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Tuesday, September 01 2009

One of the most wonderful perks of the Web is all of the amazing talented and talented people you can meet and connect with. The information and knowledge shared is invaluable and my hope always is to be able to repay some of that sharing whenever I can.

Today I am excited to be interviewing Rebekah Meier! Rebekah Meier's new book Fabric Art Collage is filled with 40 + Mixed Media Techniques. Rebekah is a sweetheart and so talented! (Photo Courtesy of Rebekah Meier) She will be offering classes featuring techniques from the book at


1. How early in your life were you a crafty type?

Early, while still in grade school.  I remember my grandma teaching me how to crochet, making granny square afghans.  I also did a lot of macrame, hooked rugs, and embroidery while in school.  In high school I took all of the home ec classes available.  Cake decorating, sewing etc.

2. Your new book show-case many techniques, where does your interest and inspiration come from?
I have a passion for collage.  My book combines that love, with my background of crafts, and love of textiles.  My inspiration comes mostly from color and the desire to combine different textures and mediums together creating visual interest. 
3. Favorite pastime, food, color and movie.
I  always have work on my mind, but my favorite pastime is TV.  I must confess I am a reality TV junkie.   I can't really think of a favorite food, but I MUST have my coffee every day!  My favorite color is green.  I love romantic movies, especially ones filmed in Chicago.
4. Where will you be next? (Quilt Market?)
Yes, I am going to Quilt Market in Houston the beginning of October.  Looking forward to going there!
5. Your thoughts on Creativity.
I have a innate need to create things.  I also think that everyone has creativity within them.  It is just finding the right medium and way to express it.  I feel very blessed to be doing something I love and getting paid to do it!
Thank you Rebekah for sharing!
For anyone interested in licensing or what is involved Joan Beiriger's  Blog on Art Licensing is a must read. Today's post is about creating a brand. These days many artists and designers are looking at licensing as a important and necessary component of their career.

My latest book out last month Sweatshirt Remix is one for those who like to alter clothing. I have techniques to make a sweatshirt a more flattering fit and create some fun fashions! Next month I am off to Quilt Market to do presentations and book demos. Rebekah will be there as well, always great to catch up!

Tonight I am taking a friend to FLASH, Fashioning Love Acceptance and Hope, a local celebrity fashion show featuring SPCA dogs up for adoption and some pets as well. All proceeds benefit the SPCA and the two local homeless shelters. I have been without a dog for two years now, who knows what tomorrow will bring home! :) Not sure my daughters four cats would be impressed! Follow the JOY! Keep creating! Debra, CEO!

"Today travel with lightness, a feathery touch to dance across the day, elicit smiles and hugs leaving JOY behind to stay!"  Expressions of JOY! Debra

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