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Monday, May 03 2010

Monday morning has arrived, a new work week begins. It feels good to begin the week after a refreshing weekend off. I found a lovely place to move into while away on the weekend, had a great time in the warm May sun and a shopping afternoon with my darling daughters! The three of us have very different tastes but also very similar and we always enjoy road trips together. We had fun!

As artists and designers who work from home, inspiration comes from many sources. It can also feel isolating at times but with the explosion of networking possibilities and shared knowledge online that has all changed. This week I am signed up for an ecourse with artist and designer Laura Bray, Multiple Streams of Income for artists and designers. Suzanne Falter Barns another one of my very favourite people is always giving free teleclasses full of inspiration and information. Business is changing, how we operate as individuals must also carry over to our work, as artists that is inherent, our values, our passion in our business is necessary for true success. Success is not just measured by monetary means but by the value of what we offer to ourselves and others in enriching lives, making a difference and living in a way that feeds our soul. A rich life is one in which we live with respect, honesty and dignity, filled with purpose and meaning surrounded by whom we love and what we love.

Laura Bray also talks about creating your Style Statement, how you live your life through your home, business and way of conduct and dress. She calls her style Creative Nostalgia (TM). Raising the question, what is your style statement? Does the way you live your life in all areas reflect the authentic you? Would you like to live in peaceful, beautiful surroundings and yet live among chaos? Do you want more meaning in your life but find yourself involved in meaningless busyness? Sometimes changing just one thing can make a big difference and just thinking about what you really want, writing it down makes change happen.

Thinking about my own Style Statement, it is creative, joyful and feminine, I live surrounded by soft colors and dress very feminine. I believe the best of everyone and treat others with respect and compassion. I have never spoken even in situations that might warrant it by others in a way that I would regret. We have to live with ourselves. I know that love must be held with an open hand, love remains because it wants to like a butterfly that lights every so softly on a flower drawn by the fragrance and the beauty.

I want to say thank you to all you visit my site and read my blog. My only wish is that it adds to your day, a bright spot that brings a smile. We have only one life, live it well.

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