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Tuesday, August 24 2021

If you know me at all, animal print is a favorite accent of mine to wear. A hint of fall in the air forget the pumpkin spice I bring out my animal print flats and scarf paired up with denim and a cozy cardigan. You can only imagine my delight when I received a box from Gwen Studios with their gorgeous faux leather animal print ribbons. I was so excited to create some Animal Print Ribbon Wearable Accents for my wardrobe and put together a special Fall Friends Flamingle party for my grandlittle girls and their BFF's! The Gwen Studio Ribbons are available at Walmart. (I received product for this post but the content is my own.)

We have a little road trip planned to scenic Prince Edward Island in September.  Animal print flats and my favorite jeans are ready. I have a very cute straw bag and hat to take which just have to have an accent of animal print ribbon. The Gwen Studios faux leather ribbons are available in several patterns and different widths. I used the 7/8" for my bag. The ribbon adhered easily with a quality fabric adhesive. I simply glued along the stitched strap line on either side of bag. 

For an added decorative stylish element I made a tassel to tie on to my bag. I had also received, a suede ribbon with embossed hearts and a black grosgrain ribbon. 

To make the Tassel: 
1 yard each of four 3/8" Gwen Studio ribbons 
1 extra yard for finishing. (I used the black grosgrain.)

1. Cut two 18" lengths of the four ribbons.

2. Alternate the ribbons and stack.

3. Tie the ribbons together tightly in the center using 18" of the extra ribbon piece.

4. Fold ribbons in half. Measure down about 2" and tie tightly to finish the tassel. 

 Simply tie tassel  to bag. I used the fabric adhesive to glue a band around the center of my hat. 

My vintage suitcase was feeling left out so my plain black luggage tag got a border of ribbon too. Simply glued on.

How cute is this look! The tassel can be untied and added to a different bag or belt. 

I have one grandlittle girl who is a big animal print fan. She has flats, legging and a cardigan too! She has been known to wear them all at once and can sure pull that look off! Having little celebrations and surprises is always a fun thing to do for this Mimi aka (magicmakermimi). So I had a four little flamingo stuffies and a large one, the girls have besties moving back into town. I decided to add some animal print ribbon from Gwen Studios and throw a Fall Friends Flamingle party celebrating BFF's and back to school!

Everything for the party was upcycled and in my crafty stash. I just added the Gwen Studio ribbons. The placemats had ribbon woven along the ends. Two different ribbons adhered together to tie on for Friendship bracelets. Notebooks accented with ribbon and their name in monogram pink letters. The tiny flamingo stuffies also had ribbon bows added. 

My grandlittle girl and her bestie. She added the heart to the photo. They have been friends since babies and their Moms friends since they were in Junior high. They loved the party, cupcakes and giggles!

All packed and ready with my Animal Print Ribbon Wearable Accents with Gwen Studios Faux Leather Ribbons! The ribbons are available at Walmart. I hope you have been inspired to add some Animal Print Accents to a wearable or accessory for a unique on trend detail!

We are blog hopping with the Designers Craft Connection. Get ready to walk on the wild side with all kinds of Faux Leather Animal Print Ribbon inspiration with Gwen Studios!

Thank you for stopping by!

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Tuesday, August 03 2021

When Gwen Studios sent me some of their adorable ribbons, the Sweet Shop collection with the cutest cupcake and doughnut designs I was inspired to make some  sweet treat magic of my own! I am Magic Maker Mimi to my grandlittle girls and it gives me an excuse to collect fun dolls and accessories. Two of the dolls Maggie and Chelsea have been busy baking  and getting ready to for their Sweet Treat Truck venture. 

With fabric adhesive, scissors and elastic the girls had to make hairbows, add details to Chelsea's apron and add a matching trim to the truck. The ribbons come with co-ordinating selections so it is really easy to make fun accessories. Just tie some simple bows and stack the ribbons or make loops, tie with elastic and glue a small bow on the top. Gwen Studios collections are available at Walmart.

The girls are ready, treats are baked, accessories finished! The sun is shining and time for truck set up.

Maggie and Chelsea are still trying to decide on a name for their Sweet Treat business. Any ideas?

They found a perfect place to park their truck in a busy neighbourhood with a lot of foot traffic. 

Napkins, extra sprinkles and hand sanitizer are all set up outside the truck. Ice cream flavors and cupcakes are ready. The girls double check everything. They are ready!  I think some of their first customers will be my grandlittle girls! 

When Maggie and Chelsea are finished for the day they come back to their pretty home.  Being Magic  Maker Mimi is such a joy and this special little corner in the family room makes me smile everyday.  Always a new adventure waiting when the grandlittle girls arrive and as Anna at 3 remarked, "Hurry Mom we have to get to Mimi's and make some magic!"

I feel there is a magic in the Gwen Studio ribbon collections, they are fresh, colorful, whimsical and oh so pretty. Make a little magic of your own! 

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