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Sunday, June 03 2012

(photo courtesy of Fredericton SPCA)

What do we believe in, it is a question we inherently know the answer to but sometimes we have not put it into the specific words or statement we are looking for. Lately I have been trying to find clarity on what my artistic vision is, what I truly do believe.

This weekend I did the decorating once again for the Chickadee Cat Club's ACFA Cat Show. I also was delighted to do the decorating for one of the SPCA's cats Tiny, you can follow his story on FB, Tiny's Weight Loss Challenge. The Theme of the show is "Cats, the Mewsical" so I decorated Tiny's cage to resemble a stage with the dapper Tiny as the star!

Tiny was dropped off at the SPCA animal shelter in the middle of winter in a taped up wine box. He weighed 30 lbs, so overweight he could not move. He has been fostered by the sweetest woman Nancy and on a special diet has now lost 8 lbs! At 22 lbs he can now even run!

Seeing the people and their love of animals, supporting worthwhile causes that benefit all of our local animal organizations this weekend has touched my heart.

What do I believe, I do believe in my artistic statement "Inspiring the Joy of Creativity" in whatever I do I wish to inspire other people to create, to find joy in their personal creativity and in the creativity of those around them.

Creativity is not just found in areas people associate with being creative like sewing, crafting or painting but it is found in how we daily create our lives. How we live crafting a way to a life that brings us joy, to what we do, to what we surround ourselves with, what we give and what we share. Creativity is a way of life and a gift inherent in all of us for we are meant to live inspired, to live creatively and to live with JOY! Be  "Inspired with the JOY of Creativity!"

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Saturday, May 26 2012


This week I am busy preparing for several events, one of them being the ACFA Championship Cat Show being held. Proceeds for each show go to benefit a local animal charity. The show also gives animal charities exposure to several thousand visitors to the show. From Greyhound Rescue to the SPCA all of those involved in animal rights are at the show.

The photo above is of Tiny, he was dropped off at the SPCA in a box. He had been someone's pet and was extremely overweight. You can follow his story on FB, Tiny's Weight Loss Challenge. He has become a favorite at the shelter and is enjoying foster care as he regains his way into a more active lifestyle.

Tiny will be at the show for fans to see him, "pawtographs" will be available and his signature bowties for sale, proceeds going to the SPCA. I am decorating his area for the show, the theme being Cats the Mewsical!

Our local cat club The Chickadee Cat Club hosts the most successful show in Canada, judges come from all over North America and the entries do too. The club is active year round with worthwhile events, pet therapy at senior's residences and participation in any event to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership.

Passion and dedication, the club embodies the spirit of both. I am proud to be associated with the club and the fun undertaking of transforming the exhibit center into a catextravaganza!

Reflect on what animals have met in your life. Your favorite pet? Have a wonderful weekend!

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Monday, October 17 2011

Just a reminder of the DCC Designer Crafts Connection Blog Hop for October featuring Westcott Brand Cutting Tools. Many of the designer projects are up for auction with proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, please check them out, there are so many cool designs! The give away of a large assortment of their awesome tools is ongoing. You have the rest of the month to enter just by leaving a comment on their blog post

This month I started teaching some craft and sewing classes and workshops. Next weekend is spooky fuin with the kids, making costumes, using fabric paints, glitter and lots of glue! In the Thursday eveniing class two of my students, best friends were very pleased with their Holiday centerpieces. I provide the guidance and illustrate some techniques along the way. Once the students were immersed in the project their unique creativity began to shine. They were so pleased with their finished design, that makes teaching so rewarding when someone who does not believe they are creative leaves at the end of class knowing "I can do that!"

This week's class is card making, we will be embossing, stamping, glittering, using die cuts and embellishing to create four to six cards. There is still room in the class if you live locally and want to make some cards for the holidays coming up! Keep creating! Debra

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Friday, October 07 2011

It is our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. We have been blessed this week to have had most of our family and close friends come together for a very special event, the official opening of the Quartermain Earth Science Center.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Gleaner, full story here

My brother is a wonderful, generous man who has given back to the University and his home which means so much to him. As I listened to him speak from his heart, I could not have been more proud and filled with love. To my brother, my friend thank you for what you have given and to the difference you make and continue to in this world, with love. Deb

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Thursday, April 07 2011

One of my favorite projects I have ever had come to fruition was the fabric line based on the puppet I did for my Easy-to-Sew Playful Toys book. Buggles became a cotton and flannel line manufactured by Northcott.

I received a delightful FaceBook message from Kerry Pratt Goulder with a picture of her darling daughter holding a Buggles quilt panel blanket.

