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Monday, February 04 2013


It is the first Monday of the month and we are hopping with the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop. It is all about Valentine's, love is in the air! To catch all the love just hop along with the button in the sidebar!

This Valentine cutie I designed for Rit Dye , featured on their blog and is in the current issue of Crafts 'n Things.  Wool felt dyes beautifully, I demonstrated the techniques for an upcoming segment of PBS Quilting Arts with host Pokey Bolton.

This owl is made from a piece of ombre dyed felt with each segment of the felt strip held in the dye bath for a shorter period of time. I cut the pattern pieces for the owl so the heart wing halves were from the lighter end of the felt strip for contrast.

Enjoy the Valentine hop and make something special for the sweeties in your life!


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Wednesday, April 04 2012

Sometimes things just keep popping up in our lives, when I wrote my second book Easy-to-Sew Playful Toys one of my favorite toys I designed was a monkey.

Appearance #2, the Sock Monkey is a classic toy which has been around for many years. It has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the last few years. The Fox River Mills Company  manufacturers the Fox River Red Heel Socks. Each pair includes the pattern and cutting diagram for making a Sock Monkey. A couple years ago I was asked to design a Sock Monkey using STYROFOAM TM Brand Foam. He appeared in Crafts n' Things magazine.  

Appearance #3, a few months ago the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop featured When Creativity Knocks Sock Monkey DVD. We were asked to create a Sock Monkey or some creative version. I opted for the classic even though I made him inside out! I took him off to have an adventure with some wood toys. The next thing I know I am discussing providing samples for the Toronto Gift Show, happening the same time as I was away for the CHA show in Anaheim! I had to redraw my own pattern from the Fox River Mills instructions, add string jointed arms using upholstery thread and embroidered eyes, facial features for safety, register my filling content. Monkey McSockers was now ready to venture across the country!

Here is part of the gang getting ready to leave the nest and venture off to stores across Canada!

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Monday, March 07 2011

It is a gray rainy Monday but on the plus side the snow is going down especially the snow banks which are very high and hard to see over. The icicles along the roof line have all plummetted to the ground in shattering crystal splendor!

A new week, a fresh start is always invigorating. I am putting together some workshops I will be teaching in April. More on that later. The Designer Crafts Connection is off to a great start with people enjoying the hopping and the treasure hunt! Winner will be announced on the 13th.We plan to have a special hop once a month and I will post schedule in what is new from the studio this week. Our next hop is this month on the 13th, wedding party favors as the season of brides approaches. With two daughters and of course myself there is bound to be a wedding sometime so I am looking forward to creating for the upcoming DC Connection!

One of my favorite crafting techniques is needle felting. For the February issue of Crafts n' Things I created a purse from a felted thrift store wool turtleneck. Who knew someday shrinking a wol sweater would be a good thing! I needle felted a flower design on the front and handle adding hot fix crystals. Just laying the wool in wavy lines with a loop here and there then needle felting it in place. Leaves are half a heart shape and the roses just a spiral of wool. Full instructions can be found in the February issue which is available in digital as well as print form of Crafts n' Things. Happy Crafting during National Craft Month! Debra, CEO!

photo courtesy of Crafts n' Things

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Friday, February 25 2011

Fowl Friday is a little late this week! Not pointing any feathers but Debra apparently was busy with some other more important project neglecting us! Imagine neglecting Fran & Freda.

To add further insult we have been upstaged again with the current issue of Crafts 'n Things magazine and Debra's birds are featured. Not us but a trio of pasty pastel chicks sporing polka dots. We could pull off polka dots but no do we get a chance so our feathers are ruffled. Freda is in a slump and has taken to the nest with a wine spritzer and the latest issue of Roosters Illustrated! Not a good sign! Follow the Fowl, Fran & Freda!

photo courtesy of Crafts 'n Things

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Tuesday, September 21 2010

The fall issue of Crafts n' Things is on the newstands now! The cover features the cutest owl and right up by the S is my wee button snowman! It is a great issue and wonderful magazine filled with all kinds of holiday projects to inspire you to create! The editor is a sweetheart Abby Foster. It has been a pleasure being part of the magazine for the past ten years and now to be part of the official design team! The button even matches my site perfectly! Over those years several of my designs have been featured on the cover and I am so very grateful. Read more about this fall extravaganza issue below! Follow the JOY! Get crafting! Debra CEO!

Glorious autumn hues touch everything from cards to gifts to home décor and more in the October issue of Crafts 'n things. You're sure to fall in love with the more than 200 creative do-it-yourself looks and techniques packed into this harvest-season spectacular! Cast your own unique spell over Halloween festivities with charming owls, pumpkins, witches and ghosts. No tricks here, just lots of crafty treats! Speaking of treats, treat a teacher to a handmade card or quick gift, like the Teacher's School Survival Tin. It's sure to bring smiles! Upcycle household odds-and-ends into artsy, affordable wearables and accessories. Learn how to get your favorite designer jewelry looks - for less! Explore the best vintage-inspired paper crafting products with contributing writer Roberta Wax. You can even get a jump-start on your Christmas crafting with more than a dozen fun gifts and decorating ideas! And don't miss "Crafting for a Cause," a new annual feature where Crafts 'n things contributors share inspiring projects and ideas that can help each of us make a difference using our creativity.

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Thursday, July 29 2010

A nice surprise this morning from the sweet editor of Crafts 'n Things Abby Foster, she posted a picture of the cover of the latest issue. There is a quirky and cute fall owl and above him my cute button snowman on the "S" for Snowman. He was such fun to make with button feet and sled. I love buttons and there are so many sizes, shapes and colors to play with!

Fall is around the corner and I am busy on deadlines for winter sparkly creations! My favorite designs to do. I am missing being at CHA (Craft & Hobby) show in Chicago but between extra work and family events home is where I am meant to be!

Loving the move to Saint John, my place is wonderful and being close to my guy is the best! My girls are doing so well on their own following their dreams! Life is good, I feel very blessed! Plus these long curls I have now hold up quite well after a day driving around with the top down yesterday! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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