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Debra Quartermain Design

What happens when you turn a four foot by eight foot space, (the original pantry in a two hundred year old house) into a "Tiny House" inspired craft room. Along with upcycling and repurposing all items for the space and using every inch or centimeter of space! I also needed counter space to be able to shoot some DIY crafty videos. All in a space that has to be a walk through so it has a couple of doors. I like a challenge and after four days of painting, covering storage containers and reorganizing supplies. Finally finished! Sharing my story and what I learned about making a "Tiny" Space work. Here is the "big" reveal!

We are kitten smitten around here! Meet Reign of Rory, a beautiful Birman and sassy guy who has taken over our home! He turns 4 months old and Harry Potter turns 40 this month. We are celebrating birthdays with the Creative Crafts Collaborative, link in sidebar. Rory makes his modelling debut as a mini Harry Potter look alike!  Your kitten can be a Harry Potter too, DIY blog post. 

Baking with the grandlittle girls involves a lot of smiles and sprinkles. Of course a pretty apron helps and these aprons are made from a tablecloth so very practical too! Full tutorial and all of the pretty trims for the aprons and the window valance from Expo International.

WeLcoMe to my world of Whimsy & Wonder, Darling & Delightful DeSIgN, Heartfelt & Delicious Celebrations! Stroll into Serendipity & STyLe! Join in the JoY & Love! Be InsPirEd to Make & Celebrate a LusCious & Creative Life! 

Debra Quartermain Design

Heart + Hands Create Magic. Mimi to 11 Grandlittles, I love to create, decorate and celebrate, sharing joy and inspiration from my heritage five star B & B on the east coast of Canada.

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