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Monday, June 18 2012


(photo courtesy of www.MAGGbrucedesigns)

Glenda Bruce is one of the Graduates of the NB College of Craft and Design. I attended the opening of the Interdisciplinary Show by the Graduate Studies Class "Cross Processed" on the weekend. The pieces in the gallery were both stunning and evocative. This piece above is representative of the artistry showcase at the College.

Glenda based this earlier gorgeous felted piece on the Slavic folklore character Baba Yaga. Baba Yaga has been portrayed as both a violent antagonist and a purveyor of wisdom. 

Another very young and talented fiber artist created a wall of exquisite felted scarves, whimsical sea inspired lengths of luscious color and movement.

Such artistic vision and technique! I was inspired! I hope this will begin your week with inspiration too! Follow the creative joy!


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Monday, January 09 2012

This month the Designer Crafts Blog Hop Connection theme is Journalling. The talented Julie McGuffee who keeps us organized is host of the show Scrapbook Soup which now can be seen online as well! It features interesting ideas, tools and products for scrapbooking and journalling. Use the button in the sidebar to hop along and see the inspired projects of our designer group!

As primarily a sewing designer I incorporate stitching into as many projects as possible. I decided to create a piece to hang in my studio, a tribute to my grandmother. I have a picture of her when she was a young woman wearing a black dress, it is a beautiful photo and I wonder from her expression what she was thinking. She was always very stylish and wore beautiful hats to church and lovely suits there and to IODE meetings, church teas and bridge club.

Often when I dress up in a classic black dress and add her pearls she left me I am reminded of how we are tied to the memories of those we love, even though they may not be here any longer, their spirit and love is always felt. Remembering my grandmother.

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Thursday, October 14 2010

What has been the greatest gifts of my work are the amazing women I have met and have become friends with. There are several that inspire me on a daily basis. It is not only their creativity but their generous and brave spirits that are so remarkable. Margot Potter is one of those women who tells it like it is and speaks for so many of us. She "colors outside the lines on a daily basis" navigating a life of creativity along with all the other roles women have. She challenges herself and in turn all those she reaches to strive to be the best you can be celebrating individuality and uniqueness. This week she is guest curator over at Crescendoh, this is Jen Doh's site, "Creative Passion, Authentic Community, Focused Compassion".

The other amazing woman and dear friend I am celebrating this week is Carole Forbes, artist who lives in Fredericton, NB, Canada. She has lived all over Canada and has in the last two years returned home to her roots. She is having a one woman art show at the Fredericton Inn tomorrow, Friday 3-9 and Saturday 9-5. The show is a combination of her art and writing, a personal introspective. I am honored to call both these extraordinary women my friends and to thank them from the bottom of my heart for all they have brought to my life. Follow the JOY Always! Debra, CEO!


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