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Thursday, June 30 2011

This month's DCC Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop is an exciting challenge and even more exciting for you, great designs and a fabulous give away! We got to design with I Love to Create (Tulip) BEADS IN A BOTTLE! To see all of the fabulous designs our very talented group has come up with just click on the DCC button in the sidebar!

I had an outdated pair of white denim jeans so I cut them off and with some great retro inspired fabrics created a cute ruffled skirt. I accented the top with the BEADS IN A BOTTLE. The product is so easy to use and with a tiny squeeze you can create beautiful gemstone beads!

For contest details on how to win this wonderful array of I Love to Create Products and have fun creating your own unique designs just click on the link! 

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Wednesday, June 29 2011

Summertime, strawberry time and the living is easy! Admittedly I am spending much of my time indoors preparing for the CHA (Craft & Hobby) Trade Show. I do walk everyday and am exploring my neighborhood. Each season brings a whole new landscape to experience. What a lovely street of vintage homes and beautiful gardens.

Up the street is a charming place with beautiful plants that frame the front. Golf clubs are a whimsical addition to the shutters. The front door is so welcoming with a striking large arrangement of a watering can wreath. Just the perfect touch to a place that reminds me of a fairy tale cottage. I am thinking something similar on my deck's twig divider would be very striking. Inspiration is everywhere! Follow your JOY always! Debra

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Monday, June 27 2011

I am busy getting ready for CHA, the Craft and Hobby Tradeshow in Chicago. One of the big events of the show for me is the Crafty Couture Runway Challenge where teams of designers are creating mixed media gowns to be displayed at the show. I am very fortunate to have the talented team of Michelle Zimmerman, fabulous clay artist and Marie Browning, the craft goddess!

The theme of our dress is inspired by the art of Zentangle and the Zen Tango dance. We are creating a black and white ruffled gown of reclaimed fabrics, clay, ribbon, trims, dyes, stamps, coffee filters and dryer sheets. With the talent and creativity of the CHA Designers there will be stunning gowns. Six of the gowns will be featured in an upcoming issue of Cloth Paper Scissors!

Have I mentioned before that I love dresses, I have been sewing dresses since I was five when I made doll dresses with my Mom's help at my tiny sewing machine. When my first daughter arrived I sewed her entire wardrobe and made many matching Mom and me dresses. I have always loved ruffles, feminine romantic inspired dresses. There are incredible romantic gowns and accessories found on the beautiful site  Bonzie Designs

On Mother's Day my daughter posted a picture of us together in a dress set I had made from fabric strips. It is a hot summer day late in the afternoon so we both look ready for a nap but it brought back "sew many memories!" Follow the Joy always, Debra!

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Friday, June 24 2011

We are all a flutter! It is Fowl Friday with Fran & Freda! Big news! Kate called yesterday all excited, (Kate is Debra's youngest darling daughter), she is on PEI working as a pastry chef at Holland College this summer. She just graduated from Pastry Arts in April.

Well the Royal couple Prince William and Kate are visiting PEI next weekend and.... Kate will be part of the chef team cooking for them. Debra has been posting and tweeting to her peeps, a proud Mama!

She raised a couple of good chicks there in her girls, both have found their passion and are doing so well. Although the oldest DD is apparently in the market for another (gulp) feline. We certainly won't be visiting anytime soon! 

So we are just hanging out waiting to get the whole scoop on next weekend waiting for our Kate to meet the royal Kate! We are a couple of proud fowl! Follow the Fowl, Fran & Freda!

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Wednesday, June 22 2011

I am living downtown and love it. There is an energy in this small city of tree lined streets, stately homes, interesting shops, art galleries and home to the craft college.

On my way home from the local market two cute little girls had created some wonderful sidewalk art. It began with a chalk sign that read "I love art". There is something so timeless and treasured about the easy joy of sunshine, sidewalks and colorful chalk. Their message, their joy was bold and bright, their enthusiasm lit the street and their "gallery" was a delight for everyone walking by!

They were pleased I was taking photos. Their enthusiasm and confidence, the sheer joy of their creating without any inner critic or comparison was delightful! When do we lose that freedom, when do we stop coloring, drawing, creating for the sheer joy of expressing our own unique vision and just doing it. It is summer filled with sunshine days and streets and streets of empty sidewalks. How about just grabbing some chalk and heading outside to make art! Follow the creative joy! Debra, CEO!

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Sunday, June 19 2011

The Chickadee Cat Club  held their annual show at the Capital Exhibit Center in Fredericton, NB on Saturday. It is always my pleasure every year to help out by decorating. This year's theme was "the Owl & the Pussy-Cat".

