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Sunday, April 27 2014

Craft Attitude! When Jonathan Fong asked me to participate in a Mother's Day blog hop using Craft Attitude transparent film I was very excited! Jonathan is a sweetheart and it is an awesome product! I have had this piece of vintage fabric for several years and finally I got to use it. I also wanted to try Craft Attitude with felt. Most of all I wanted to make something to celebrate two very special women who are dear to my heart.


My Grandmother and Great Aunt were remarkable women. My grandmother raised five children along with working at my Grandfather's several businesses. Three of the four boys were haemophiliacs and one also a severe diabetic. She saw them through many crisis all the while working on the chicken farm, at the canning factory and later the woollen shop. My Great Aunt never married and was the book keeper for the Ganong Candy Factory for fifty years.

Both were gracious, kind, hard working, patient and so loving. I have many wonderful memories and many are centered around the kitchen. I made this apron to have those memories close and be reminded as I now become a grandmother to create those same kind of memories.

If you don't sew you can take any purchased or vintage apron and add the medallion and button on pocket with a fabric glue. Here's how!

You will need for Pocket and Medallion:
1/2 yard of fabric
9" x 12" Craft cut of Kunin ClassicFelt, 1 Ivory
1 sheet of Shoe Attitude TM
Glue stick
Fabri-tac Glue TM by Beacon Adhesives
1/2" Buttons, 2 Ivory
Needle, Thread, Scissors, Rotary Cutter, Ruler, Cutting Mat, Printer, Iron, Ironing Board


1. Cut from fabric, four 9" by 11" pieces for pocket and cut one 3" by 24" piece for medallion ruffle.
2. Press short ends of strip piece under 1/2". Press strip in half as shown.
3. Sew a gathering stitch along raw edge of strip. Set aside leaving needle attached.

4. Following manufacturer's instructions print images onto film.
5. Cut around images and glue to felt. I have to admit to a craft fail at this point. I glued the wrong side of the film as you can see in the photo below, shiny side down not up!
6. Use rotary cutter to cut images from felt with a 1/8" border. Cut carefully around 4" circle image for medallion. (Tip: If medallion is smaller or larger add or subtract 6" of fabric for each 1" of medallion circle size.)

7. To finish medallion: Pull stitches to ruffle strip fit around medallion 1/4" in from outer edge. Adjust gathers and glue with Fabri-tac.
8. To finish pocket: Right sides together place pieces in pairs, glue or sew around three sides for both pairs. Turn right sides out.
9. Fold open end under 1/2". Glue or stitch closed.
10. Fold ends over 2" on each piece, glue or stitch in place. Glue pocket pieces together with folded over ends out.
11. Choose one side as front and glue felt image pieces side by side. Add embellishments of desired.
12. Sew buttons in corners and sew through to apron. Stitch medallion to apron front. (You could also use hook and loop fasteners for easy removal before laundering.

Thank you Gram and Aunt Anna for being the best role models and leaving your legacy of love! Check out the other great Mother's Day projects with Craft Attitude!


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