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Friday, February 25 2011

Fowl Friday is a little late this week! Not pointing any feathers but Debra apparently was busy with some other more important project neglecting us! Imagine neglecting Fran & Freda.

To add further insult we have been upstaged again with the current issue of Crafts 'n Things magazine and Debra's birds are featured. Not us but a trio of pasty pastel chicks sporing polka dots. We could pull off polka dots but no do we get a chance so our feathers are ruffled. Freda is in a slump and has taken to the nest with a wine spritzer and the latest issue of Roosters Illustrated! Not a good sign! Follow the Fowl, Fran & Freda!

photo courtesy of Crafts 'n Things

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Thursday, February 24 2011

I am blessed to have two wonderful daughters who are both creative in many ways. A craft corner was always part of the house and there they colored, painted, cut and played with clay. The fridge held masterpieces of the day.

Later we scrapbooked together. Kate always had a fascination with scissors (many a Barbie has very little hair) and the decorative scissors were her favorite tool. In her first scrapbook family and pets sport scalloped faces and deckled outfits.

Neither was really interested in sewing but Kate took up knitting. I still see her and my Mom heads close together as she helped Kate. My Mom knit the most beautiful sweaters for all of us. My oldest Amanda paints vibrant colorful abstracts and conjures up fun costumes for her annual creative adventure to Burning Man. She always loved dressing up and the big dress up trunk she had when she was young always found her in some sort of creative combination. I remember how she came running in one day like she was flying with a plastic shopping bag converted into butterfly wings.

Kate is now at pastry school and has just completed her first special occasion cake. She chose an unconventional occasion and with helpful tips from her sister the nurse came up with Good Luck on Your Heart Surgery! She received a very good mark. So I am blessed to have wonderful happy talented daughters and I never know how they will express their creativity but I do know it will always be interesting! Follow the Joy! Debra


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Tuesday, February 22 2011

I am an eternal optimist! I realize that not when things are going well but when they are not and I still believe everything is for a reason, that there is always a light ahead. So I feel slightly guilty at this time thinking will winter, ice and snow ever end.

However it may be snowy and blowy outside but in my studio I can make it any season I want so I have declared it is spring! I have submerged myself in bright colors and flowers, believing in the power of positive thinking I am creating fabric flower gardens and twittering birds. I am also loving playing with fabric transfer sheets and Zentangle!

We may not be able to change or control a lot of what goes on around us but we can change our thoughts, our feelings and brighten our world or someone else easily. So today bring spring, sunshine and a smile to someone, for every day we are here we can make a difference! Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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Sunday, February 20 2011

Been a full week! Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a drawing and watercolor class taught by a good friend artist Carole Forbes.

I learned a lot, met some wonderful people and immersed myself into drawing and using watercolor pencils, which I had never used before. I loved it!

What I noticed from people who had never taken a class before was their delight as the day went on in what emerged on the page. There is an artist in everyone.

Lives were changed, talents and interests realized, connections made. It was a rewarding creative experience for which I am very grateful!

Live your creative life! Debra, CEO!

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Wednesday, February 16 2011

We are still deep into winter here in Atlantic Canada and will be for awhile. Since I walk a lot I was looking for a longer coat to wear. There are still a few around in the stores on sale but better buys are found at the thrift stores and so much more fun!

Off to Value Village I went with a friend. Always like a treasure hunt there, you never know what you will find. There were three coats I found as possibilities, the one that fit the best was only $10! It is long, navy denim and beautiful warm wool, just like new. However it did have large padded shoulders and the buttons were dated. Minor details, I knew by removing the shoulder pads and reshaping the seams it would fit well. A raglan sleeve is much easier to reshape after removing shoulder pads.

The first picture shows the coat with one shoulder pad removed so you can see the extra bulk. The buttons are ugly and stand out taking away from the entire coat.

I love how the back is gathered at the waist.

Next step was to open up the lining inside to reveal the shoulder seams. I used chalk to draw a line for the new seam once the shoulder pad was removed. I tried it on a couple times. I had to taper down arm seam.

The very large shoulder pad removed!

After the seams were sewn, I trimmed the shoulder lining, pressed and sewed the lining shut. The buttons were changed to a conservative black, recycled from a worn out sweater coat. I am pleased with my new coat and hope I do not have to wear it too much longer this winter!

It is fun to find great deals and with a little alteration end up with a great addition to your wardrobe! So what are you restyling for spring? Debra, CEO!

