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Thursday, August 13 2009

It is Fowl Friday and what a fowl day it is! Fran here, Freda is just too upset to speak let alone squawk or blog! Well we were all packed ready to head off to the West Coast with Debra. New bikinis, sunhats and dos all in our bags, passports up to date and off we went to the airport. Then the "fowl" ups began, first of all we were not allowed to travel in our own seat, we had to bear the humiliation of a "pet" carrier under the seat. Two with it chicks stuck under the seat like a common household pet, did they not notice our designer luggage!? Security next and the nightmare continued, I guess wire legs are not a good thing when going through a metal detector, removal of legs not an option so....we had to remain behind as the three of them with non metal legs whisked off in style in the cool new executive pod seats. They were as happy as three peas in a pod and not at all sad to see us left behind. They said they were but ...they lied. sniff sniff! So Freda and I are left behind with the cats at home, such stimulating conversation awaits us, I can hardly wait, umm like which litter box did you use today or how many balls did you chase under the couch? There had better be some great souvenirs coming our way at the end of this trip! Freda promises to be back next week once she has stopped blowing her beak and crying. Poor chick she is bathing in despair literally, her feathers are soggy, the new do is done! So off to console Freda with some popcorn and a good chick flick, maybe ask a few close peeps to join us for a pity party. Next trip thick leg warmers and stowing away in the baggage compartment, these chicks were meant to travel, if a garden gnome can do it then look out world here we come! Fran & Freda!

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Posted by michelle zimmerman on 08/14/2009 - 10:47 PM
Shows the pecking order doesn't it. Fluff the plummage and invite the neighborhood. the non-metal legs won't know what hit 'em.

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