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Friday, October 01 2010

It's our favourite day! Fowl Friday with Fran & Freda! Next week is our Thanksgiving and today Debra finally got out some fall decor sprinkling silk leaves everywhere. Last Thanksgiving at the house filled with daughters, the dreaded felines and of course us, we had some fun with the decor. Debra bought these blocks which spelled out "Give Thanks" which true it is always good to be grateful for what we have. However we thought "Gave Thinks" sounded good. Who wouldn't be grateful for some extra thought?! (We know Freda is looking for some) So then the fun really began between us and the girls. Everytime Debra was out we would switch the letters and spell something else, "vegan shtink" was frowned upon although our turkey peeps would be thankful for that one we are sure! Now that the blocks are out once again we have a whole week to have fun with them! Follow the Fowl! Fran & Freda


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Heart + Hands Create Magic. Mimi to 11 Grandlittles, I love to create, decorate and celebrate, sharing joy and inspiration from my heritage five star B & B on the east coast of Canada.

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