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Sunday, March 15 2020

I am partnering again with Fairfield World to share my DIY No Sew Daisy Garden Gnome. I have received compensation but all of my opinions and experience expressed are my own. I have been using Fairfield products for years in my projects. This delightful Daisy Gnome is so easy and you can use it inside or out! 

What you will need:
Poly-fil Poly Pellets Fairfield World
Poly-fil Premium Fairfield World
12" x 18" craft cut Premium Kunin Felt: 2 Candy Pink, 1 Lagoon, 1 White 
Fabri-tac Adhesive by Beacon
1/2 yard Daisy Trim from Trims by the Yard 
Pink dot or pink, ivory felt scraps
Paper, Marker, Pencil, Scissors, Measuring Tape

Making the Daisy Gnome Body:

1. Use a small 6" plate as a template and cut a circle from one piece of the Candy Pink felt. Fold the second piece of felt into a cylinder and overlap edges 1/4" Glue seam.

2. Glue circle to one end of cylinder. Pressing firmly as you go, 1/2" at a time. 

3. I placed a large open ziplock bag in bottom of cylinder and poured the Poly-Pellets into the bag filling the cylinder 1/3 of the way up. 

4. Fill remainder of cylinder with the Fiber Fill.

Finishing the Daisy Gnome Features:

5. Save and print Beard pattern photo  and cut out on fold from white felt. Add beard to cylinder. Place moustache piece over top. Adjust, the ends should be about 2" down from top of cylinder. This can be glued in place once you try the hat on.

6. Cut two 3/4" circles for nose from the ivory scrap. Glue together. 

7. Cut daisies individually. Place as buttons on body.

8. Fold lagoon felt piece into cylinder shape. Cut off excess along upper side. Glue back seam. Trim off lower edge evenly.

9. Stuff hat leaving 4" unstuffed at end. 

10. Place hat on cylinder pulling down about 1 1/2". 

11. Adjust beard pieces and glue in place. Glue nose in place.

12. Glue hat.

13. Cut out a little mushroom shape from pink for hat or use die cut shapes. Add daisies. 

Make this darling DIY Daisy Garden Gnome in your own color choices. The products can withstand weather and you can add this to your front porch or in your garden. Thank you Fairfield World for the great products! "What is on the inside matters as much as what is on the outside." 

Styled with Charm!

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Thursday, March 05 2020


I am so very excited to be sharing a brand new product, DecoArt Fluid Ready to Pour Acrylic now available at Michaels! I was provided a Vivid four pack collection to use and compensation but all opinions shared are my own experience with the product. DecoArt  products have always been my favorite for painting my craft projects. A couple of years ago I tried paint pouring and so enjoyed it. With these new pouring fluid paints no medium is required. So easy! 


Just look at these colors! Basically you shake gently and can pour directly from the bottle. 

For this project  I wanted to recycle a 3D object, this sad little dressform I had tried to paint before and was not happy with the results. I was inspired by this favorite piece of fabric and just look how the colors were perfect! I also thought having the wire bottom to hang onto would make it even easier. 

i started with the Magenta, squeezing from the bottle in a random fashion, turning the dressform so it flowed across. 

i repeated with two remaining colors, Tropical Blue and Chartreuse,  one at a time, rolling and tilting the form. Flipped it over to add some to the back. I used a Dollar Store tray underneath to catch the drippings. It made a very unique design there too. 


Look at how cool the back turned out! Even when it dried the colors stayed as vibrant. The acrylics are both fast drying and permanent. Quick clean up too while wet if needed just using soap and water. You can also seal it with a topcoat for extra brilliance! 

i finished my project by painting the stand black and adding ribbon. Such a perfect piece for my craft room! Have some fun with any 3D piece you want to recycle. DecoArt Fluid Ready Pour is really easy to use and I am already thinking of other pieces to pour. This is brand new and now available at Michaels! 

Happy creating!



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