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Monday, May 31 2010

Happy Memorial Day to all my American friends and followers. May you share with those you love all that today means to you.

My youngest daughter leaves home this week. I am glad I am going with her to help her settle in. I knew this day would come but am I ready, no. Are we ever ready when each child leaves? I have been a Mom with children at home for twenty seven years in total and now that is ending. I feel excited for her and so sad to see her go. She will be several hours away and I will miss the daily hugs, her sweet smiling face. We wil skype and connect often but a new chapter begins for us both. I move soon myself into a new and exciting time in my life. New beginnings mean endings, life is a mix of events and emotions. I am so very grateful to have been a Mom to two amazing young women who go forward in life contributing to the world in wonderful ways and are a delight to know and love. I have always believed that life is simply a love story. Who we love and how we live with love tells our story. My story has been defined by the most precious of gifts. To my darling daughters Amanda & Kate! Love always xoxo Mum

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Friday, May 28 2010

Fran here on Fowl Friday! We are two frazzled fowl! Debra has had us on duster duty everyday, not only is the feather duster getting thin but my tail feathers are falling out. No sympathy around here, Debra just picks them up and glues them into feather duster! 

Meanwhile those fluffy felines around here do nothing but spread their hair. Also they might be pretty to the human eye but bright they are not. I know Freda isn't the smartest chick about but she is a genius next to the feline trio. As I peck out this post, the youngest Bella is sitting in the screened window pressing her nose against the screen. On the other side of the screen a very large hornet is buzzing away. I wonder how big a cat's nose can swell? Guess we will find out! or not, Debra will probably rescue the fluff ball! The same fluff ball also thinks the fish bowl is a water dish, apparently climbing on a shelf and stretching as far as you can reach and putting your head into oversized bowl is normal for felines!

Packing is underway and Freda found out that packing tape also is very hazardous to feathers. I wonder what it might do to cats, if they were bald our dusting days  would be over! Hmm must ponder that thought and its execution. Debra is busy this weekend.....Follow the Fowl! Fran & Freda!

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Wednesday, May 26 2010

It has been fun being part of the Sizzix Scoreboard TM Blog Hop using new dies designed by the talented Eileen Hull. This is not my area of expertise so I have enjoyed bringing my love of fabric and trims to my designs with the dies. Seeing what other very talented designers and artists create with the same dies is truly amazing! The creative input from each one turns the same die into a totally unique project. This is the final challenge in the Blog Hop. Thanks to Eileen for putting this hop together!

This week's die challenge, the bow die. You can see the actual bow you can create with it at Sizzix complete with all the instructions. You can check out all the talented designers involved at blog hop headquarters, Eileen's blog!

I love dresses and since I am enjoying many date nights these days, dresses are a big part of my wardrobe. This is a whimsical take on the little back dress incorporating some daisy buttons and ribbon I had in my scrapbox. The picture below my design shows the actual die cut. Eileen sent samples already cut and I just used all the white ones in my project, the Bow & Beribboned Dress Up!

More from Spring Quilt Market tomorrow! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Monday, May 24 2010

I returned from Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis today. I almost missed my third and final plane of the day due to delay with second flight! My thanks to the Air Canada personnel for getting me there and the nice gentleman who let me go ahead. My luggage made it too, first off the plane!

Not only did I come back inspired from the show but I got to visit Creative Homearts magazine and club headquarters and stay with club Executive Director and Editor Julie Stephani. Carol Zengraff and Vivian Peritts also stayed and we had a great time ending each night with something I have never played, Hollywood Dominoes. (I did win :) Getting out the door in the morning was a challenge with all the chatter and wardrobe consultation but it was very fun!

The show as always is filled with crisp color, a fresh vibe of retro and flowery prints. New interesting products, fountains of fabrics and wonderful books. Vivian has a new book out with Suzanne McNeil and Design Originals. Her new book incorporates the Accu Quilt Go machine in fabulous wearable designs.

C&T Publishing has a new imprint Stash, smaller books with fresh and whimsical titles, Little Birds is adorable! The Sock animal books is too cute and the City Quilts contemporary and fresh. More from the show this week! Holiday tomorrow so taking the day off. Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Monday, May 17 2010

This week there is an abundance of travel going on, many artist and designer friends are in New York attending or exhibiting at the Surtex and National Stationery Shows. The end of the week is the Spring International Quilt Market tradeshow in Minneapolis which is also home of Creative Homearts Club and magazine that I write my Make it Green column for. I am so looking forward to visiting and seeing everyone! Exciting plans are in the works! Homearts goes live with 30 hour crafting extravaganzas in three cities in the fall. Editor Julie Stephani plus the columnists and crafting celebrities Drew, the Crochet Dude and Kathy Caron-Marillo, the Crafty Chica will be hosting the events. Open to Homearts members the weekends will be filled crafting fun, classes and goodies!