"Last year my daughter and I went to a Project Linus Blanket Day here in Maine...and made this blanket. That's actually my daughter! I stitched all the way around the bunny! That was the cutest fabric!...I gave it up for a great cause!
Project Linus Cumberland County ME Chapter: March Upcoming Blanket Days - Please c...ome and join us!"

In the children's ward at the hospital here it also is a wall hanging. To know that Buggles is keeping someone cozy and will be their special blankie is very touching. So much of what we do is made meaningful by the stories people share.

Creating a fabric line with my good friend ilustrator Deborah Peyton was exciting for us both but beyond that is knowing many babies and children are warm and cuddled in the blankets each night. That is the real gift of our creativity. Mom's grandmothers and caring people took what we designed and created their gifts of love.

Creativity & caring, sharing life's gifts. With gratitude, Debra!

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Tuesday, March 01 2011

Today marks the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day! I am so very grateful in my life to know amazing remarkable creative women who make a real difference each and every day.

This afternoon I am attending an event to celebrate the anniversary where women are joining together in enriching, informative discussions and workshops. The event is hosted by our local Women in Business.

I think the famous passage form Marianne Williamson's book is appropriate on this day!  

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Happy 100th International Women's Day!!! Shine today and light the world! Debra, CEO!

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Saturday, September 11 2010

Today we pause to remember, September 11th. A day each of us remembers exactly where we were during the unreality of what happened. I remember being in a department store at the age of twelve when it came across the speaker that President Kennedy had been assisinated.

On September 10th I was travelling home from an international design conference. I did not arrive home until early on the 11th, just a few hours before the terror began. I remember my oldest daughter calling so concerned knowing I was travelling home and scared something might have happened to me.  Many friends were stranded. Some were from New York and one dear friend had her husband a New York fire fighter with her. They lost many friends and colleagues. Our discussion group was filled with frantic messages, is everyone okay, how can we help?

What I remember most beyond the terror, the loss is the remarkable courage that people everywhere responded with. So many planes were diverted to this part of Canada, people were put up in every available space including many private homes. Friendships formed, even many romances and people return each year since that terrible time to reunite with those they met here in Atlantic Canada.

I remember those lost with honor & love. May each of us hold a prayer in our heart for peace, for understanding, for love to prevail. Debra 

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Monday, February 22 2010

Yesterday Kate and I had fun participating in a Bowl-a-Thon event for six local animal groups. It was hugely successful and everyone had the best time. We were bowling for the Cat Club, our two teams were the Kat Nappers and the Fancy Felines. Kate and I were the Fancy Felines! Neither one of us hadn't bowled in a long time but Kate had overall high score for the two strings and I managed to have high score for the first string! The event was enthusiastically supported and everyone went home with prizes. We had a great time especially in our costumes of bling cat ears, rosettes and feather boas! The feathers kept falling out, not sure if affected the bowling style or not! Celebrity cats showed up to support the event, here I am with Sylvester, he is quite the bowler and our two ragdolls Milla and Bella have a huge crush on him!

Kate made all of our ears from wool felt, needle felting the center hair fur and added bling with glitter and sequins. They were attached to metal headbands and very comfortable to wear as well as super stylish! The pictures say it all, it was an afternoon with lots of laughter and team spirit for such a worthy cause. Thanks to everyone who helped organize the event, great job! Follow the JOY! Debra

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Monday, January 11 2010

We are women in a world where many of us are so very fortunate. As my good friend and champion of the world the Marvellous Ms. Margot Potter has posted this week we still live in a world where women are treated in many parts of the world as less than human worse than animals. Tortured, executed and mutilated without rights. We have made great strides in women's rights but there is so much still to be done. In 2011 in Canada there will be a Womens World congress with women from all over the world coming together to look at advancing women's rights globally.

I attended a meeting locally recently and was very surprised to hear the statistics on the inequalities of women here in my own province. Pay, representation we are way behind men in these areas yet women comprise an equal part in the work force. Politically our very small representation affects the attention issues relating to women and children receive. It is not to say they are not dealt with but not in the way that women advocates would. To truly understand an issue you have to be part of it.

Why are we not stepping out there more as a group? So many of us are busy with jobs and family in ways most men are still not. If you are single parent raising children you are most likely a woman. If there are aging parents to deal with it is most likely your role. Where does this leave time to be part of a system, open yourself to criticism when standing up to a mostly male dominated arena. Yet it is mandatory, we are each other's keeper and young girls who cannot even attend school because they do not hygiene products for during their periods, how unjust is that.

I believe in this life, the goodness, the richness, the JOY of it all and I also believe we are meant each of us alone and together to make a real difference. I have daughters and one of the gifts I wish to leave them is that I was part of making a difference in their world. Always follow the JOY! Debra, always the Creative Eternal Optimist!

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