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Friday, March 19 2010

 It is FOWL FRIDAY! Fran here with Freda as we all know by now the dancing fool! She has been trying some new moves which have resulted in her putting something out of joint! We have been immersed this week in a heated debate with a couple of apparently adorable "chicks" that Debra has out for her so called spring decor. Just what we need more birds and eggs around here. Freda & I seem to be lacking apparently in the too cute factor. We think cute is vastly over rated. Sassy and smart is in, that's us well that's me anyway, Freda is a little iffy at times but does surprise me often with her in depth analysis of the agricultural news. She keeps me current on how many roosters are within a 100 mile radius.

Back to these chicks who are barely dry out of some very strange looking eggs and yet feel they know everything! The big debate has been of course "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" They hold the position of the egg coming first or there wouldn't be any chickens. Freda and I maintain the chicken came first or how could there be any eggs to begin with. It isn't like a reptile one day long ago laid its usual eggs and surprise,  a chick popped out of one. What ever anyone believes we all came from some where to start this whole planet and so did a chicken! We are working on tracing our ancestry to settle this debate with these chicks who definitely need a feather cut!

The only break we have had lately is when one of the in house felines decided to "entertain" the chicks. They disappeared and were found later under the couch a little dusty and damp but fine. Now they are back perched on the sideboard waiting for more chicks to join them. Personally I think the chances of those "eggs" hatching anything else would be a miracle! So the debate will continue while Debra is busy finishing a book proposal and several deadlines. Her studio is, what did she call it earlier this week "creative frolic", we are thinking it looks like a fabric explosion! Follow the Fowl! Fran & Freda!

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Posted by Michelle on 03/19/2010 - 12:12 PM
What a debate that must be! Watch out for the one up above your head. Looks like she's aiming for the top knot. I'd suggest rubbing a bit of catnip on them... see what transpires. When are you two starting your Facebook Fan page?

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