be able to change or control a lot of what goes on around us but we can change our thoughts, our feelings and brighten our world or someone else easily. So today bring spring, sunshine and a smile to someone, for every day we are here we can make a difference! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Monday, February 14 2011

Valentine's day, February 14th. I grew up in a home where my parents were very much in love for all of their thirty years together until my Dad passed away to soon at age fifty. I like to think being born on November 14th I was part of their celebration of love on this day so many years ago.

I am very blessed to have love in abundance in my life. I do truly believe "Life is simply a love story", who and how we love matters most above everything else in this world. So today celebrate by expressing your love to all those who matter most in your life. We do not know what the future holds but we have today and we have the words, "I love you!"

I created a wall hanging using fabric transfer sheets, I used several techniques with a little love Zentangle behind the dress. It is dedicated to my grandmother who had style, grace and loved deeply each and every day.

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Friday, February 11 2011

It's Fowl Friday with the fabulous Fowl Fran & Freda! Freda has been "thinking" about branding lately, (lucky we are not of the beef persuasion!) so she "thinks" fabulous works for us.

Anyway Debra has been doodling lately, artful doodling or Zentangle as it is known. We decided to give it a try awhile ago. Freda wanted to wear an artist's smock and hat but our sewing skills are limited.

The artful doodling is very relaxing. Freda dozed off a few times but then again that chick knows how to relax. So if you haven't tried it we suggest during these looong winter days try some Zentangling! Follow the Fabulous Fowl, Fran & Freda!

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Wednesday, February 09 2011

As the snow continues to fall and the question of will spring ever come I am finding myself drawn to fresh bright florals. I created another wall hanging using a Zentangle heart design I drew and some lime green fabric and flowers. Suzanne McNeil of Design Originals has posted a new video with gorgeous Zentangle flowers created using rubber stamps, the pieces shown are amazing!

Notice the new sidebar logo for the Designer Crafts Connection, we will be up and running shortly with exciing challenges and give aways from major industry manufacturers! Forty talented designers are participating and by just a click of the button you can visit them all!

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Wednesday, February 10 2010

While at CHA (Craft & Hobby Tradeshow) I had the chance to try Zentangle, a form of repetitive, intricate doodling which in its execution is both meditative and freeing. The design influence is showing up not only in paper but in wearables, fabric collages and home decor. Suzanne McNeill has a new book out on Zentangles basics. Suzanne will be talking about Zentangles on Inspired at Home with Tiffany Windsor February 21st. At CHA my good friend and talented designer Marie Browning introduced me to Zentangles. Zentangles are created on 3 1/2" square art paper with a pencil and a black permanent marker. Deveoped by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the art of Zentangle can reduce stress, improve focus and the creative flow. I have started creating Zentangles at night and finding it very relaxing at the end of the day. I am also working on pieces to incorporate it into my fabric. As this is the week of the heart my Zentangle is entitled "Love is all Around!"

Creativity is inherent in all of us, whatever we draw, paint, sew or craft it is more about the process than the results. The time spent with mind and hands in harmony both relaxes and frees your being. It is not about being "good" at something for we are all capable of our own "masterpieces" just as we are all unique and perfect as ourselves! 

Follow the JOY! Debra Quartermain, CEO! 

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