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Friday, March 26 2010

Fowl Friday! Fran here without Freda today. She is nursing a twisted neck, nothing too serious but requiring an ice pack. She is not a good patient, quite demanding in fact! Bring me juice, fluff my feathers, scratch my foot, no the left one. Luckily I could escape with the excuse I had to write today's blog post. It is going to take me soooo much time to peck it out today! Then of course I have to clean the keyboard. Debra complains I spit or drool when posting. She is kind of a neat freak anyway although while she was finishing her book proposal this week things got a little on the messy side. The dust bunnies were getting scary, even the cats looked afraid! There was so much fabric piled up in her studio I couldn't see out the window! Yes I know I am not the tallest chick but still I usually have no trouble enjoying the view. There is a cute red cardinal who visits the old apple tree everyday.

However I digress...back to Freda and her neck. How did it happen, I am sure you all want to know and I can't wait to tell you! Last evening as we got ready for bed Freda decided to try something. I am not sure what she sees when she looks in the mirror but her body image is apparently not accurate. Beside the bed is a bird cage filled with dried hydrangea from the garden and roses which keep arriving regularly for Debra. (Another story for when she is away!) Well Freda decided to "stop and smell the flowers" and proceeded to do so by cramming herself through the bars. Apparently she thought she could fit easily but apparently she couldn't as she is slightly wider than the bars! Her neck was wedged and we had to pry her out. A little olive oil helped ease her out. The dove assisted and managed to be very sympathetic with only a small grin on her pretty pink face. Sigh I would give a million for those cheek bones! Anyway Freda's neck is slightly swollen but very soft from the oil. A weekend of resting will help, no Saturday night disco for her! Till next Fowl Friday! Fran  

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Posted by michelle on 03/26/2010 - 02:54 PM
Yes she has nice cheeck bones, but you have the amazing top knot! Work what ya got. Sorry about the neck thing....
Posted by Debra Quartermain on 03/26/2010 - 02:56 PM
Well said! :) Thanks Michelle, will pass it along to Freda! Fran

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