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Friday, August 27 2010

       Fran  & Freda hereit's Fowl Friday!

Apparently we have been kept in the dark regarding many things lately. It is not a good feeling at all! My intuition has been saying over and over something is not right, something smells foul, pardon the pun! Well with a little late night snooping some things have been revealed that Debra was keeping from us. Her reasons we can only surmise, we try to give her the benefit of the doubt. (At least Freda does, she is much more trusting than I am but then again look what happened to her and that rooster from Cape Breton incident.)

What we (I) have uncovered!
1. Debra has said no chocolate allowed. Yet late at night the aroma of brownies is in the air. Apparently someone is allowed to have them!

2. Absolutely no alcohol (apparently the result of Freda's slight indiscretion involving dancing, an empty wine bottle, a certain rooster who still remains nameless & Freda's getting knocked up to put it bluntly) yet often there are two empty wine glasses visible in the morning.

3. WE are not allowed to walk on the counters, the tables, the mantel or any of the furniture yet there is a whole flock of new birds who can apparently perch anywhere the choose. The pink ones sit everywhere, they do not even speak to us, their so perfect beaks are always up in the air as they twitter away or preen constantly.

We could go on forever about the injustice of it all! Yet we will rise above the indignities, pull up our big gal panties and get on with it! Happy Fowl Friday Peeps!

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Posted by michelle on 08/27/2010 - 11:51 AM
Those wine glasses, could they be your bathing glasses, left out (for someone else to clean up might I add) after a fairly wild bath night? Chocolate smells. dare I say, the drawings on the wall. they look awfully chocolatey in color and rather birdlike in style? Two words. Your Advertisement. No Wonder all sorts of birds are hanging about. Am thinking Freda might have a bit of confessing to do..

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