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Friday, October 02 2009

Its Fowl Friday with Fran & Freda! Fran here, well in Canada where harvest comes earlier it is almost Thanksgiving, next weekend. Debra is busy adding touches of harvest finery around the house which involves lots of leaves, pumpkins and candles. Always ready to pitch in we decided to design and make a needle felt pumpkin plus! we got to put up the fall message. We are sharing our how-tos for the pumpkin, super easy! This is our first Thanksgiving so we are very excited, not sure what it all means and Debra keeps avoiding the menu subject for some reason. She gave us a bunch of block letters to put with our pumpkin. Her directions were to spell out the message and add our needle felted pumpkin. Seems easy enough even Freda was clear about what we were doing, ( a huge reason to be thankful right there!) We were quite proud when we were finished and finished our display, Debra's reaction to burst out laughing, ruffled our feathers a little I must admit. Apparently it was not "Gave Thinks" but rather "Give Thanks" was the correct message. Personally "Gave Thinks" worked for us, we think there is a big demand for getting thinks, you can never be too smart or thinking too much! All is well, sign has been changed but not till after our photo. Enjoy and make yourself a fuzzy pumpkin patch!  Follow the Fowl, Fran & Freda!

Needle Felt Pumpkin

You will need:
STYROFOAM TM Ball 2"-4" (depending on pumpkin size you want)
Wool Wisps (National Nonwovens) Orange Poppy, Ivy, Cinnamon
Clover Needle Felt Tool
Bone Folder

How to:
1. Press foam ball on counter to flatten opposite ends.
2. Cover foam ball with orange. Needle felt, add more wool if needed.
3. Use bone folder to score ball evenly.
4. Add thin strips of cinnamon wool into scored seams and needle felt.
5. Add 1" circle of ivy to top of pumpkin and needle felt.
6. Roll ivy into small cylinder and needle felt into stem shape approximately 2".
7. Hold stem in center of top of pumpkin. Needle felt stem into place.

Make several pumpkins in different sizes for a harvest display then "carve" spooky faces with black wool and use them to decorate for Halloween! We are just a couple of crafty chicks! Fran & Freda

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Posted by michelle zimmerman on 10/02/2009 - 01:13 PM
Dear Fran, Very clever wording that, and I'm thinking it's very appropriate once she does share the menu with you. Question- Does one still need a felting needle if one has a beak? I'd think both might work.

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