It was a fun decorating challenge this year as it entailed hauling a 16 foot "pea-green" canoe on to the as it happens 16 foot stage. I also had to make room for all the prizes, awards and people being on stage. A large cat, owl and guitar were set up in the canoe with the perfect backdrop of a large ocean mural. Blue table cloths created water with green on the sides for little islands complete with palm tree and cat tent! A local singer crooned "What's new Pussy-cat!"

The show is an opportunity for cat lovers to show off their beloved felines, judges are flown in from across the US and Canada to judge. Pure bred cats along with household pets, several rescued with happy ending stories are all entered in the show.

Vendors with cat related items are on hand with items for both the owners and their pets. Pet portraits, face painting, food and a children art display are all part of the fun day.

Face painting delighted everyone. Deb McCallum from

Proceeds from the event benefit many local worthwhile pet organizations. Outside the event the GreyHound Rescue held a BBQ and several greyhounds greeted people coming through the door. Car-ma, the SPCA, Equine Spirit Rescue all were represented at the show informing people of the valuable services they provide. Several cats up for adoption were announced through the day.

My daughters both were at the show so it was extra special for me. My youngest Kate made a special surprise cake for the show. She created the characters out of fondant, "Walter and Ruby" in their pea-green boat turned out so cute! At the end of a long day the cake treat was thoroughly enjoyed!

It was a family event with all ages oohing and aahing over the cats and the decorated cages. The Sphinx hairless cat was the true pussy-cat of the verse wearing a sailor dress and pearls while sleeping very comfortably with stars dangling overhead.

Every cat has a story, an owner or owners who love them. Winston was to be put down last year but the vet chose instead to bring him to the Pet Expo to see if a new home could be found. He was adopted at the Expo, this year he was entered in the show and it is very evident he has a happy ending, a loving wonderful home.

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Thursday, June 16 2011

I am off to the Garrison Studio to work today! Finishing up the decorations for the Cat show this weekend. I decorate the exhibit hall on Friday. My youngest comes home for the weekend too and my oldest is off work so we will be hanging out at the cat show Saturday! This year's theme is the "Owl and the Pussycat" so I have been making peagreen boats from painted foam core.

I walked past wild rose bushes on my street today, such pink beauties with a delicious aroma, I love living downtown! The houses have history and interesting architecture, the tree lined streets, so many interesting shops and galleries. I have been obsessed with making flowers these days especially pillows, "Posey Pillows".

At our studio we have seven talented artists, Chris, Leigh and Jess create striking pottery. Each of them creates striking unique pieces. More from the studio another day, below photos from our potters. The rustic walls of the studio make a great backdrop for the pottery.

The Barracks shops originally housed ammunition with the soldiers living above, twelve to fourteen to a room. Winters must have been so long and lonely plus very aromatic! The soldiers were from England, home was a long way. During the summer kids can sign up to play soldier for a day with the Calithumpians, a young acting group who are in character for the summer. The kids are so cute marching aorund in long redcoatst that are usually too big for them! Create your Joy! Debra, CEO!

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Monday, June 13 2011

The Barracks in the historic Garrison District of Fredericton, NB is home to Artisan Studios for the summer. I am very fortunate to be in one of the shops, the Garrison Studio along with seven other local artists and craftsmen. We take turns working in the shop open seven days a week.

We have a wide variety of people from around the world visit. Next door to us is a rotating art studio, when I worked my day this week local metalsmiths were creating hammered vessels and a basket maker wove a huge decorative sculptural basket piece.

Artistic expression is an unique reflection and creation in a diverse range of mediums. I am inspired each time I see a new piece. Follow the Creative Joy always! Debra


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Friday, June 10 2011

It is Fowl Friday with Fran & Freda! Well Debra is literally running around like a chicken with her head um okay that image gives Freda nightmares! Anyway she is busy getting ready for the CHA, Craft and Hobby tradeshow in Chicago, organizing classes for the fall, participating in an artist's studio and helping her daughter move!

Now we are two very understanding chicks but she keeps bringing more birds in, woefully neglecting us and not only that WE are not going to CHA the new bird is! Remember these days! Sigh, with the marvellous Ms. Potter!

Instead we will be at home like the plants being watered and fed. Debra's new peep is part of some big presentation "Be Inspired" at the show. So we will just have to grin and bear it, hoping she will change her mind and take us in her suitcase or...we may have a plan involving some sneaking but hey all's fair when room service is involved! Follow the Fowl, Fran & Freda!

