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Friday, November 06 2020

It is time for Creative Crafts-Christmas Edition! We are sharing Holiday creativity with Sculpey!  A package arrived with three festive colours of Bake Clay and tools. My favourite thing to make always is stuffies. Say Hello to Holly Bear, my mini clay stuffie!

I have used clay a few times and love the feel as you roll it a little in the heat of your hands to warm up. The blocks are divided in sections. This enables you to break off equal pieces which a perfect for shaping same size legs, arms and ears. I basically created shapes as shown. The eyes are a very hard plastic. Baking temp is low so they were safe to use. Place pieces all together, wet slightly if needed when pressing together.

From the green roll a couple sections together to make a sweater. Trim to fit. Smaller pieces for cuffs. Roll out shapes from red to make hat and scarf, buttons. Use end of tool to make score marks and details.

Click on the link in the sidebar to be inspired with more Creative Holiday Crafts and GiveAway!

Keep Making & Celebrating!

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Tuesday, November 03 2020


Happy 80th Birthday Fairfield World! I am very excited to be one of eighty talented designers celebrating Fairfield World's birthday.  "Fairfield is a third generation, family-owned and operated American business dedicated to providing high quality and innovative fiber-processed products to the DIY, home decor and industrial trades." I designed this cute No Sew Felt Cow Stuffie named Snowflake using their super soft Poly-fil stuffing. 

I chose a No Sew project so that anyone can make a cute stuffie whether you sew or not 'cause everyone loves a stuffie. Let's get started!

You will need:
3 oz Poly-fIl from Fairfield World
9" x 12" craft cuts of Kunin Premiumfelt: 1 White, 1 Baby Pink, 1Black, 1 Lagoon 
6" of Ball Pom and Peapod Trim from ExpoInternational
Scribbles Black and White Paint from ilovetocreate
Fabri-tac from Beacon Adhesives
Wonderclips from Clover
1 Large Pom pom, Snowflake
Scissors, paper, printer, pins, pencil, blush.
Download Printable Pattern:

Print out pattern. Cut two body pieces, one snout from white, hooves and spot from black, sweater from lagoon. Cut a 1 1/2" by 8" scarf from pink. Fringe scarf ends. Cut a 6" along bottom by 5" triangle for hat. (You can add polka dots to felt with small white buttons, paint or pom poms if you do not find it at your local craft store.) I originally made this to be a a pocket to carry items but it is also a super cute stuffie!


Align and glue body pieces together along edges, referring to pattern piece for opening at top marked by dots. Glue on spot, snout and hooves. Blush cheeks. Use black scribbles to make eye dots, nose dots, leg line. Blush cheeks. TIP: Apply a thin line of glue close to edge in 2" increments pressing pieces firmly together. I use Clover's Wonderclips to hold felt pieces especially when stuffing. 

Stuff cow and glue head shut using clips to hold it. If any place on the seams opens up slightly, reglue and clip. 

Glue on sweater, embellish if desired. Glue white peapod to bottom of sweater, trim ends with scissors. Tie scarf in center. Glue to neck. Add pom pom trim to bottom of hat. fold and glue sides. Stuff slightly. Glue pom pom on top.


Happy 80th Birthday Fairfield World! I have been using their products for forty years and am so very pleased to be part of their celebration! Follow them on IG @fairfieldworld to catch all of the creative projects! 

Create & Celebrate!

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