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Monday, September 07 2009

First I must apologize for Fran & Freda, they missed posting on Fowl Friday. I had to be away for the day and they were left with a very short list of to do's. (Thinking I need to rename their lists to To DON"TS!) They will be back tomorrow with news they are just all in a flap about! I am collecting their stray feathers for some sort of crafty project, now if  I could just get them to lay some eggs...

Today being Labor Day, a day free from Labor for some and the day before school begins here it always feels like the true beginning of a new year. It has been six months since my Mom passed away, it both seems like yesterday and forever at the same time. I often still forget and go to call her, I miss her very much but the time passing has lessened the early days of grief when tears veiled my eyes many times each day. Caring for her was not always easy in those last couple of years but I know it gave her a quality of life that she enjoyed in the time she had left and that she was ready to go.

I find myself at a time in my life after being a single Mom since my youngest was 15 months old that my caregiving days are dramatically changing. My oldest daughter has only three more months of school left for her second degree and will be out working in the new year, moving out into her own place. My youngest daughter, my baby begins University classes tomorrow and has been gone much this past week with Frosh week activities and friends. She has a car now and more freedom. She is going to University in town but much different than a regular school schedule and for how long she will be at home, those days are numbered.

So I find myself in a place of what now...I have always my work which keeps me quite busy and which I truly love. I find my creativity is renewed these days and the ideas are flowing. My daughters are encouraging me to begin dating again. Considering Fran & Freda's exploits with not sure of the whole internet experience. Community involvement and volunteering is something else I now want to give more time to and attending different events.

My Mom taught me many lessons and even with her passing there have been many more. To love like there is no tomorrow, to make a difference to someone or something each and everyday, to always be grateful and say thank you. I spent more time with my brother recently and am always struck by his gratitude and respect of everyone. It is the little things, whenever we went out to eat if the server was not wearing a name tag he would always ask their name and then use it often as they served us.

So the next chapter begins, I love where I live, I love my work and the opportunities it has given me and most of all the dearest of friends near and far. I guess this is my chapter and what I choose to write upon the pages will be my legacy someday. I choose my words, my actions to enrich my life and all those who are part of it. (and if anyone has a nice available friend say fiftyish email me :)

May you dance upon this earth each day to a harmony that will linger long & lovingly! Debra, CEO!

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