Monday July 18, 2011
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Special Events

E506 - A Canadian Designer Look & Learn Special for Retailers

Who Should Attend: Retailers only
Featured Canadian Designers 
Sharon Reinhart, Wendy Russell, Michael Sellick, Lorine Mason, Tracy Moreau, Marie Browning, Debra Quatermain, Carmi Cimicata
Sponsors include: Canvas Corp, Loisirs Harmonie, Tsukeniko, DecoArt
Join a select group of Canadian designers and craft manufacturers in an afternoon of mixed media project inspiration.  You'll be inspired by new uses for your paper products combined with other mediums to create trendy new and exciting mixed media projects at your store. 
Take away an inspiration kit, with products valued at over $150, to recreate some of the projects in your store and a CD of all the designers' mixed media project instructions, to use when you teach the classes with your customers.

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Wednesday, June 08 2011

It is such a beautiful time of year in Atlantic Canada, the weather has warmed, the trees a fresh green and flowers blossom brightly everywhere. I have been inspired by the gardens I walk by each day. Fredericton is full of heritage homes with front porches and vintage gardens. Delicate pink blooms are my favorites.

I was inspired to create a rose pillow, using ruffled strips of fabric sewn in circular layers to make the rose. Topstitched felt leaves complete the pillow.

A row of these on a front porch bench would be so cheerful and welcoming! Thinking of making a couple for my deck chairs in different colors. A contrasting print would make a striking pilow. The pillow style is an envelope so that the flower can be sewn on and then the pillow piece just folded and top stitched. Insert form or a sale ugly pillow. Follow the Joy! Debra

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Monday, June 06 2011

It is the first Monday of the month and time for the Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop. This month's theme is Patriotic designs in time to craft for the July 4th celebrations. Forty talented designers have participated so hop along to be inspired. Post a comment on Julie McGuffee's blog to be eligible for this month's Giveaway!

My project was inspired by the fabric and felt wedding bouquets I have seen lately. Mine is a quick and easy version ideal for an early July wedding. It was a great way to use up pieces of fabric. I simply tore them into strips, folded and gathered. Some I twisted into roses. Leaves were cut and sewn from National Nonwoven's Xotic Felt. The base of the design is a 5" STYROFOAM Brand Foam ball. Happy Hopping & Crafting! Debra, CEO!

You will need: Variety of fabrics, ribbons, 5" ball, dowel, adhesive, pearls.
How to: Tear strips of fabric into 3" to 5" widths by 22" in length.
Fold strips in half right sides out and gather long side of raw edges.
Pull stitches tight and coil. I began by covering ball completely with white ruffled coils of fabric. Add red polka dot ruffled coils in between white. Make fabric folded roses from gingham and glue into centers of white coils. Cut blue leaves from felt. Glue in between flowers. Glue pearls in flower centers. Wrap dowel with ribbon. Insert into ball. Tie looped bows from a couple ribbons and glue to top of ribbon covered dowel at bottom of ball.

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Friday, June 03 2011

It is Fowl Friday with Fran & Freda Finally! Debra is virtually ignoring us and continues to bring more winged creatures into the house! Our nest runneth over and Freda is befuddled. (I admit not hard to do but still!)

Last night's almost addition was quite funny to watch as Debra hunted down a very noisy Junebug. She captured it but instead of thinking snack for us she took it outside! Well we just don't get any treats lately! They buzz against the screen just begging to come in, how heartless can she be!

I digress, the new bird in town arrived in an important box, Debra spent time carefully attending to this very tiny bird who is apparently very demanding and important. Something to do with CHA, not that we are being kept in the loop. Sigh we do not even get to attend, room service a sad distant memory! Follow the Fowl Fran & Freda not some wimpy "bluebird"!

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Wednesday, June 01 2011

CHA, the Craft & Hobby Trade Show takes place mid July. A lot of preparation takes place long before the show. This week one project I am working on is a mixed media project for a special event "Be Inspired" at the show involving Canadian Designers. The show's theme is Craft Fusion and there are several special events around the mixed media theme.

I am having fun playing with a lot of great products I have never used before. Along with the Canadian event I am working with a couple talented designer friends on the Crafty Couture Challenge. I love dresses and we are creating a very special mixed media runway dress. Thankfully it will be displayed and not worn as there will be some last minute gluing at the show to affix everything!

There is an excitement before the show and craziness as it gets closer. No matter how many resolutions there are to get everything done early it never happens. Some of the best creative ideas come at the last minute! I am determined to be even better organized this time as I am moderating a round table discussion on being prepared for the show!

Monday is the monthly Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop, there is a giveaway and the theme is patriotic. So lots of craftiness happening! Follow the Joy! Debra, CEO!

Monday July 18, 2011
E506 - A Canadian Designer Look & Learn Special for Retailers
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Special Events
Who Should Attend: Retailers only
Featured Canadian Designers 
Sharon Reinhart, Wendy Russell, Michael Sellick, Lorine Mason, Tracy Moreau, Marie Browning,
Debra Quartermain, Carmi Cimicata
Sponsors include: Canvas Corp, Loisirs Harmonie, Tsukeniko, DecoArt    


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