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Friday, November 15 2013
Holiday House Ornament!


Holiday time and a special DCC blog hop featuring Robin’s Nest pretty papers, embellishments and Smoothfoam! I couldn’t resist, I love birds and in honor of the pairing on this hop, a holiday bird house with a wee birdie wearing my favorite hat, a tam! Smoothfoam makes an ideal ornament base, lightweight for hanging.

You will need:
2”x 4”x 8” block, 2” ball of SmoothFoam
2- 12” sheets from the Christmas Collection (polka dot and stripe patterns) The Robin’s Nest
1 package Jolly Dew Drops from The Robin’s Nest
½ yard of 1” Green Grossgrain ribbon
Berries, mini pinecones embellishments

™ by Beacon
4” Westcott Brand® Titanium Steel Scissors

(3” Circle template, cutting mat, measuring tape, ruler, knife, pencil, paper cutter)

  1. Measure down 2” from end of block, draw line across. Mark center point. Measure down another 2” on either side. Draw line from that mark to center point for roof line. Repeat for opposite side. Cut along these lines. Cut a slice off bottom of ball.
  2. Use house block as a template to place on wrong side of paper and draw a front and back. Cut house pieces from polka dot. From stripe cut two roof pieces 2 1/2” by 6”. Cut two stripe side pieces 2” by 6” and a third piece for bottom. Cut a 3” circle. For little birdie cut a 3” by 6” piece of paper for body and a 1” by 5” piece for hat. Cut two 1” heart shapes for wings
  3. Glue paper to front and back of house. Glue paper circle to center of house. Glue red and green drops into center of polka dots. Glue paper pieces to sides extending to cover bottom. Fold roof pieces under 1 ½”. Center roof pieces and glue meeting at roof point with folded ends extending beyond sides. Glue bottom piece extending ½” beyond front.
  4. Tie bow for top of house. Trim ends. Glue pinecones and berries to bow.
  5. Snip both sides of birdie paper piece ½” for body. Snip one side of hat ¼”. Round both pieces some by shaping in hand. Glue large piece over ball with flat side being back of bird. Slits will allow overlapping of paper to make a quite smooth front. Glue gold drops for eyes and a white dew drop for beak. Fold end of heart under ¼”.
  6. Fold unclipped end of hat up ¼”. Overlap ends and glue. Glue slit pieces overlapping into center of hat. Glue pompom to center of hat. Glue hat on head..
  7. Glue bird to front of circle. Add some berries, pinecones under bird.

    The best thing about a blog hop is being able to just hop along and see lots of eye candy ornaments by talented designers guaranteed to spark some holiday creativity! Follow along at the Robin's Nest!













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Monday, November 04 2013


This month is all about Gratitude! My American friends celebrate their Thanksgiving and many are expressing their gratitude throughout the month. So as it is the first Monday of the month the Designer Crafts Connection is hopping with Thank you gifts as the theme.

As a sewer and someone who has worked with felt and fabric constantly, I am very grateful for my Big Shot and Sizzix dies where I can cut out many pieces quickly. I love the dress form die. These pin cushions are just two rectangle pieces of felt embellished with the dress form, buttons and ribbon. Quick and easy and a gift I often give as a thank you. I will be making some in Holiday colors as they will also make a cute tree ornament for sewer and quilter friends.

Gratitude, this month my heart is filled, I am getting married to a darling man, I celebrate a milestone birthday and this is the month my darling daughter finally arrived, a precious bundle at thirteen days old. Life is such a gift. So share in the season of the gifts of gratitude, follow the DCC blog hop with the button in the sidebar. Check out on the Smoothfoam blog the Handmade Holidays blog hop and the awesome giveaway which ends today!

Coming up on the 15th more Holiday creativity! We hop again with Smoothfoam and The Robin's Nest!

 Ornaments make a great thank you gift, each year the recipient gets to enjoy the gift anew and be reminded of the spirit in which it was given! May you enjoy a month of creativity and gratitude! Love to hear what you are most grateful for! Debra


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