When I return I will have pics from both Quilt Market and my visit to Homearts!
Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Thursday, May 13 2010

Fowl Friday! Freda & Fran here! Well there is feathery fallout on the homefront! The nest is on the market and the traffic coming through has all hands, wings on deck. Clean, clean, clean! Debra has us dusting, mopping & wearing our already very bony feet to the bare... We are slightly suspicious as the feather duster somewhat resembles the feathers of a close friend, Debra assures us they are synthetic, however I am skeptical, they look quite real to me. I am definitely more of a feather expert than she is! So everyday we clean, hoping someone takes pity on our plight and buys this place. We are not cut out for hard labor! Follow the Fowl! Fran & Freda!


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Wednesday, May 12 2010

It is another round of the Sizzix Scoreboard Blog Hop! These dies are the design of designer friend Eileen Hull! This week's new die is the cake, it is so cute and in the hands of several talented designer friends the ideas for this project are endless! Being a sewer and always looking for storage, I made mine a cute little sewing basket with a spool of thread for a cake stand.

To make my cake!
You will need:
6" fabric scrap for top
Double adhesive sheet
Double sided tape
3 yds of two co-ordinating ribbons
1/2 yd flower ribbon
18 flower appliques
3 pink, 3 black buttons
1 white spool of thread
1 quilter's pin
Beacon's Fabri-tac Glue
Scissors charm

1. Cake Top: Affix fabric to cake top with adhesive sheet. Trim scallops. Bend scallops down. Glue buttons together alternating colors and lining up holes. Glue to top of cake, insert charm over pin and pin into buttons.
2. Cake Sides: Cut strips of both ribbons 1" longer than cake sides. Overlap ribbon 1/2" at bottom and top of each section and glue in place alternating patterns. Score and bend sections. Affix three sections together into a circle. Affix to cake bottom.
3. Finishing cake: Glue flower ribbon around center of cake. Glue appliques on ribbon alternating sections. Put cake top on. Place on cake stand and enjoy!

Check out all of the talented designers in the blog hop! Eileen has all their links listed on her blog! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Monday, May 10 2010

Last week got side tracked with a couple things, new roof and putting the house up for sale with an Open House yesterday. It was a different but fun kind of Mother's Day heading out in the morning with my youngest daughter and three cats in the back seat. The cats spent much of the day sleeping, the oldest Merin climbed under his blanket with just his head sticking out. Looks like moving will be sooner than expected. Life is moving along very quickly!

The latest issue of Creative Homearts is out. I had fun designing a little girl's tea party complete with dresses, purses, table runner, chair covers and napkin rings. The adorable fabrics and applique line featured are from the Bazooples line designed by the talented Vicki Schreiner and are available online at ATreasure Nest.

Photo courtesy of Creative Homearts

Coming up this week is another Sizzix Scoreboard  blog hop on Wednesday. Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!


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Monday, May 03 2010

Monday morning has arrived, a new work week begins. It feels good to begin the week after a refreshing weekend off. I found a lovely place to move into while away on the weekend, had a great time in the warm May sun and a shopping afternoon with my darling daughters! The three of us have very different tastes but also very similar and we always enjoy road trips together. We had fun!

As artists and designers who work from home, inspiration comes from many sources. It can also feel isolating at times but with the explosion of networking possibilities and shared knowledge online that has all changed. This week I am signed up for an ecourse with artist and designer Laura Bray, Multiple Streams of Income for artists and designers. Suzanne Falter Barns another one of my very favourite people is always giving free teleclasses full of inspiration and information. Business is changing, how we operate as individuals must also carry over to our work, as artists that is inherent, our values, our passion in our business is necessary for true success. Success is not just measured by monetary means but by the value of what we offer to ourselves and others in enriching lives, making a difference and living in a way that feeds our soul. A rich life is one in which we live with respect, honesty and dignity, filled with purpose and meaning surrounded by whom we love and what we love.

Laura Bray also talks about creating your Style Statement, how you live your life through your home, business and way of conduct and dress. She calls her style Creative Nostalgia (TM). Raising the question, what is your style statement? Does the way you live your life in all areas reflect the authentic you? Would you like to live in peaceful, beautiful surroundings and yet live among chaos? Do you want more meaning in your life but find yourself involved in meaningless busyness? Sometimes changing just one thing can make a big difference and just thinking about what you really want, writing it down makes change happen.

Thinking about my own Style Statement, it is creative, joyful and feminine, I live surrounded by soft colors and dress very feminine. I believe the best of everyone and treat others with respect and compassion. I have never spoken even in situations that might warrant it by others in a way that I would regret. We have to live with ourselves. I know that love must be held with an open hand, love remains because it wants to like a butterfly that lights every so softly on a flower drawn by the fragrance and the beauty.

I want to say thank you to all you visit my site and read my blog. My only wish is that it adds to your day, a bright spot that brings a smile. We have only one life, live it well.

Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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