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Monday, January 11 2010

We are women in a world where many of us are so very fortunate. As my good friend and champion of the world the Marvellous Ms. Margot Potter has posted this week we still live in a world where women are treated in many parts of the world as less than human worse than animals. Tortured, executed and mutilated without rights. We have made great strides in women's rights but there is so much still to be done. In 2011 in Canada there will be a Womens World congress with women from all over the world coming together to look at advancing women's rights globally.

I attended a meeting locally recently and was very surprised to hear the statistics on the inequalities of women here in my own province. Pay, representation we are way behind men in these areas yet women comprise an equal part in the work force. Politically our very small representation affects the attention issues relating to women and children receive. It is not to say they are not dealt with but not in the way that women advocates would. To truly understand an issue you have to be part of it.

Why are we not stepping out there more as a group? So many of us are busy with jobs and family in ways most men are still not. If you are single parent raising children you are most likely a woman. If there are aging parents to deal with it is most likely your role. Where does this leave time to be part of a system, open yourself to criticism when standing up to a mostly male dominated arena. Yet it is mandatory, we are each other's keeper and young girls who cannot even attend school because they do not hygiene products for during their periods, how unjust is that.

I believe in this life, the goodness, the richness, the JOY of it all and I also believe we are meant each of us alone and together to make a real difference. I have daughters and one of the gifts I wish to leave them is that I was part of making a difference in their world. Always follow the JOY! Debra, always the Creative Eternal Optimist!

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Posted by Margot on 01/11/2010 - 02:29 PM
Beautiful. Thank you for being such an inspiration and a beacon of light in 'weary world.' xoxo Margot

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