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Sunday, June 03 2012

(photo courtesy of Fredericton SPCA)

What do we believe in, it is a question we inherently know the answer to but sometimes we have not put it into the specific words or statement we are looking for. Lately I have been trying to find clarity on what my artistic vision is, what I truly do believe.

This weekend I did the decorating once again for the Chickadee Cat Club's ACFA Cat Show. I also was delighted to do the decorating for one of the SPCA's cats Tiny, you can follow his story on FB, Tiny's Weight Loss Challenge. The Theme of the show is "Cats, the Mewsical" so I decorated Tiny's cage to resemble a stage with the dapper Tiny as the star!

Tiny was dropped off at the SPCA animal shelter in the middle of winter in a taped up wine box. He weighed 30 lbs, so overweight he could not move. He has been fostered by the sweetest woman Nancy and on a special diet has now lost 8 lbs! At 22 lbs he can now even run!

Seeing the people and their love of animals, supporting worthwhile causes that benefit all of our local animal organizations this weekend has touched my heart.

What do I believe, I do believe in my artistic statement "Inspiring the Joy of Creativity" in whatever I do I wish to inspire other people to create, to find joy in their personal creativity and in the creativity of those around them.

Creativity is not just found in areas people associate with being creative like sewing, crafting or painting but it is found in how we daily create our lives. How we live crafting a way to a life that brings us joy, to what we do, to what we surround ourselves with, what we give and what we share. Creativity is a way of life and a gift inherent in all of us for we are meant to live inspired, to live creatively and to live with JOY! Be  "Inspired with the JOY of Creativity!"

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Thursday, May 31 2012

What a weekend coming up!

Artful Persuasion would like to announce their Grand Opening in Fredericton. Featuring 26 local artisans, Artful Persuasion is a true local collective operated by the artisans themselves with a goal of providing quality products to their community and sharing their love of craft. In an effort to contribute to the well-being of those with developmental delays, their Grand Opening day will feature gift basket draws and treats for sale in support of Opal III. And you won't want to miss a live acoustic performance by Sleepy Driver frontman, Peter Hicks at 6pm. Drop in and enjoy some food, drink, and music. Meet a few of the artists and most of all, see some great art! Friday, June 1st, 10am to 7:30pm at 79 York St, Fredericton --

Saturday and Sunday the ACFA Cat Show at the Capital Exhibit Center. Proceeds to benefit the Kindness Club. Cat entries from all over North America! I have the privilege of decorating the venue. My daughter Kate of Kate Bakes will be there selling her yummy kitty inspired treats.


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Sunday, June 19 2011

The Chickadee Cat Club  held their annual show at the Capital Exhibit Center in Fredericton, NB on Saturday. It is always my pleasure every year to help out by decorating. This year's theme was "the Owl & the Pussy-Cat".

It was a fun decorating challenge this year as it entailed hauling a 16 foot "pea-green" canoe on to the as it happens 16 foot stage. I also had to make room for all the prizes, awards and people being on stage. A large cat, owl and guitar were set up in the canoe with the perfect backdrop of a large ocean mural. Blue table cloths created water with green on the sides for little islands complete with palm tree and cat tent! A local singer crooned "What's new Pussy-cat!"

The show is an opportunity for cat lovers to show off their beloved felines, judges are flown in from across the US and Canada to judge. Pure bred cats along with household pets, several rescued with happy ending stories are all entered in the show.

Vendors with cat related items are on hand with items for both the owners and their pets. Pet portraits, face painting, food and a children art display are all part of the fun day.

Face painting delighted everyone. Deb McCallum from

Proceeds from the event benefit many local worthwhile pet organizations. Outside the event the GreyHound Rescue held a BBQ and several greyhounds greeted people coming through the door. Car-ma, the SPCA, Equine Spirit Rescue all were represented at the show informing people of the valuable services they provide. Several cats up for adoption were announced through the day.

My daughters both were at the show so it was extra special for me. My youngest Kate made a special surprise cake for the show. She created the characters out of fondant, "Walter and Ruby" in their pea-green boat turned out so cute! At the end of a long day the cake treat was thoroughly enjoyed!

It was a family event with all ages oohing and aahing over the cats and the decorated cages. The Sphinx hairless cat was the true pussy-cat of the verse wearing a sailor dress and pearls while sleeping very comfortably with stars dangling overhead.

Every cat has a story, an owner or owners who love them. Winston was to be put down last year but the vet chose instead to bring him to the Pet Expo to see if a new home could be found. He was adopted at the Expo, this year he was entered in the show and it is very evident he has a happy ending, a loving wonderful home.

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Monday, April 19 2010

Working from home has many benefits. Office attire can be very very casual, pj's are often the choice of many creative people. Hours flexible, short commute time, a walk across the hall most often. Breaks are often to throw in laundry or make a meal or referee kids or pets. Pets are always welcome at the office or studio. My daughter has three cats Milla, Bella and Merlin and when I am in my studio they like to join me. The sunny couch is their spot. I am thinkking I need to hang out a Do Not Disturb sign not for me while working but for the cats naptime. Apparently I am not very exciting company!

This week I am finishing a column for Homearts, writing more instructions for some other projects and getting details together for a big event, more later on that!

My daughter and I are also having a big yard sale this weekend. She will be leaving the nest soon and can use some extra funds. I am looking at downsizing so it is time for things to have a new home. I am being ruthless or trying to be, it is easy letting go of things you don't care for but when you still like something even if it is not useful anymore that is harder to decide. I found setting limits is working, for example only one container for fleece means what doesn't fit in the container has to be sold or donated. My daughter has been selling some larger items on Kijiji which is like Craigs List and as each item leaves I feel lighter. It is time to have less, to be free from stuff making more time for experiences and simplicity.  So it is onward with the purge, not holding my breath for any help from our feline family!  Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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