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Friday, September 18 2009

Well it is Fowl Friday and it is supposed to be Fran & Freda but Freda is unavailable at the moment. If you follow us at all on Fowl Fridays well while Debra was away in Vancouver we were at home behaving. Behaving well not according to Debra, we killed her plants and Freda was slightly tipsy dancing around singing "Oh what a night!" The rooster she met on kind of stayed over too long and Freda enjoyed his company, I will just leave it at that!

Today Debra is like usual working on a couple deadlines in her studio, that requires her use of important spaces and equipment like her sewing table and fabric stash. Freda was found in the "family way" and chose both the sewing table and fabric stash to nest in. Impressed not! Debra is now constructing a nesting box for Fran in the garage after putting a load of pink fabric in the washer. Freda does like her pink! She is washing down her sewing table after and Freda will be comfortably nesting in the garage. Soon there will be little Freds & Fredas running around not sure how they will fit in with the four cats! There maybe a chicken coop in the backyard or we maybe sent off to some farm, city bylaws have to be investigated. Oh Freda, two glasses of wine and she is dancing on the tables and more! The rooster from Cape Breton long gone, he was a party animal, not a family guy. His profile read no kids, no way and child support well chicken feed does not come cheap! Anyway next Friday could be just Fran again, I may need a new sidekick, Freda will be busy after the chicks and wants to gain her figure back before appearing. Her feathers are getting a bit straggly looking.

Updates on delivery day will follow! For now Fowl Friday with Fran!

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Posted by michelle zimmerman on 09/18/2009 - 10:02 PM
Oh Freda! Will there be a hen night and a chick shower to celebrate?

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