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Friday, December 31 2010

A New Year begins tomorrow. I look at the beautiful new journal my daughter gave me for Christmas, fresh pages ready for this next year of my life. New calendars, a new year to begin filling in. Resolutions, intentions, we are drawn to looking at our life on this last day of the old year and make promises to ourselves to live next year better.

To have wants and desires, goals and dreams is part of our nature, to strive and grow. We are on a journey in life, one of constant movement and change. Some changes we hardly notice, some shake our whole world but change remains constant like the waves. Through it all we have the choice in how we navigate our journey through whatever comes.

This I believe that life is simply a love story, the core of our being continues because of love. Who we love and how we love defines us. When we love deep, true and strong we anchor our life. It allows us to soar with our dreams knowing we matter in this life. To love your life allows you to do your best work, that work you are here to do. We all make a difference, our energy fills the air around us and travels far. It is a powerful force. As dear friend, the amazing Ms. Margot Potter says" Love trumps everything!"

This I believe that we do not walk alone, that Joy is always with us. With love, faith, compassion, kindness and gratitude we share our best selves with the world each day. We are enough just as we are, we are a gift in this life.

Create and be creative, inspire and be inspired, love and be loved. Share your gifts, talents, your essence with the world. Lead your best life in this new year and know you are perfect just as you are. To a new year, welcome!

To the past year of my life thank you for the love that has filled each day, to the special relationship that has brought me great joy. To my daughters who are the light of my life and have taught me more about life than they will ever know. To dear family and friends who are a constant reminder of the abundance of goodness, joy, love and laughter in this life!

Most importantly take the time to say I love you, to tell those in your life how special they are. These moments you choose will be remembered forever.

To all of you who take the time to visit each day, a heart felt thank you! Fran & Freda appreciate their loyal followers on Fowl Friday! ( I had to bribe them for today!) May this new year be filled with a luscious life for all! Remember to Follow the JOY! Debra, CEO!

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