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Monday, February 14 2011

Valentine's day, February 14th. I grew up in a home where my parents were very much in love for all of their thirty years together until my Dad passed away to soon at age fifty. I like to think being born on November 14th I was part of their celebration of love on this day so many years ago.

I am very blessed to have love in abundance in my life. I do truly believe "Life is simply a love story", who and how we love matters most above everything else in this world. So today celebrate by expressing your love to all those who matter most in your life. We do not know what the future holds but we have today and we have the words, "I love you!"

I created a wall hanging using fabric transfer sheets, I used several techniques with a little love Zentangle behind the dress. It is dedicated to my grandmother who had style, grace and loved deeply each and every day.

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Friday, February 11 2011

It's Fowl Friday with the fabulous Fowl Fran & Freda! Freda has been "thinking" about branding lately, (lucky we are not of the beef persuasion!) so she "thinks" fabulous works for us.

Anyway Debra has been doodling lately, artful doodling or Zentangle as it is known. We decided to give it a try awhile ago. Freda wanted to wear an artist's smock and hat but our sewing skills are limited.

The artful doodling is very relaxing. Freda dozed off a few times but then again that chick knows how to relax. So if you haven't tried it we suggest during these looong winter days try some Zentangling! Follow the Fabulous Fowl, Fran & Freda!

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Wednesday, February 09 2011

As the snow continues to fall and the question of will spring ever come I am finding myself drawn to fresh bright florals. I created another wall hanging using a Zentangle heart design I drew and some lime green fabric and flowers. Suzanne McNeil of Design Originals has posted a new video with gorgeous Zentangle flowers created using rubber stamps, the pieces shown are amazing!

Notice the new sidebar logo for the Designer Crafts Connection, we will be up and running shortly with exciing challenges and give aways from major industry manufacturers! Forty talented designers are participating and by just a click of the button you can visit them all!

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Monday, February 07 2011

I am so excited after all these years to have a new separate studio space with a couple of artist friends. It has a show room in the front, large teaching space and separate offices for each of us plus small kitchen and second gallery area. More info and pictures to follow once renovations are complete.

I plan to start teaching there in March. I have missed the teaching, I really enjoy at the trade shows demoing and teaching so want to do more on a regular basis. With so much happening lately I have found myself looking for a relaxing outlet. Last year Marie Browning introduced me to Zentangle, a form of meditative doodling.

Thinking too this would be fun to teach, there are so many variations of tangles. I also want to introduce people who do not ordinarily work in fabric or sew to using it in their artwork. I used fabric transfer sheets to create a Zentangle wall hanging for my first class. It is my whimsical approach as I drew my hand and then added a ring and bracelet. I love Fairfield's Fusi-boo quilt batt, perfect for wall hangings!

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Saturday, February 05 2011

More great photos from winter CHA show posted on Julie McGuffee's blog. Thanks so much for sharing Julie! Looking at all the photos I am struck by how pretty everything is, beautiful flowers and embellishments. 

Suede from Project Runway with his collection of elaborately textured and layered dresses. Stunning! Dresses and dress forms, cooking and baking elements, products packaged in containers looking like perfume or nail polish. It is certainly evident from this show it is indeed a woman's industry!

Beyond that is the celebration of the everyday arts and that creativity is inherent in our lives. The show is inspiring, the dress becomes a work of art. The gorgeous gowns shown may not be for everyday wear but products used to create them can be incorporated into an everyday dress. The dress then becomes unique and reflects the wearer's signature style.

Creativity is one of life's greatest gifts and industry shows like CHA encapsulate how amazing it is all in a few days. Have a creative weekend! Debra, CEO!

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Wednesday, February 02 2011

The winter CHA tradeshow in LA (Craft & Hobby Association) ended today. Suze Weinberg of Ranger has posted some great pics from the show. The brass jewelry designs created using the Sizzix diecut machine are just beautiful!

C&T Publishing won the Innovative New Product Award with their TAP Transfer Artist Paper. The talented Rebekah Meiers demoed some beautiful collage pieces using TAP during the show.

I missed being at the show and connecting with everyone but considering the weather getting there and home would have meant delays. I had some of my work at the show and hope my characters behaved themselves!  I am busy with some other commitments at present. However with everyone posting from their phones and sending messages from the show it was easy to follow what was happening.

Show pictures were full of happy faces busy sharing and creating, many designer friends had new products being released and were busy making new contacts for business ahead. I am very grateful for such dear friends who messaged me with contacts to follow up with even though I wasn't at the show.

So to creativity and inspiration, an integral part of the human spirit! Debra, CEO!

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